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Shafhalóa, the Elfin Cleric

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Áal go-Nhuách

Áal go-Nhuách [< Cáterneásh, “Ard Rí” or “High Languange”], fem noun {All lively, Omnivivacious, Yvette Rachelle. Latin: omni + vivere, "all lively"}. 1. The Cáterneásh Title for Queen Saá-Scoáuthoímhá, when she sacrificed her immortality to save the Realm of Arden by assuming the form of an elfin-nymph. 2. In the "Book of the Morning," the Elfin Book of Creation, she is regarded as the Cloud Goddess and the fate of Arden is connected with her. She joined with King Exiv giving full strength and light to the Sun in the sky. It is her all-lively light and warmth that give life to nature and all life in Arden. She is sister to Athí-Nhu. When King Exiv was vanquished, she inherited the Reckoning of Arden. 3. She uses the clouds to hide her beauty. During the anoiting of Cáterneásh Kings, she "blinds" the King as he is anointed by the Essence of Shekìnya. During the time of the Black Sleep, she was the ONLY Archief of the Day to remain during the Dark time. She was a beacon of Light for the Just and Favorable and those who sought after the Day.

The Wind of Change: The Sorrow of Tears


Seácháinha [< Cáterneásh, “Ard Rí” or “High Languange”], masc noun {Shechinah, Glorious, Glory, sim. Hebrew: Shekinah}. 1. The ‘Glory’ is an attribute of Coírhía and associated with the Fifth Elemental Point, the Concordant Summit [Uísara Uír]. 2. The ‘Glory’ is responsible for the creation of all ‘magical’ races of Arden including the Ancients, like the elves and dragons. 3. The ‘Glory’ manifests Himself as a wounded man or the magnificent aura of creation. He planted the Seth-ma-Sima [Tree of many colors] at Ur as a reminder to His wonder. He also placed the Sun in the Heavens and endowed its powers to King Exiv [Ecsíemh]. The Essence of Shekinya is bestowed on the Kings of Cátern as the Anointed Ones of Heaven [Óuran hEcclasheírran]. The Kings of Cátern are indwelled with His Spirit and are attuned to the Heavenly Realms and foresight into the Realm of Arden. King Shafhalóa, the first elfin King of Cátern foresaw much by the power of Shekinya. 4. The second aspect of the Source: Voice [Áugus] and Breath [Síorde] are the other two. Other forms: Sheácainha, Shekìnya, the Essence of Shekìnya.

King Shafhalóa and the Account of Eírach

Bhraíellióph Seácháinha

Óurias spoke out to the Fay, and spoke of his first vision of heaven. “The God of the Concordant Summit has shown me signs in the heavens.” He closed his eyes and sang out to the Fay with the ethereal voice of his father, King Iórdh III hAlloímhá. His first vision involved signs, pertaining to Dunsha City in the kingdoms of men. “Á bheáonná óig cóa hArdhónn an sáurroch í c’smhoí’eáimh, go bhrían mhoírlogh frí sha-domhain da luth. Go bhríaellióph lá Aómh á Spiórda tánn í-fra sha-lhuígh. Á gh’Áomh gmóag, ‘Cóa dhá ghoág,’ í goág dhá shin chói. This was translated into English. “And formless be the Earth as without and empty, binding darkness over face of deepening water. Is surrounded and bound by God(s) and Spirit of that over the face of the waters. And, God mentioned, ‘Be there light,’ and light then (being) was."

Óurias Noíragga and the Sorrow of Tears

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