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"And, the Bibhon conspired against Krav to take his Quill...the bright shining star of Argùl dimmed behind the stage layers of time and the Bibhon saw it from the Dark Continent. They would strike now, and the creature would be free to roam with mhoírlogh They would forget who they are, where they were and what will be." ~ Book of the Morning: Pillar

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18 June 2004:  I have uploaded the Account of Eírach, the Anointing of the Prince to my website. This is a brand new story...

Arriving at Sólungcallas and convening on the Mystic Circle, the elves feared the fiery times and the bleeding sky. Has King Exiv forgotten us all? They thought. "À Plían an shaleàch! Go toír sín! Scó mhoírlogh còa brenneòn!" the elves methodically chanted towards the Horizon. "Go toír sín! Go toír sín!" They wished to see the eye of omnivivacious light and the Essence of Shekìnya rightly bestowed upon their prince in this arden once again.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Home » Akkóa: The Created Morning »
Account of Eírach. This new account, the "Account of Eírach," overlaps the previous "Account of the Sword." There is a period in the "Account of the Sword" where suddenly the Prince of Cátern is mentioned as the King of Cátern. How? And, when? Apparently, there is a lost account dealing with the anointing of Shekìnya upon Shafhalóa II. This needed explanation and this new account opens the floodgates for the "Lusa" or water accounts in the Realm of Arden, as well as the Anointing of the King. In the Realm of Arden, elf kings (or queens) are anointed by the Essence of Shekìnya, not coronated. Also, in the Realm of Arden, when an elf dies, they simply cease to exist. They do not leave a corpse behind for a funeral. They vanish, denoting the potency of their magic.

In these new Lusa accounts, there is mention and an introduction of the ancient dragon, Parreàs-Ashaàr. He finds a prize and shows the elves at Sólungcallas. He holds onto this prize for all time (well, that is what is mentioned). I leave it up to you the readers to determine what prize is being mentioned by the Ancient Dragon from this new account. Hmmm, can anyone guess what is in the small pouch?

This account also broadens on the feral races in Arden, like the orcs and liches, and how they became what they were and why. Orcs and liches are mentioned in the Tales of the Last Guardian and in the Chronicles of Tristan. In later accounts of Lusa, the Birth of Iskàul will take place. He is the son of Medía Lankìnya and becomes the Warrior of Lutta.

Lastly, upon receiving the Essence of Shekìnya, the new King Shafhalóa utters a statement of a Glorious Woman and Uí Làul. Simply put, the mention of Uí Làul in the statement of the King is the elfin term for "Half-elf" and the Glorious Woman is Elvíenya Kinkayle in the The Chronicles of Tristan: Onward the Chronicle. In a later water account, the elves will be curious about this half-elfin race and how it impacts the power of the elves. The water accounts also elaborates on the Kingdom of King Tarshal, Thoris Port.

Beyond the Water Accounts, Fire and Earth are in the making and will make mention of the Dark Continent, emphasize more on the Realm of Uran and Glih Alkgagk (the capital of the kingdoms of men under King Exiv) and, finally, the Northern Kingdom of elves (Draccòna), ruled by Queen Saskía... ^

1 July 2004:  I have decided to upload the next "Water" account in the Created Morning.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Home » Akkoá: The Created Morning »
The Lost Account of Lankìnya. It is a sad story about the whereabouts of Medía Lankìnya. With the use of her sorcery, it finally has taken a toll on her life. With the power of Paíf lost, Medía Lankìnya realizes the turmoil she brought and seeks forgiveness. This is the last account where she is mentioned. While writing about this character, I really fell in love with her, and I was saddened with this last account of her. While typing up this last one, I really did "feel" for her and cry, oddly enough. Meàdesha (or, "bountiful facade" of) Lankìnya is included in the Ardònic Pantheon.

Lankìnya of Vaaluir remains to be a cypher to the Realm of Arden. She is a very interesting character, because her true intentions are never really known, but there is enough to say that "she was not truly evil, and never was." So, perhaps, she was forgiven of her debts but not in Arden. She, perhaps, was also tricked by a shawdowy figure, so there is enough speculation about her life and of course, I won't tell you if she was truly innocent or diabolical. The appearance of Paíf resurfaces much later in the Sixth Era when Daulky Kinkayle is tried for treason before the House of Síemh. There, within Kàuldro, the Fire Prince, Shamíer-Hilùfain beshír wields the power of Paíf again in front of Daulky Kinkayle and the Fire Prince embraces the evil of it in the Crystal Chamber during the Shuí-makka Ceremony (Ref: Chronicles of Tristan: The Revelation - Chapter 9, Segment 3). The evil scepter is also lifted up at Kinkayle's Purification Trial at Kuíl. The question remains: Who found Paíf and brought it to Kàul Island and King Ilùviuks? I first wrote about Paíf in 1997, but I didn't have a name for the evil scepter until recently. It was basically called the "Rod of Kuírbha."

"Droígain gí hícgs go pleàfoín domh, tdroíga gí shíeannain go líerain òil, tdroíga gí bpangcain forechain thírach, í àsashain gmeórch an tdroígain gí cuíc. Meàrra plía an sín nen escàllain-nloígc dhòua an plían, í athlas, ní lhusain strelleàs droíggadh domhain caònn Phaíf go thrugh aàl. Meàr dòu, ghafhorch – dta, reànna òaira, í-narch ghuplían an aoinn odachain sí, Lhaànceànha cgí Fhaaluir. Marg go difànn mo bhí bergcòa odachain eóan, besra huíl. Hòul go muscail sín roíchais odair còa od lá fhínn odair ghababhnain uílair mhan? Hòul go muscail sín còa od lá mhedía à tdroígain uílair mhan? Hòul chóinn odair go dhuíf abháill ceàrth ní bpeòrra da gCroàtain ó ní loggeàs da Fhaaluir mhír? Ó hòul go dhuífain aàl ní nuór uámhair òugcain níc Phlíann mhír? Droígain gí mhuàdh cgínn go muàdain mhíor, tdroíga gí ruíann an fhairesh go àsashain. Í-narch uá, tdroíga gí hírach còa eàbhnoín shíenn, í go muscail sín an tdroígain gí còearta murnuíg à bhí."

(The Litany of Tears)

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Timeline in Arden. The Timeline of Arden has been updated. I went back and added in some missing information - Altar of Connaírgha Glór, the Calendar reckoning at Daulky Kinkayle's Conversion, etc. ^

19 July 2004:  "Peace. Harmony. Tranquility. Let the Sea of Judgement pronounce my arrival from the Mountain of Krav. For I am as Gracious and Orange as the dawn in the morning, and my colors are as noble as times old, when man awoke by the sound of the Horn of Suís. For I am as old as the Harmony of Ardòna, when elves came out of praise and the Celeste. For I have been awakened by Harmony and I have been given the Essence of Shekìnya, the glory of the voice. It is my kind who are the firstborn in Ardòna, the land on the horizontal pages of the Voice. I am Tarshal, and I will restore the races dwelling in this Realm of Arden."

A fair elf-woman stood alone near the empty Throne of Meàdesha on the Isle of Dreígga. She wore white gowns of silk and her head was adorned with a bonnet of Panneàn flowers. Her long dark, curly hair dangled ominously in the breeze. She was looking into the heavens and she heard the voice of the wind call to her. The ethereal glow of the sea and the rays of sunlight peering through the misty trees awoke the stillness of her soul and she heard the fell voice with full clarity. It resonated in the bounty of her soul. "I am Lady Àisleàng, daughter of King Gór nÀidhain, who rules the Lonely Isle, Eím." She called to the voice on the wind. "I have heard your voice, coming from the wind and behind the rays and peeking through the trees of the Isle. Do you come to restore hope and memory? For, we have seen the Dark Continent and the Xandràxan. It has troubled the Collective Thought of the High King, and we all have seen it."

(excerpt from the
Account of Càinclaòigh the Ancient). ^

19 August 2004:  Lately, I've been writing about things that took place in the Pre-Historic Era, Òuil-Escàllain, or the First Era of Arden. One major quality which made the Pre-Historic Era different from the other eras on Arden's Time line is the unique ability of the Collective Thought. What is the Collective Thought? What is its significance. Please read at your own leisure and enjoy. It really is a digest. Honest. I will be posting this on my website under "Kue Mythology." So without any further adieu...Which Way to the Horizon presents...

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Kue Mythology »
The Collective Thought. ^

23 August 2004:  I have finally completed the drawings of Arden's continents. I leaned more towards the disc shape for the "Lands Adjacent." This was an idea from original concepts, years ago. The concept I had for years was to create the continents to resemble North America (Cuòuae & Eàsceànn), South America (Cheàmas) and Greenland (Àirgeòs). This idea was visualized in 1989, when I was roleplaying in Dungeons & Dragons (Immortal Roleplaying Books). I stuck with that idea but I altered the lands to appear as if they were aged, or breaking from a central point in the Sea of Jugdement (Neither Sea). This would possibly be due to "plate techtonics" or what not.

As for the Dark Continent, I was not sure what it would look like. In my mind's eye, there was never a Dark Continent until 2001, when I introduced the Bibhon into Arden. After all, it is the Dark Continent (well, up to the point where Arden loses it's captured orbit around Srías. If you wish to think scientifically about it). I did not want the continent to resemble Eurasia, because I didn't want it as massive as "Lands Adjacent." And, I wanted to try to make the continent appear as if it "broke" away from the "Lands Adjacent." So I chose on a larger version of a "Japan" look. On this map, you can see the polar regions as well. I did not have enough room on the first one to draw them on, since I doodled it on a text document. Also, the map of the "Lands Adjacent" is on a smaller scale, because of the text thing.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Maps »
Kue Continent. ^

1 October 2004:  Reviewing my site, I have decided to change the the character name of Lankìnya to Medía Lankìnya. Technically, I do not own the rights to the name "medesha" so I have altered the name of "Medesha" to "Medía." All of my writings and anecdotes carry this change. The rights to the name "medesha" belong to someone else, and rather than impude on another author, I felt it was neccessary to alter the name some, even though the Kue Dictionary uses a variation of the word.

Meàdh [MyEHdth] Cáterneásh < "precious" or "bountiful." (Adjective) 1. Having generosity. 2. pertainging to one's reward or one's wealth. 3. Precious.
Medía [Me-JEE-ya] Cáterneásh < "bounty." Sometimes Meàdesha or "bountiful facade." (Feminine Noun) 1. The title applied to Lankìnya due to the trait of the ever-falling tears of her soul. By incorporating the empathy of mhoírlogh Lankìnya was plagued with fear and despair. Her ever-falling tears were the symbol of rain and wealth in the Realm of Arden.
Mheádhoainn [WyEE-hyenin] Cáterneásh ~ "precious one." (Feminine Name). This name was common in the Kingdom of Thoris Port during the Sad Era.
Meádhoair [MyEE-hYAIR] Cáterneásh. 1. Precious item or thing.

Heh, if Gollum spoke Cáterneásh, he would've said something like, "Òim Meádhoair!"

As I begin writing the new "Water Accounts" for the Book of the Morning, I conjured up a digest to promote the next accounts on what happens. With King Tarshal away in the West, fighting the traquility campaigns with Càinclaòigh. In the East, battles and betrayal happen at Tír Ashleàng the Castle of King Tarshal and Queen Àisleàng.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Kue Mythology »
Did you see it?   ^

13 October 2004: The Realm of Ardòna has been updated! I would like to give a special "Thank You" and hug to Jessica Anderson for her creative abilities. With her help, she has made me a new banner for the Realm of Ardòna. Thank you for the "birthday present." Jess is a very talented writer and artist. You can find a lot of interesting information at her website Mislusions, including her stories, such as the Wars of Carýa and her art. Be sure to check out her site!

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Links » Elfin Fire, Jessica Anderson.

With careful look at some of the words in my dictionary, it has come to my attention that the word of "Ardòna" is spelled wrong! Dun dun dun! Ack! The "ò" sound in Kue is unvoiced normally, and it is closest to the "Y" sound in English, like in "you." The word "Ardòna" should be spelled as Ardóna. Ò is sometimes found in diphthongs, but always before a vowel, syllable and by itself, it is unvoiced like a "y" sound. On the other hand, the forward accent over the "o" makes a long "o" sound like that in "so." Ah well, no one is perfect. Meh. In the future, I'm planning on adding a pronouciation guide into the Kue Mythology Link. Be sure to look back often. I'm also working on a Glossary as well. ^

29 October 2004: Happy Birthday, Shelley Theman!!! I wish the best and the happiest of birthdays this year! It's good to be your friend, and I hope we remain as good friends. Also, Happy Birthday, Caleb Knight!!! I hope you enjoy your birthday and don't work too hard. Sheesh, all these October birthdays.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Links »
Elfin Tears, Cheri Dennahower.

I would like to promote a special website today. The person and name behind this website is a very sweet and earnest friend. She lives in Canada, that place north of us, heh. She is happily married and she is a special friend to me. Without her times of encouragement, I don't know where I'd be now. She's very caring and warm. Her name is Cheri Dennahower, and you are welcome to visit her site and find out about a very friendly, inspiring and talented Canadian.

What is an elf in the Realm of Arden? How does an elf differ from other elves in fantasy? The Kue Glossary states this:

Àulàil [Ow-LyEL] < Cáterneásh = "Out of Praise." {Len. hÀulàinagh = "Out of Praises"}. Àileòf [El-OHF] < Sól-Rhuíasha & pos. Ardónic = "Out of the Heights." The Original Cáterneásh term for elf, for they came out of praise of Shekìnya, the Glory. They are the sons and daughters of both Deàshacàinha and Saa-Scoauthoímhá, the firstborn of Harmony, who is Scoírae ha Sceór. The elves were rightly the sons and daughters of Àal-go-Nhuách, the omnivivacious light and the Athí Nhu, the Exalted Father of Glory. They were awakened by the glory of Shekìnya and they were the first inhabitants in the Realm of Arden, for the Harmony of the Voice illuminated the heavens and the splendor of the Glory created the Elfs "out of Praise and Harmony." Compare and Relate: Reàchas da hÀulainàgh, [RyECH-es DI HAW-li-NACH] "Power of the Elfs," Threáichá hÀulàinn, [Hrech-AY HAW-len] "Elfin Fire," and Medheáog hÀulàinn, [Me-thEE-awzh HAW-len] "Elfin Tears." Jessica Anderson and Cheri Dennahower, respectively. ^

30 October 2004:

 Happy Birthday, Dearest Crystal!!! 
Thank you for being a great and understanding friend this past year. Have the happiest birthday ever! Harley, Shiloh, Gwynne, Storm, Estelle and the grand bird troupe... even Squeakybird, all wish you a merry day...


24 November 2004: It's been a while since I've sent out a Digest, regarding the Realm of Arden and, finally, I have something worth sending - well, heh, just maybe.  Lately, I have been working on my glossary for the Realm of Arden and I have uploaded the first three letters (and part of "D").  There is also a "pronounciation guide" so that you can pronounce the terms.  The Language of Cáterneásh, which is a Kue Tongue, is inteneded to be an ethereal tongue that the Elfs in Arden speak.  The time Cáterneásh was spoken primarily was during the time of King Exiv and the Kingdom of Uran, or the the "Ethereal Kingdom."  This is generally referred to as the "First Era" on the Timeline.  The higher form of this language was spoken later.  Unfortunately, the higher form of the language was not considered an ethereal tongue, and many of the sounds became "lower."  The "Book of the Morning" was dictated orally to a Scribe (perhaps spoken by the "Voice" to "Jax") and later written down.  It is the first written form of the Language in the Realm of Arden.  Unfortunately, I don't have a means to display the "Ardónic Runes," used for Cáterneásh at this point, and I'm also working on them as well.  It may be awhile before I can show those.  Actually, I'm looking for some help on the runes.  I want them to look as if they are "heavenly" since the language is an ethereal tongue.
Here is the list of links for the glossary.  For those of you, who have been beckoning me to start a glossary, here is your wish come true, well some of it, heh.  Also, the links are linked to pliagge, not mharabhaunt.  Enjoy at your own leisure. 
Note on Cátern, Kingdom of:  One of the kings listed in roll of rulers is "Òurias."  This fits around the time that the Holy Altar of Connairgha was erected.  The name Òurias or Òuriáos, guardian of the heavenly realms, denotes that the clan of Cóner, a sept clan of Skor, became guardians or "anointed ones" to govern the Kingdom of Cátern with the aid of the King.  Òurias was the first "king" to carry the sacred title of Iáosá or "Sun-Sent."  King Iórdh III, Òurias' father, was the governing "king" of the Kingdom, when Òurias saw the "glory" of the Concordant Summit, Uísara Uír, at Conería.  The last king listed on the roll is King Shadlíer, who is the only King born at Mount Kravòkalla, and possibly not a true descendant in the line of Cáternóic Kings. ^

8 December 2004: I have redone the "title page," adding information that pertains to me. Under the new information, I have added two links to a couple of song lyrics. These songs have been translated into Kue and are both displayed in English as well. With recent things going on in my life, these two songs amplify my inner being and the turmoils. The Only Thing I Need is written by one of my favorite Christian Groups, 4 Him. I started collecting their music in early 1993 and they are a vocal band, similar to Yes. For anyone who enjoys "mellow" and "Christian Conemporary," I would highly recommend this group. The song, The Only Thing I Need is found on the album Streams, which is a medley of Christian Artists. When I first heard this song aired locally on WCRF, 103.3 FM, I shed tears. It really impacted my soul.

The second song, Great Heart is written by "Johnny Clegg" who was born and raised in South Africa. The song is a blend of Celtic and Zulu, and the lyrics often make me think of "Paul Simon." I have included this song because it reminds me a lot of "Paul Simon" and the Realm of Arden.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Author

Óurias Noíragga, the elfin warrior of srí, son of King Íordh III, younger, twin brother to Làil-Bangcaò, and kin to hAlloímhá was the first elected Warrior of Srí to protect the Altar of Connaírgha. After receiving a vision and seeing the Glory of God, Òurias became the first "sun-sent guardian" to uphold and protect the might and the secrets of the Nameless god who appeared to him as a pillar of fire. In honor of his call and mission, being the first to build the promised Altar of Hope, I have uploaded the D&D Prestige Class of the Warrior of Srí or hEcclaighóaith Srí to my website.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Author » Òurias Noíragga » hEcclaighóaith Srí. ^

6 January 2005: Happy Previous Year! - that is to those who feel it was worthy enough to be celebrated. Why do we celebrate the "New Year?" How do we know for sure it's going to be good anyway? Why not celebrate the ending of the year, if the year was good? Just a thought to think about next time you make a new years' resolution. We build ourselves up hoping for a good year. It may or may not be. We can only hope the new year is good to us. I suppose that is taking a pessimistic standpoiint on the "New Year" celebration. As for me, why celebrate something that you have no idea is going to be good or bad. So, I'll just say "We'll see" to anyone who says, "Happy New Year" to me.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Kue Mythology »
Christmas in Arden. ^

25 January 2005: Last Night, I had the strangest dream. I think I also had my first migraine, so I was not feeling very well. It was the worst headache I ever had. Before bed, I was watching King Arthur and in the Previews, they had The Village advertised. On that note, I was also playing the game Black & White before as well. All this factored in.

In my dream, I was driving on a dark, country road in the midst of cornfields and trees. It was dark and I was driving with a girlfriend. As we were driving, I approached a rundown town. Lindsey said, "Don't go into that town, it's cursed."

She pointed at an open area of land in front of a cluster of trees. "That is where the town center was before it disappeared with the people inside."

Before I knew it, I broke down in the town. The clutch gave out, so I had to pull the car over in the eerie town. When I got out of the car, I noticed people in the town and they were very distant and strange. It was as if they were undead. "I have to call for a tow," I told Lindsey.

I pushed the car into a shop and the strange people enclosed the whole town and haunted us so to speak. Strangely enough, the people were recognizable, people I worked with at Golden Corral.

The cellphone rang, and reached for the phone to answer it.

"Don't answer the phone," Lindsey warned. "That's how they find you! They'll curse you if you answer it."

"I need to see if it's the towing," I replied, holding the phone to my ear.

Activating the call, and listening to the other line, I heard a faint whisper hiss out. "Ddddeeeeaaatttthhhhh!"

When I heard the "death whisper" I dropped the phone, and got into my car. Oddly, it started on its own. So, I started running into all the "cursed people," encircling us.

They say that a normal, dream episode lasts no more than 5 minutes. This dreams seemed like it was longer. Anyhow, I have added a few new pages to the site for your own parousal. The new information regards the numbering system of Arden, the elfin months, the 7 watches of the day, and other stuff. Enjoy!

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Kue Mythology »
Ravin Four, One, Two, Three... ^

14 February 2005: Today, which chronologically coincides with Eáimh 14, the "third wind" in Arden comes to pass. As the seasons change, this time is usually commerated as the "feast of First Fruits" in the Realm of Arden. Myth states that this was the day the Srías, King Exiv's light, returned to the realm of Arden. For almost a year, there was no sunlight over his fallen kingdom and this was due to his dreadful sins, which inlvolved him taking another woman outside his sphere of influence. Being tempted by Wuàde, the deceiver, King Exiv lost his powers and his dominion over the Realm of Uran. This occassion was marked as the "feast of Silence," which is celebrated on Saóimhain 31. This is generally considered the first feast on the Ancient Calendar. The Srías would remain fallen over the Horizon of Plíagge for almost a year until its brilliant return on Eáimh 14, when Ví awoke the "dead land." Bringing in the "wind of change," Ví blessed nature and saw the light of King Exiv return in the East. He would send order to the chaos and he would prepare the land for Aóiconach, the "feast of plenty."

The first day of Aóiconach would be celebrated on Dreáich 31 through Dheígga 3. The time marked the rebirth of nature from the deadness it cultivated after the "first wind," or the Scourge, celebrated on Níssan 11. Dreáich 31 (or, Trekkàshara 31 on the
Tarloccían Calendar) is not always remembered as a fruitful time for many though, especially those who lived in the town of Áicsain or Axis during the Kue Invasion of the town. Clan Kaíl suffered deeply from this, because the last, surviving members of the clan were hunted down before the Rise of King Ilùviuks. Daulky Kinkayle and Karah Kinkayle fled from the scene where their parents were murdered. Celebrating the "feast of plenty" in the serene Galf Orchards, Daulky witnessed the torture and murder of his parents. Holding Karah, they fled home and were granted the rite of the "protective help services" from the Town of Axis. This "protection" came from King Tristan, when he intervened to save the children and keep them safe from any other attacks.

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Home » Akkoá: The Created Morning » The Account of Bhiánuim

"Soon, a falcon flew over the luscious garden site, and cried down to them. “Briars, brambles, thickets and thorns! This garden has been cursed. The King has fallen from the mighty Sun Throne in the sky! Let all those who adored him mourn for him. He has committed an unpardonable sin: He has become like the fire of the newborn Kuírbha. Now his srías will be cloaked behind dark clouds, and it will be forced to descend below Arden to set into Plíagge. The Light has gone out of Exiv, King of Uran! Briars, brambles, thickets and thorns! This garden is forever cursed by the folly of the King.” The falcon circled around the garden, and a quill from its wing fell on the ysapàrakh tree, marking the sudden doom, which would unveil on the Realm of Uran."

Pash, Aoráelha hargoílaith an steách frí Fhamír n-Bláibh dhá beár, í áu scríth hAóráel dta n-sreáish, táin hargíl. “Uíllogh, deách, dtícará a lílo-bpónach! O síc famír bháunnach go sash-seómh lá ha. Shaómh sash-pleáifaith áugi cGaggá d-Thrí beshíra an hOícs ní hUrain. Sreáio ghadroíggain beshírna, mhan go pleáifoín domh, na-fór fórechadh – dta. Aál sash-bhraíth loád an go heáimoín, óuig go muscail sín marg; Aódh coa áim hilufá móir da gCoírbhaóith an Dhiábló óuilla ghababhnain. Srías móir mháich agas mhoír na-frí loggeásh, mhír cgínn hOannacih aál-go-Nhuách go blancain óuig, í beár dómhain an nadíra berbhoággaith Thrías, go bhraínnain í go fairain n-Phlíagge. Goág n-Ecsíemh Shaómh berbhoággain dhá gcoímh-bleáich, hUranaith dTarrain. Uíllogh, deách, dtícará a lílo-bpónach! Ruímhair o síc famír go sash-seómh lá dTarra gásai mo bhí!” Aoráelha n-Óuranus cósra-hargoíl-aphuáith fhamír, í pleáfaith domh gcraim gí hargul ní s’bhóiparach seád dhá nínaóth, go gmeárraicaith síc-seómhá, go bleácain hóul ní hardeách í hUrain." (Account of Vínuim)

Ví awoke the land and brought in the "wind of order," Síor-Sín-Chíath. He is widely considered the "god of Order" in the Realm of Arden. His sphere of influence encompasses Luth and the "morning dew." There are many instances in Kue Mythology where Ví brings order to chaos. He was also responsible for the expulsion of Akkævall's two dangereous children in the Forgotten Realms.

The updates to this site are twofold. One, I have included the use of the "protective help services" and, two, in honor of Valentines' Day, I have uploaded the very last "account" in the Book of the Morning where Ví arises to awaken the deadness in the Realm of Arden. ^

25 April 2005: On May 24, 2005, my dad's family estate, The Dogwood Estate, in Hinckley, Ohio will be auctioned off. Unfortunately for my dad, having the "power of attorney," he can no longer hold onto it. The last remnants of my childhood will be gone; as well as many of my dad's. The estate originally was comprised over 33 acres in the early 1900s. Some land was endowed to my grandfather, Kenneth Powell Chatham. My great grandfather, Frederick Tozer Cheetham, immigrated from Nottingham, England and bought land in Hinckley, Ohio. It was a secondary abode; they originally lived in Lakewood. In Hinckley, this was the Dogwood Estate though. The reason for the naming was for my great grandmother's love of dogwood trees (which actually was a name my great aunt Gwen described it as), and a parcel of the land was called the "Orchard." There, they grew dogwood trees.

The house was built in c.1930 at
908 Mattingly Road, Hinckley OH. The house was constructed with the resources of the land; wood and stone. It was erected on a "bluff" at the end of Mattingly Road (The star on the Yahoo Map isn't correct). A river runs in front of the yard, and another river runs right behind the house. Above the two story garage, two rooms were made available for guests. My father often spent summers there and roomed in one the rooms. The interior of the house was retrospective of an English Tudor/Victorian Feel. Ceiling beams and arches were the highlights to the interior. My great grandmother, Salome (Cathchpole) Chatham, was a great hostess and it was well known of her in my dad's family. She loved having company. Chatham Day was born out of this. It was a family high day, but it was also the birthday of my great grandfather. For years, the Dogwood Estate was the center of the family gatherings. As time progressed, my great aunt Gwen (daughter of Salome) inherited the home. My great grandmother's sister, Birdie Catchpole, built another home adjacent to the family estate on Mattingly. As a kid, my brothers and I would hike down the road to visit her sometimes during summers. Then, my aunt Linda built a home near there too in the 1990s.

A lot of good memories have come from there as a kid. There were plenty of woods to get lost in, plenty of hiking trails and plenty of rivers to skip rocks in. I remember hiking up the ridge towards State Road with my Uncle many times; on the part of Mattingly that was never extended up the ridge. Now, it will be no more. A lot went into the estate, but recently things have changed and no longer. Over the past week, I've been helping my dad prepare for the auction, mainly by moving some of my things out of the house. After going to the house this year, it has really been amazing how detoriated and rundown the estate is. There is no vitality left in the home or the land around it. It has grown SILENT, too quiet from the stories I've heard surrounding the land and home. It's unfortunate and tragic; a death in a family. This is a death of a heritage, the Chatham family heritage. As I walk away from the home, one more time, all my childhood memories come to me as a juggernaut. I wish things were different, but it seems now as a family heritage is lost forever. What can I say? Rest in peace to the Dogwood Estate, and to a family heritage.

Chatham Estate

The Rustic, Fireplace Room

"The Chatham Auction" will be held on May 24th. in Hinckley. A listing of "The Chatham Auction" can be found at Kiko Auctions. This detailed page is the overall description of the chattels that will be auctioned. There are pictures here of the "Dogwood Estate" here too. Enjoy, and if you're in the area: BID!

Site News » Mharabhaunt » Author » Óurias Noíragga » The Omen of the Winged Prophet. I'm currently working on the series of Óurias Noíragga, the "sacred warrior of Srí," who was responsible for the positive changes in Arden. The story in news here, is the backstory of his birth and the historical account of his mother, who was cursed by the sight of the "Winged Prophet." ^

24 May 2005: Lately, I have been writing a new series about Óurias Noíragga, who originally was a D&D character I roleplayed. Well, I don't have a history on him and he is an important figure in the Realm of Arden as far as restoring "light" and "hope." Below are some characters in the story and a special dedication to Jessica Anderson (this time around) as the Lady of Silent Tears inmy story.

Áildrígga, Prince [El-DREE-zha] < Elf Tears. Prince of Dracónna and Sólungcrannóus and son of Queen Saskía (Seóscieái). He is husband of Lady Cuóindrígga, Silent Tears, Countess of Peándráoth. They were the first two elves of three to bear Red Hair in Arden. He is slain by the rebellion under House Ellaphnoír under Lady Cíarra. See "Gorge of Aáldrígga."

Cuóindrígga, Countess [KOO-win-DREE-zha] < Silent Tears. Countess of Pendrath in the Kingdom of Draccóna. She plays an important role by dismissing the dreadful, Winged Prophet in Arden. She offers the payment to the creature, a lock of her Red Hair. After she offered payment to the Winged Prophet, she was given the title, "Threáichá hÁuláinn," Elfin Fire. She saved the realm of Arden from the curse of the Winged Prophet

Cúimh Cairra (Cúimh Elbhái) [KOO-wiv KAIR-a] < Red Clan. Together, Queen Seóscieá, Prince Áildrígga, Lady Cuóindrígga, and Lady Cíarra Ellaphnoír make up the Cúimh Cairra, the Red Clan. They have vowed not to cut their own hair, for they were held in high regards to Hope in Arden. When there was no sunlight after the fall of King Exiv, this clan of red-haired individuals banned together to bring about Hope. Unfortunately, the demise of Lady Ellaphnoír came to the clan and Hope was compromised and almost lost. The Prince was the only male elf to have red hair. The sisterhood of Cairrónha was between the three women.

Huór [HOO-yore] < Seer. Huór is the seer and protector of House Ellaphnoír. He lives in the wooded forest of Sriór. He guides the House under the influence of Ravìnya, the dreamer. His teachings are that of Ravìnya and the Celeste. He awaits the coming of Mazzaroth and the union of all the races. He gives sanctuary to the Lady Ellaphnoír and forbids King Iórdh from administering the Verve Fruit to her.

Lail-bPangcaó [LEL-bang-KOE; the "P" is eclipsed with "b" sound] < Praise, Fruits. He is the older twin of Óurias. Lail becomes a mighty warrior and is trained by the Lady of Silent Tears. She teaches him the art of Ólla-Báinna, a skill which involves total concentration on the biochemical reactions of the body. The strict use of the nerves and muscles are focused upon. Together with Óurias, the three of them begin the Warriors of Srí in the Realm of Arden. The art of the Ólla-Báinna is passed down. In earlier life, it was Lail who inspired his younger brother, Óurias. Lail is credited to saving Óurias from a coveteousness of power. Almost dead, Lail arranges to send Óurias to the land of Free Sea, Sha-Ímheáorcain to heal for thousands of years. He is nutured and restored to health there by his forefathers, and later returns to Arden.

Óurias Noíragga [YOU-ree-es Nö-RAZH-a] < Heaven's Bright Sun; Purifier. The attributed savior of the Black Sleep. He is responsible to the building of the Altar of Connaírgha Glór. At the present day town of Conería, Óurias has the final blow against the Wraiths of Lightning under the command of Kuírbha and his birth mother, now known as Princess Iluíra or Lhanna (Desire). At the town of Conería, Óurias uses all his training to expel the evil spirit in his mother, and saves her. Though she is saved from the evil, the Lady withdraws herself and goes into hiding...

As you all, know, I attribute most of my characters to real life people. From Ísas Cristarís as Crystal Bogdan, my roommate, Queen Saa-Scoauthoímhá as Yvette Rachelle, Lankìnya of Vaaluir as Amber Scott, Lady Ellaphnoír (aka Akkævall) as Jessica Strong, Áisleáng as Janean Kelm, to even the "Stalking Spirit," Áieollain as Caleb Knight, each character is tribute to those individuals I know in real life. These are a minute amongst many, and still, I still get inspiration from real life people. In recent writings, I have developed some new characters and some new ideas. Óurias Noíragga played an important role of ending a dreadful time called the "Black Sleep." This "plague" nearly destroyed all and the evil, Kuírbha dispatched his Wraiths to inflict everyone in Arden with "darkness" and "disease." The time of the "Black Sleep" was a period of time where the dead walked and where all life in Arden aged rapidly and died. It was the touch of the wraiths that plagued life.

Óurias is born prior to this. However, even he is faced with a tragedy: his mother. Lady Ellaphnoír, the mother of Óurias is cursed by an evil plot by the Bibhon (the dark conspirators or masterminds in Arden). Luckily for Óurias and his twin brother, Lail-bPangcaó, the two of them are "pre-born" in the womb before the curse on the mother. The Bibhon had conspired to destroy the children, for they were the "chosen ones" who would grow to be blessed by Shekìnya and the Source. Óurias is noted for making known the mysteries which surrounded the Fifth Elemental Point in Arden. In fact, if it wasn't for his teachings, no one would even know about the Concordant Summit, even a part from the Book of the Morning. Óurias is the first known individual to get in touch with God in the Realm of Arden. His visions go beyond the Horizon and even many of the time considered him to teach, "erroneous, mythlogical dogma."

At the final stand of the wraiths of lightning, the revelation of the Concordant Summit makes himself known as a pillar of fire on the Altar of Connaírgha Glór (in present day Conería). Finally, proof of Óurias' teachings revealed himself and ended the "Black Sleep" in Arden. Óurias is well-known for his service as a Warrior of Srí, who still exist in Conería today. I have finished writing the first "history" of Óurias and have uploaded the story here. There is more to come as I continue to write them:
The Birth of Twins: Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó.

Jessica Anderson as "Elfin Fire." The character of Countess Cuóindrígga is dedicated to my friend, Jessica Anderson. Jess' real life "elfin fire" was inspiration for this special character, and just as the Lady of Silent Tears demonstrates her awesome power as an elfin heroine in the Realm of Arden, so, too the real life "Lady of Silent Tears," as Jessica Anderson does as well. After losing both her parents to the dementia of the Winged Prophet, she falls in love with Prince Áildrígga and marries into the Royal Family of Draccóna. She is immediately welcomed and offered sanctuary in the family. She is even given the right as becoming an heiress to the Throne. At the Lighthouse of Tír-Cúic, Lady Cuóindrígga stood up against the dementia of the Winged Prophet, feared no darkness offering payment (a lock of her red hair) to the Winged Prophet, and she sealed the deal to raise two, very important children in the Realm of Arden. Later, she will again demonstrate the power of "elfin fire" by coming to the aid of her mother-in-law, Saskia, to repel the sorcery of Lady Ellaphnoír. After the murder of her husband, she is coronated Queen and ascends to the Throne of Dracónna. She will use all her strength, to lead the Northern Elfs against the evil of Ellaphnoír, allying herself with Queen Saa-Scoauthoímhá, the Queen of Harmony.Seeing the slaying of her husband and the loss of her parents, the Lady of Silent Tears demonstrates the greatest victory for herself, having "silent tears." She gains strength from her "silent tears" and moves on to becoming one of the greastest elf heroines in the Realm of Arden. In Draccóna today, the beautiful mausaleom of the elf queen remains one mile south of Crown City, where the Castle of the Crown rests. It is a beautiful structure which can be seen from the courtyard of the Castle.

You can find interesting facts about the true Lady of Silent Tears here. Thank you, Jess:  ^

§ Thank you for not nicking my material §

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