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"Aòmh còa go ceàrtain ní Fhoínn Mheàtha í Bheshíra.
Aleáragh Ardònain còa saíbhain an síehan nhu!"

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9 June 1989:  "Are you 'fraid hunny? Well, why don't you come with me? Alright, then I'll sing you a song, 'til your Mom comes back. 'God is in his Holy Temple. Earthly thoughts be silent now.'" Yes, that is the hymn the evil Preacher Kane sang to Carol Anne in Poltergeist II: The Otherside. It is alos the Kue in the heading of this page. God(s) be dwelling in His Holy Temple. Ardònic thoughts be silent (as seven) now. Spending the night at a friend's house and watching that film while playing D&D was the origin to the Realm of Arden, the Realm on an "Elevated Sunbeam." What lies on the otherside of our imagination? What forces of evil and good are there? Where do the pages take us as we read a book? That was the basis of Arden. Behold, it came to pass, and so the elves sang out the Premonition to the Sword of Mharabhàunt so that all life in Arden would know that on eitherside of the "horizon," the barrier which seperates Arden (imagination) and Earth (reality), that Jesus Saves and God Reigns! ^

23 June 2000:  I sent in my first submission for publication of The Chronicles of Tristan to Tor Books. This was my fist turn down of the story. The following year on the same date, I sent in another submission to Baen Books with no luck. One more time, to DelRey Books in August 2001 for a third turn down. I then realized that I needed to change the story, so in 2001, I mothballed The Chronicles of Tristan until I could finally make appropriate changes. ^

19 November 2001:  The first "draft website" of the Realm of Arden is uploaded to GeoCities as www.geocities.com/pliagge. Using Yahoo! PageBuilder, I completed the first version of the Realm. After advertising the site at the Wizards of the Coast: Homebrew Boards, I received some advice there to make changes...The first changes didn't come through until April 2002. ^

23 April 2003:  Happy Birthday, Jade Justice!!! Thank you for being a good friend! I wish the best of wishes to you on your birthday.

The revised and renovated Website to the Realm of Arden officially hits Cyberspace! After a couple of months learning HTML and JavaScript, I pulled my original Site down from GeoCities, which was done using PageBuilder, and I re-planned the site, using Notepad as my primary tool to build the Website you see now under the URL of www.geocities.com/mharabhaunt.

14 February 2004:  With the celebration of Valentines' Day and the Love spouses and mates share, the Realm of Arden celebrates the first day of spring on Duikwasùra 14 or Eáimh 14 in Cátern. It is the day where the god awakens nature with Iim Panàka or Aoin-bPonáingca the "feast of first fruits." It is a celebration of love and the rebirth of nature, Aóiconach. It is known as the day that "breaks the silence" of winter and the "fire" of the Fire Gods in the Realm of Arden.

Valentines' Day has been a trivial time for me personally, but it has been a day of renown. I was hired on at Ponderosa Steakhouse on this day in 1994, a day which "broke a silence" when moving from Maple Heights. It was then where I began to feel more independant in my life and take on more responsibility. The total "breaking of silence" didn't come until July 1996, when I moved to Wisconsin though.

18 February 2004:  Site News » Pliagge » Campaign Stories. Being off cyberspace has not stopped me from updating my site. The link which was GeoCities » Mharabhaunt » Campaign Stories has been moved and is now GeoCities » Mharabhaunt » Inspiration » Campaign Stories. I wasn't getting much activity on that link, so I moved it into Inspiration. This "Web Digest" Link replaced the "Campaign Stories" link. If you still would like to send a story, please feel free. Webelf at Arden. ^

23 February 2004:  Happy Birthday, Daizy Barwidi from Middleburgh Heights, Ohio!!! I'm glad to have been friends with you for the past 5 years. We've had some good times together as both coworkers at Ponderosa Steakhouse and outside the workplace. Maybe one day Ivar will rebuild the Ponderosa that burnt down on Snow Road, and we will work together again.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Home »
Akkoá: The Created Morning - Tales of the Last Guardian - The Treíkayan Trilogy. These links have been updated! Check them out! I have added some of my writings to the web pages as "sample" reading. In "Akkoá: The Created Morning," I have included the first few creation accounts of Arden, the middle of King Exiv's Reign, and the Fall of Uran. In the "Tales of the Last Guardian," I have included some of my favorite stories I sent out to an e-mail group in 2001. Lastly, in "Treíkayan Trilogy," I included an excerpt of Daulky Kinkayle's Diary, written in Kue though. I will create a link to translate the journal. Enjoy! ^

26 February 2004:  Some will argue that I "stole" my ideas for my writings from JRR Tolkien, but truth be known, I didn't start reading Tolkien until 1999, after I came up with all my ideas for the Realm of Arden and finished my first novel, The Chronicles of Tristan. The first Tolkien book I was exposed to was The Hobbit, but at a very young age. As a kid I didn't remember the story until recently when Peter Jackson released the movie, Fellowship of the Ring in 2001. Seeing the Prologue in the movie "jogged" my memory to the adventures of Bilbo Baggins.

I remember discussing my ideas one day to John Reece III, a coworker, regarding my story, The Chronicles of Tristan. At the time, he was reading The Hobbit and John told me I should read it. I remember telling him, "not until I finish my story first." I left it at that, and didn't want to take ideas from other authors - in this case, JRR Tolkien. I wanted my own ideas! John Reece also helped me edit the first three chapters of the story.

I read the Silmarillion in 1999. It wasn't until 2001 and before the Theatrical Releases of Tolkien's work, where I started reading the The Lord of the Rings books. And, recently, I finished reading Return of the King, just in time for the movie release. So, let the cannards of my writing style being that of Tolkien cease. My ideas came before reading, and as I've mentioned
here, my ideas came from D&D and Michael Ende's Die Unendliche Geschichte. So, the similarties in names and themes from my writings to Tolkien is purely coincidental. I, myself, have been awed by the similar writing themes and I have often wondered if we have "similar, writing spirits." I wasn't completely knowledgeable to Tolkien's work, until 2001. And even that time, I was writing Akkoá: The Created Morning in May, and the Tales of the Last Guardian, in August. And to those who would claim I'm a Tolkien Thief, I say:

What's it doing? It ruins it! ...Taters?! What's taters, precious? What's taters, eh? ...Stupid, fat hobbit...spoil nice fish. Give it to us raw and wrigggling...you keep nasty chips!" ^

29 February 2004:  Leap Day! I have updated the link GeoCities » Mharabhaunt » Author. The current information reflects my new employment at Golden Corral in Medina, Ohio. It also reflects my schooling at ITT Technical Institute in Strongsville, Ohio. Also, if there are family members/relatives viewing this site, please send "family stories" to the family.

Site News » GeoCities » Mharabhaunt » Author » King Shadlíer - Òurias Noíragga. The addition of both these D&D characters to the site are for reference purposes. While King Shadlíer was swept out of Arden mysteriously, it is known to some and unbeknownst to others of his fate and his true whereabouts. Òurias, the "guardian of the heavenly realms," was the second being to be swept out of Arden mysteriously, many millennia before Shadlíer. His fate too is known and unbeknownst by many.

Coming soon: VLH Clue. I have found all the installments and I am prepping them to be uploaded to this site. Other skits, relating to VLH, can be found at Very Large Hats.

"Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"

"No need any help from me sir."

7 March 2004:  Glór na nGael! Eísht le glór De! A sea journey takes him across, Takes our hero across. With the word in his heart. Lonely he prayed on the hill. Night and day a hundred times. A hundred times and more. And the voice, He heard calling. To plant the Light of life. The light on the hill. [lyrics: Máire Brennan ~ The Light on the Hill]

In honor of St. Patrick and his missions to Ireland, St. Patrick brought the Light of Christ to a distant land. He brought a holy light to dispel the light which shined on the Hill of Tara, capital in Ancient Ireland. The Light of Christ would obliterate the light of the pagan gods, worshipped in Tara that Resurrection Sunday. To commemorate his missions, this website bears the "Holy Irish Cross," the shamrock, which symbolizes the Trinity of God. For the month of March, I will keep the "Shamrock Background" on the main pages of this site.

Thank you, St. Patrick for bringing the luck of the Irish. Erin go bragh!

19 March 2004:  Site News » Mharabhaunt » Kue Mythology » Forgotten Realms. Does Arden coexist with the Forgotten Realms? This edition is to raise questions of the Realm of Arden and its relation with the Forgotten Realms - well, raised or dismissed. Does Arden hold a secret place of inhabitants in a "forgotten realm" or vice-versa? Enjoy reading and the possibilities this digest behold. I've been meaning to send this to friends for a time now, and I suppose now is better than never. ^

24 March 2004:  And, today, I would like to shout out a very special birthday...

 Happy Birthday, Mom!!! 
Thank you for being a great mother, and I'm proud to be your son. Shíeann gCòa odàchain an go babhain, Uthair beàsra òair!

1 April 2004:  In light of the troubles with Microsoft, I've been growing fond of the Linux Operating System. Gnu is not Unix! With fostering disgust with Windows ME, I have been growing a likeness to Linux

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Author » Paò - Gnu Leàneoc. With my likeness of Linux, I have created a new D&D Character in honor of the Linux OS. Paò (which means "how" in Kue actually) is currently being roleplayed in Vaasa, Faerûn in the frigid regions around Castle Perilous. I have created my character based on disgust for Microsoft at the moment. Paò, a wild elf (green elf) by birth, was orphaned by Drow, foster parents, named Minèo and Larissa Do`Mencroseàft. Gee, who can spot the metaphors in some of those names?

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Home » Tales of the Last Guardian. At the bottom of the description page of the Tales, you'll find the links for some of my stories. The links up to January 29, 2002 are filled. The final two are on their way. July 8, 2002 is the tale in which the plot to excommunicate Akkævall's twins into the Forgotten Realms transpire between Vínuim, Iskàul (son of Medía Lankìnya) and Queen Saa`Skàuty. The plot is to keep the mischievous and dangerous children out of Arden before more doom (other than the Black Sleep of Kuírbha) comes to past. This is the origin and the birth to the legend of Daídha and Mishfa...

I will always cherish the first time I fell in love! ^

17 April 2004:  I wish it were September 13, 1992 again! With recent things going on in my life, I have been missing the "peace that passeth all understanding" in my life that Jesus mentioned and promised. I have forgotten the faith I had, that He is the only way and the only absolute Truth in this world. Reflecting on the past few years of my life, things have not improved. I've been out of Fellowship for a good 7 years. This is not good! I know that I committed my life to Him at One time, and that I lived for Him at one time. I was baptized by His Spirit. Has God forgotten me? Has he turned His face from my sinful ways?

The ceiling is brass and I'm here, bitter and angry inside. I don't like feeling like this, and I remember the joy and peace I once had in Jesus Christ. He saved me from the fiery pit of Hell. He deserves better from me! I know I owe Him that, but I don't do it. With my fond interest in Dungeons & Dragons and the Fantasy Theme, I really doubt this is the reason for my downslide. However, recently, I started a topic at the
Nifty Message Boards, a cool place for gaming. The topic was about Resurrection Sunday, and eventually it split into two (silence 1, 2). Eventually, as the topic grew, it challenged me of my beliefs with the other people at the community posting there. It made me think and reflect on what I believe, and why.

I believe the heart issue is priorties. I should be spending more time with Him than with the game. The Game is not evil, but if I allow it to take up too much of my life, then that becomes a "god" or "idol." J.O.Y. Jesus first, Others second, You last. I need to return to my fist love, who is Jesus Christ!

"Oh what a wretched man I am! Who will save me from this body of death? Thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

So, for awhile, I'm going to be taking a break from things. I need time to find the peace and joy, which I've seemed to have lost. I remember when I first came to Christ, how I knew I was living for Him, and how sensitive I was to God's awesome, ever-presence everywhere I went. I want that back! Hebrews 12:1, 2


Site News » Mharabhaunt » Kue Mythology » Languages of Arden. This wis an overview of the languages in Arden. Please note, but the button link of "Kue Mythology" will not take you there...yet. I'm going back to change that button, so it stays on this site and not open as a new target. Thanks, and Glory Be! Eric. ^

12 May 2004:  Today is known as Chatham Day according to older, family members. It was on this day that my g-grandfather set up a day for the family where everyone would meet. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baptisms and such all fell on this day at one time, so it just became Chatham Day.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Kue Mythology »
The Two Towers. This page of Kue Mythology is a tribute to 9/11. Arden and the Two Towers. Not necessarily on the date of 9/11 did I come up with the following, but the heart of the matter is, there was a correlation in my writings and the events that transpired on that dreadful day of September 11. I would like to make a tribute to the many who perished unfortunately on September 11, 2001 by symbolically applying them to the "purity and immortality of the elves" in Arden (Reàchas da Hàulainàgh). I don't think anyone should forget what happened on that day. It is not weak to remember what terror did to freedom on that day. I think we should gain strength from the sorrowful memories and try to avail the doom. The elves in Arden gained strength after their last King myseriously disappeared. They fought the evil King Ilùviuks and the Dread of the Fire Prince to win back the hope and purity they once had. They became stronger with the arrival of a "new tower." I hope this edition of my digest will be inspiring and bring those back to the memories and what freedom is all about... ^

6 June 2004:  And, today, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Father...Thank you for being ever so patient with me...with the bumps in the road of my life...with broken things I've brought to you to fix...and for being a great father. Thank you for being supportive of my ambitions and career choices.

 Happy Birthday, Dad!!! 

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Home » Akkoá: The Created Morning »
The Account of the Sword. I have uploaded the Account of the Sword to my website. This story will account for the origins of the orcs, liches and the fiery furnaces of Croàta in the Realm of Arden. This is another account from the "Heavenly Accounts" (Òuranus) in the Tá Mishnach gorg, or Book of the Morning (ref: Akkoá: The Created Morning). First, for those of you who know Mharabhàunt, what or who He is, this is the first mention to the term bannàidha mara or "bitter taste" in the Book of the Morning. Though, we do not see the appearance of the deity in this account, this is the first mention to the term, "bitter taste." Mharabhàunt is an unknown deity in the Concordant Summit - not seen in this account. However, the Last Guardian gets in touch with Him after the fall of King Exiv in the Second Era (Fáilte: Account of Bhiánuim) and, even later than this, we know Him to be the Secret Deity of the Order of Mharràn, a secret, clerical order that Treíkayan was a part of before the rise of King Ilùviuks. In the "Account of the Sword," we are also referenced to hArth Gach á ní aion dTreàchas cgí Peòarría da Mharabhàunt, "New Order in the Fervency of Fire and Mharabhàunt," which indeed Treíkayan will bring forth (ref: Manifestus Futilis) later in the Seventh Era. A lot converges in just this one account for the future of the Realm of Arden. It took awhile to write these "Heavenly Accounts" because they are the core of the Realm of Arden in truth.

In the "Account of the Sword," we continue to see the battle in the heavens with Isàs Cristarís, the horse goddess of the elves, but we are introduced to the Two Fires of Arden, the Fire of Desikìnya, the fire to the "purity of the elves," and the Fire of Ilùvi, the fire that King Ilùviuks wields later in the Sixth Era. Because of the mischief and sorcery of Medía Lankìnya, the elemental point of fire (Ilùvi) is divided into the good fire and the bad fire. And, because of the compromising and testing of reàchas da hàulainàgh (power of the elves) by Meàdesha, the King of Cátern, Shafhalóa, ceases to exist. The Essence of Shekìnya departs from him and is bestowed upon his son. He blesses his son...

Cáternóic Cuòuae: "Sheàcìnha còa odachain dhrí da hÒuranùsh go forèchain. Àal scó còa odachain Mheàlla go forèchain, sash deàrreògach odair go phaílain òurieò, í scó àal ceànn bruínann à troínann nen Shólathairain go còa phaílain odach. Àal scó odachain nen Òuomh-Failtain go líeran an shad, í scó-còa od go nloírcha lá ghoámh da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí, ruírmhair à bhí." Tara Shafhalóa hachàugmaoín an gmeórch. Oíag da Fhairesh pleàfadh ní beshírach an fáilte, sra gcòa go graòppa beshír lá Lhaànceàhnain an cGlaòmhuàlainn sí, í-far ebhnaòn uá, í ghabhaòlla oíag da hOággachain beshírn. Shafhalóa solaim-haphuá gcómhain beshíra, í ghasash beshírn an sha na sha àm peàmh go dethrain. "Fín òaira, Sólathair odair còa à eàchaoin go nloírcain í go seànnain an síc. Lím-ní ceàrtadh Shólsíemhain odair Gránn da gCollereàch, í meàgbhíar ber go faelain Nheíthra-Hilùfain mír. Meàllaoin í Àulail ber – braínnain an sareàs Thessaòlaid mhoírmaòrch an laód. Sash àal í-narch shír athlas, ber – forèchadh – dta, an reàchas da hàulainàgh àm ellaòph, í shíeann gcòa! Trab marg go ruífain an òi à uán. Àugma àal, alám fairan òig o sreàmmach, ó-mharg solas dacríemh an òi aòuomh."

Translation: "Shekìnya give you the dew of heaven. May he give you peace, make your enemies bow to you, and may he make your brothers and sisters kneel before your line. May he raise you up on the last day and be forever blessed by the Gleam of an Elevated Sunbeam." King Shafhalóa gasped and choked. The hour of death was upon him, for he was sickened beyond all healing, and his time of immortality was at an end. Shafhalóa turned to his son and pulled him close to his ear. "My son, your line is both blessed and cursed. Through your line the seed of tyranny will come with the crucible of fire. Man and elf will commit a horrible abomination. Be sure that the purity of the elves is kept sacred and potent. Glory Be! Write down all that I have said. Tell it, so they do not forget what I have seen today."

At the end of the account, the battle ends with a cockcrow. Also, the Sword of Mharabhàunt is forged by the fires of Croàta. King Exiv mentions that he bears the sword but he does not have the power to wield it. It is reserved for someone greater than he. The swordsong of the elves is inscribed on the blade, the very portent which would foretell the coming of the God of the Concordant Summit, the one promised to stand on the Altar of Connaírgha Glór. You will also see the King's eulogy to his father. NOTE: In the account, "Suddenly, a rooster crows..." or "pash, harleàigh seògga..." is seen. It should be noted, but the word used for "rooster" here is harleàigh or Harley. Oddly enough, it so happens to be the name of my roommate's rooster. Weird, huh? The Swordsong of the elves...

"Aòmh còa go ceàrtain ní Fhoínn Mheàtha í Bheshíra. Aleáragh Ardònain còa saíbhain an síehan nhu!"

"God is (lit: be dwelling) in His Holy Temple. Earthly Thoughts be silent (lit: silent as seven) now!"

The last thing this "Account of the Sword" mentions is the tale of the "rising pillar" from the sea, the new tower or hope, Tír Gach, that would save Arden on the Final Day. The last King of Cátern in the Sixth Era was King Shadlíer...

"Shaddeàg ghalíernain fhaeleài oshan go òissain cgí strónach huís, athair òir."

The rising pillar comes to save us from this calamity, my father." ^

9 June 2004:  Today, is the 15 year anniversary to the Realm of Arden!!!

"Alíette 3! Norroàsabba 11...King Shadlíer and the Kemían Knights of Valor vanish without trace. Earlier today, King Shadlíer formed a blockade on the banks of North Cátern along the Strelle River. King Ilùviuks, the Fire King, appoached by Stealth and hired foot soldiers in Cháith and Oneàga to infiltrate the marshland and the sylvania, south of Oásis and Shadlíer Mark.

I, Avaris the Skor, stood with my liege and king, Shadlíer. The enemy closed in and we readied for battle. The enemy crossed Kuíl Bridge, shouting a sinister battle cry, a battle cry that spelled certain doom and annihilation against the final stand of elfkind. We would wage battle once and for all against the unholy fire of his cloak. Would the elves be annihilated? Would King Ilùviuks prevail and decimate the purity of the elves?

What’s this? My liege and King? Where have you gone? Where is the song of battle and the avail of the Kemían Knights of Valor? Behold! King Shadlíer has disappeared, the tower that rises and saves us is no more! The last remnant of the elves has fallen as a tower. Alas, how could we be so blind? Why did we not take heed to the warning long ago. "Let those who see the evil cloak of fire look to Yíshav." I pray that the last kingdoms of elves and men find these words, the last of the Skoran Journals, for King Shadlíer has disappeared as a mist and we are doomed by the cloak of his fire. For it has covered all the earth and it has ensnared our King Shadlíer as a spell…they come…attack…the entire kingdom of elves is doo…avers dii ager-tal."

Slightly modified, but the above text was the first entry into my Duzit for the Chronicles of Tristan. It is the original idea behind the Skoran Mystery and the fall of the Kingdom of Cátern. The words Avers dii' Ager-tal is the biggest mystery of this disappearance. After the vanishing of the Kemian Knights and King Shadlíer, these words were found inscribed over the doorpost of Shadlíer House in
Oásis. It remains to be a strange mystery and there are no translations of the mystery in any of the Ardònic Tongues. It almost appears as the name of Shadlíer's scribe, Avaris, to an extent though.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Inspiration. I have added the word definition to the word Omnivivacious, a word only attributed to the supermodel, Yvette Rachelle. ^

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