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§ The Mystery of Arden §

For years, sages on earth have heard about the mythical realm of Arden, but no one has had the knowledge to get there. Searching and searching, historians have tried finding this wonder in nature, but have come up short with no thing. How do I get there? What is the secret entrance to Arden? They ask. Still for years, Arden's existence remains an enigma. Until one day, a messenger arrived to deliver a message from Mount Kravòkalla, the sacred site of Krav, the Quill Bearer.

"Search with all your heart! Look into the horizon for your dreams...and you will find what you are looking for on an elevated sunbeam. There, beyond the pages of time lies the answers."

A Ksedovex Dragon proudly
sits upon the Kue Mountains!

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Soon, the mystery was realized, and men and women began to hope again. They looked into the sky beyond the horizon of the setting sun. The hope became as the "gleaming rays" of the setting sun. A spark ignited and the entrance was found! Finally, discovering the entrance to Arden, a voice proclaimed:

`Í-far ghaòmh da Shecìnaich Òir, ní phlían à Phlíagh-Àugus haòir, berbàggadh chòttan uár-rí-domh. dTa, faíl an cattain! Aòan mhan go fhairragh, Craim-Babhain Òir, àal coímheàdadh Hrím-àal-go-Aíbhinn hoís, go faelain Òi gcínn. Aion ghafàirranain ber - faeladh cgí àal. Beshír còuadh í ber hoícs, í coímheàdh Besh frídh oda ungul faíl an cattain, àal ní fair.

"Beyond the gleam of My Shekinah in the horizon of my pages lies the realm of profound absolute. There, Time is full! The one who I've appointed, my Quill Bearer, will keep this supernatural boundary until I come."

The Voice proclaimed that he was the guardian of the gleam, and this without Him, mere existence would not be possible. « Back to Top! »

§ In the Beginning §

Before the dawning of time, there was an empty expanse in the vastness of the void, and it was there where time was an illusion. It was a mere illusion, but the answer and mystery of Ardòna could be seen on a mere gleam of the elevated sunbeam, which was suspended under the bright shekinah. The gleam came from the shekinah and it welcomed all who would come. There is no knowledge to the depth of this, but time was not recorded then, and the gleam of the elevated sunbeam contained all the answers to life. There was no beginning or end to it, but the entrance was guarded by the great shekinah. It was only known as the Ksvellav, a great empty void in time. Then, the space was occupied by many, and from among them came the Yeímparon and the great Archivon Hierarchy of gods. They cemented time, and forged it, for they were there at the beginning of time. They came and saw our world, the world of Krav and his great mountain of Kravòkalla. From thence, time came to be, and it is recorded here, the account of what happened on the gleam and that great and glorious morning of Akkoá.

When I looked up, I heard a sound. Yes, it was a sound coming from the great Expanse of Ksvellav. The Voice controlled the gleam of the elevated sunbeam, and allowed gods to pass through it, to and fro. The Voice was the sound of rushing waters over the emptiness of time. He was not of the Yeímpara nor the great Archive, but He was distinguishing only by the sound of his voice. So, when I looked up, I could not tell you what I saw, but only what I heard. It was a great voice, and it resounded beyond the depths of Ksvellav. It called out to me in such awesome resonance. I called the great voice, Àugus, because His tone was so dominant. It was the only notable sound to the emptiness in the Ksvellav. Even at His magnificent tone, did I come forth from below me to witness that what would now take place on this created morning.

Just to hear the mighty tones of Àugus, was compelling enough to be awakened from the freshness of time itself.

I watched intently beyond the darkness of the Expanse as time rippled in the gleam. It was like the pages of a chronicle, unfolding before me. From there I witnessed the birth of new worlds beyond, and great planes of existence. Standing somewhere between time and reality, I saw the Yeímpara go forth through out time, wielding the might of Àugus. From them came the Archivon, the gods, who would lead our New World. They went down and summoned the land. Looking intently through the layers of time, I saw a bright luminous man sitting on a throne. Was he the author of this great morning? Was he the bearer of the great voice, who awakened me from below? I could not say for sure, but I was put at ease, seeing his bright array of colors.

It was Àugus who spoke all worlds into existence. Yes, by His very voice, all things came into being. From the firmament of Krav's land and beyond the gleam of the elevated sunbeam, He spoke all wisdom to all life. It was He, who first spoke to the splendid Akkoán, the children of the morning. He guided them with his voice beyond the horizon to a place of rest and happiness.

Soon, I found myself standing on the layer of existence, somewhere about time, and when Àugus sent forth his Akkoán, a bright shaft of light permeated the outer expanse, and a small tear opened in the Ksvellav. Excerpt from the Book of the Morning. « Back to top! »

§ Where is Plíagge? §

Plíagge means "the horizontal pages of the Voice." It is spoken of by the Source as a place that lies far beyond the setting sun of Arden. No one has been beyond Plíagge, except one, Krav, the Quill Bearer. Krav controls the "supernatural boundary" of Plíagge.

Just as the entrance to Arden is a mystery, the entrance into Plíagge is also a mystery. Men and women believe that Krav has placed a "shalàk," or a locked door, in the horizon to keep those who are of Arden in Arden, and those who do not belong in Arden, out. For centuries, the horizon of Plíagge has been "impervious" to attain.

Keith Parkinson
Artist: Keith Parkinson, Copyright ©
The Secrets of Arden are Hidden!

Even in the beginning of time, men and women sought the horizon to reach the Voice and endeavored to go beyond the horizon with no luck. Still, the same. The sun disappears into the "unknown." Where is the srías? They all say. It is no mystery that the "gleam of the elevated sunbeam," guarded by the Shekinah and the horizon of Plíagge are tied together somehow. The secrets remain kept!

The Guardians of Arden's Secrets are the Víshdusk, the Westbound Sojourners. Deep within the heart of the Kue Mountains, the sacred mountains of the gods, these sojourners protect Arden's deep secrets. With the help of the Ksedovex Dragons, the secrets of Arden are kept secretly and passionately. One day, they vow they will reveal King Exiv's Collective Thought for Arden, the secrets behind the Elemental Points which bind Arden. Completely attuned to the "unattainable" horizon of Plíagge and the "Golden Book of the Elevated Sunbeam," the Westbound Sojourners are the Key to Arden's future!

The Westbound Sojourners vow to keep King Exiv's secret thoughts hidden until the right time...but only as Mharabhàunt, the Oracle Knight, permits!

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners
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§ The Elemental Points of Arden §

The delicate balance of Arden is maintained by the Three Primary Races of Arden: The Melkàu, the Skoíràu and the Char`elvìk. In English, these are the Human Race, Elfin Race and the Children of the Morning, or Akkoán. Together, these three races have kept a balance within the realm, but more often than so, balance can be shifted. The evil Bibhon or antagonists of Arden are to blame, but as long as Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility, are proclaimed, balance reigns in the Elemental Points of Arden.

« The Elemental Point of Uran »

The Kue word for "air" is uíras. This is the element which holds and binds Arden together. It is controlled by thought and creativity. King Exiv, the god of sun, controlled this elemental point with the help of his "Children of the Morning," but now, it is lost. Deception forged by the god of Lightning has caused the control of this elemental point to be obscure. Proclaiming himself, the Prince of the Power of the Air, Kuírbha has become the chief adversary to the Realm of Arden. The Human Kingdom of Melkàu of the west, Elfin Kingdom of Saskía of the east, and the Elemental Kingdom of Uran under the Children of the Morning and King Exiv, dominated the Pre-Historic Era in Arden, and when Uran crashed, hope remained with the Last Guardian.

« The Elemental Point of Erde »

The Kue word for "earth" or "world" is arden. This element is dominated with strength and constitution. It dominates life and keeps Arden strong and solid. Ollen, god of strength, dominates this sphere of power with his might. Ollen came to the rescue of his brother, King Exiv, when the creature, Xandràxan was losed upon Arden. Ollen came to the rescue of Queen Saa`skàuty, the Elfin Mother, when the Elfin Kingdom of Eluíra was threatened by Queen Akkævall, goddess of Desire. Ollen married the Elfin Mother to redeem the remnants of Uran and to promote the Human King of Shuíemha to be born.

« The Elemental Point of Ilùvi »

The Kue word for "fire" is ilùvi. Fire ignites Arden with fervency and passion. It's power is felt by the courageous and wielded by the brave. Ilùvi keeps Arden alive with spirit and emotion. Wuàde, god of fire, controls the sphere of fire. However, because of Wuàde's dedication to the Bibhon, balance in Arden is often corrupted by the negative effects of fire. The Elfin Kingdom of Cátern felt the awful effects of fire, when King Ilùviuks was born. The Evil King corrupted the elfin fire, reàchas, to slaugter and destroy thousands in Arden. This power was feared by the great Kue Empire of the west, and the last Elfin Kingdom of Eluíra came to the aid of the Cátern Elfs and King Shadlíer. This did not last and King Shadlíer and the Skoran elves disappeared, leaving unbalance in the elements.

« The Elemental Point of Luth »

The Kue word for "water" is lusa. Water purifies Arden with Peace and Serenity. Purity gives Arden it's wisdom and splendor. The purity of water will give birth to the Concordant Summit. There is a struggle of leadership over water between Vínuim, god of natural order, and Saa'vallstràu, god of destruction. On the other hand, Iskàul, god of water, seems to have the purity needed to lead water to the Unseen Element. Hope was almost lost when the last Struíl Diaspora came to pass, but the last of the elves and noble men united after the arrival of Daulky Kinkayle. After the matter of Kinkayle's martyrdom, these elves and men heard rumors of a scion to King Tristan, going by the name of Treíkayan. This scion was both elf and human (often called, the "uílaul"), it was believed he would be the key figure to bring ultimate balance of the Elemental Points with a "new fire," a fire to negate the old ways of Wuàde. This Treíkayan was rumored to be the remaining son of King Tristan and Queen V`Lantrath...But, he was never found and he has only become a legend.

« The Elemental Point of the Concordant Summit »

There is an Unseen element within the mysterious fabric of Arden, the uísara uír. The source of it's power is unknown. Since the dawning of Time upon Arden, it is the one element which is not seen or understood. The Predator of Time, the Xandràxan, tried devouring the one and only hero who would initiate it's appearance and understanding. The Last Guardian of King Exiv was the key to the God of the Concordant Summit. By the power of his Cognition, the Last Guardian saw beyond Plíagge with the help of the Oracle Knight, Mharabhàunt. This mystery was lost when the Dark Sleep fell over mankind with Kuírbha's Lightning Wraiths. Myth surfaced that the God of the Concordant would arrive one day and stand upon the Holy Altar at Conería in Durkshuír on the Last Day. Throughout time, those who have seen this god have been blessed with his glory. Whoever this god is, no one has seen his face or known his name. Only a mark of blessing has been upon all who have seen his glory. The People of Omhan or the Hardadh d` Srí are a race of people, man and elf alike, who have seen the Uísara Uír. Marked with flashing grey eyes, shining as the sun, and hair that gleams white as snow, it is rumored that the Srí symbolize the Eternal Kingdom of Cadhàlcotha, which will be ruled by the God of the Concordant Summit one day... « Back to Top! »

"Time is out of the hands of Kuírbha, god of lightning. He has lost his grip on Time, because of the Concordant Summit."

§ Dedications §

David and Mollie Chatham for being great parents in life...
Richard and Kelly Trigg for being the best friends I've had in life...
Ponderosa Steakhouse #629 in Brunswick OH for being a huge support of my writings...
Shelley Theman, Daizy Barwidi, Melissa Schultz and Chris Wood for always being good listeners and friends...
Crystal Bogdan for being a dear friend...
Amber E. Scott aka Medesha for her awe-inspiring mind and online friendship...
WizO Bailey and WizO Reesa for their creativity...
Aria Amberhawk for her wisdom and friendship...
AND, last but first!
The Lord Jesus Christ for being patient with my folly in life and giving me a second chance.

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