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Boris Vallejo
Artist: Boris Vallejo, Copyright ©
The Gleam of an Elevated Sunbeam
began as a riddle, the beginning of a dream and a destruction of a dream

§ The Living Dream of Ideas §

The Birth of Arden took place on June 9, 1989 with Arden's first god, d`Ravinue l`atti, "the Living Dream of Ideas." Later, this god was just simply called Ràvinya, the god of dreams, and he became one of the pillars of Arden. Ràvinya was the first god of Arden, but more would follow. Saa'skàutkhwyn or Queen Saa'skàuty, the beauty goddess, was the second, and then there was King Exiv, the god of the sun.

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Little did I know then, but when the first god was "born" in Arden, this birth would symbolize the growing expanse Realm of Arden with my own dreams. D'Ravinue l'atti not only became the "Living Dreaming Idea" for me in my imagintation but in reality as well. He was both an epiphany and serendipity to the fantastic truth, a mixture of fantasy and reality. With my inspiration from the Neverending Story, bridging the gap between fantasy became easier without destroying both worlds.

In 1989, I had little ideas about how I would "build" Arden, and often, my thoughts were incoherent how the realm would evolve. Most of the ideas lingered in my head, and some of the gods I thought of I still have today from original D&D stats in the Immortal Role-playing Books. I had the ideas but it wasn't until the late 1990's where everything begin to fall into place. I had three gods in the Ardònic Pantheon by this time: Saa`skauthkwyn, Exiv and d`Ravinue l`atti.

First, the entrance of Arden: Why is Arden on the gleam of an elevated sunbeam? Why could not Arden be in the clouds or in the horizon? All sunbeams are elevated. All sunbeams gleam. So, why the extra "jargon?" Arden's secret entrance is simple: It is a riddle. The entire riddle was shortened. Originally, the riddle was stated as "What lies on the Destruction of an Eleveated Sunbeam?" The answer: "The raze of rays that raise." Yes, it is silly, but this was an "idea" I used to put Arden on the gleam of an elevated sunbeam.

Next, another idea arose. How do I connect Arden, a realm of fantasy, to Earth or reality? For this I used two words for this: "pages" and "mouth." Just as in the Neverending Story, Bastian reads the story, it came to life. The same goes for Arden. Just by you reading it, you bring life to it. So, the word Plíagge was born. Plía means a "page," and àuguil means "mouth." Plíagge is the supernatural boundary in Arden, which connects fantasy to reality. The location of Plíagge is on the horizon of Arden but on Earth, Plíagge surrounds us and binds us by the words we read and speak. Plíagge is highlighted by gleaming sunbeams and this shows us the way to Arden. At least, that is where I found Arden in nature.

Arden is a living breathing dream, but is that all? No, Arden has enemies and foes. These came later at the mere mention of Arden's next god, named Wuàde. Wuàde, is the god of temptation and fire. He brought down one of Arden's key gods, King Exiv, the god of sun. This portrayed me in real life. Wuàde brought down an entire kingdom and Exiv was victum to a dreadful downfall. This showed Arden, that it is indeed futile just like things in reality. I gave up on Arden in 1990, when I gave up on my dreams. One of those dreams was also to be a writer. This "giving up" symbolized that downfall, when the "light went out of me" just like it did for King Exiv in Arden. I was bewitched by "Wuàde" in a way. That was not it though. Nightmares and Fear consumed me.

I stopped in a time with my ideas and my imagination. Many things happened in my life from 1989 to 1997. Not only was that when 2nd Edition hit the market, but in that time, I was in High School. I had to put a lot of my ideas on hold. In 1992, I graduated from High School and was working full time at a job. There was little time to myself and I was still living at home. In September 1992, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. At first, the ideas and the history of my role-playing played a factor in my conversion. At first, I considered these things as "wrong" but I learned that the key to faith is found in Hebrews 12: 1, 2 which I consider my life verse in this world. I later learned how to center faith in my realm. There are Christian Role-players out there that have strong faith. We have to bind together, because...the devil indeed, is stalking us. Does anyone know truly who Kuírbha, the Lightning god is in the Realm of Arden? What Realm does he inhabit? Read into it and think about it! Prince of the Power of the Air...

§ The Nightmares of Arden §

D'Ravinue l'atti has a dark side, and this is his twin sister, Morphæo, the goddess of Nightmares and Fear. Borrowed from the god of dream in Greek Mythology, Morphæo originally another form of d`Ravinue l`atti. On the Prime Material Plane, d`Ravinue l`atti appeared as Morphæo to the mortal beings, and most times a colorful dragon. Later, I seperated the two into two different beings. Morphæo became the goddess of nightmares and Ràvinya became the god of dreams. Morphæo does assume the form of a colorful dragon in Arden, and Ràvinya appears as cloaked man.

The color yellow, the l`ksansdra (Xandràxan), and Kuírbha, the god of lightning form an "evil" chaotic hold on Arden. These were all aspects of reality for me. The color yellow has been greatly known as the color of cowardice, but not in Arden. Yellow or ksandra is unlucky and the same word which means yellow is the word which represents the wolf, but more specifically, the Predator of Time, the Xandràxan. The Xandràxan is also Kuírbha's pet. The Xandràxan is the embodiment of evil in Arden, and this evil has influenced the motivation of the Bibhon in Arden. With the help of Kuírbha, hope in Arden is antagonized by these villains.

Artist: Sardinha, Copyright © WotC
The Xandràxan is a Lawful-Evil Creature,
whose mission is to devour Time.

By far, Kuírbha or "adversary," Morphæo and the Xandràxan are my three most hated enemies in the real world, and they both have have beaten me down metaphorically. The Xandràxan eats at my time, Morphæo takes away my hopes, filling me with despair and Kuírbha opposes my dreams. BUT, HOPE PREVAILS.... « Back to Top! »

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