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Eric Chatham, Copyright © 2003.

§ Upper and Lower Durkshuír §

Durkshuír has long been the homeland of the nobles of the Kingdom of Cátern. The land is owned by the King of Cátern, since the beginning of the elfin Kingdoms of the East. On the northern borders to Durkshuír is the Kingdom of Eluíra. The Plains of Durketh are owned by the Kingdom of Eluíra, and the Kue Mountains belong to the dwarfs of Clan Dusk. This area of land is known as the Verging of the Eíshk. King Tristan built Kema-Kot Castle at the top of the mountains, commonly known as Upper Durkshuír. This upper portion of Durkshuír was granted to King Tristan by the dwarfs of Clan Dusk. King Tristan was given this land as a charter.

The races of the dwarfs, man and elves remain at Durkshuír, and this area of land is highly considred sacred, especially by the Kingdom of Eluíra and Cátern. King Shadlíer graciously relinquished control of this land and gave fiefdom of Durkshuír to King Tristan and the nobles of Durkàny during the Utopian Era or Khíettan Còtta.

Outside the eastern borders of Durkshuír remains the sacred clan of Cátern, called Clan Coner. This holy clan was formed ages ago during the Warm Era. It is at the town of Conería where it is believed that the God of the Concordant Summit will arrive on the Final Day in Arden. He will stand upon the Holy Altar at Conería and call forth the Righteous Knights in Lutta, a realm at the bottom of Neither Sea in the south.

Along the northern borders are the clans of Eluíra: Clan Dhurk and Clan Plaisa. On the west are the Kue Mountains and the Kue Empire. It is legend that Kema-Kot Castle was erected on the very spot the Light went out of King Exiv, long ago. It is a debated area of land, and the Gardens of Traverssa are on the south. These are the gardens where Wuàde used his sister to tempt King Exiv. The Gardens soon were cursed by this and it is considered an omen of things to come. Clan Dusk care for the gardens and warn strangers to steer away from the path into the Gardens, or suffer the fate of the King's Fate. The Traverssa Gardens are the place where Daulky Kinkayle is buried, not as a curse upon his life, but as a hope for the future of the Eíshk. It is rumored that the ghostly Caretaker watches over the soil of his burial and all who pay homage to him, are forever blessed by Yíshav.

After the Great Eíshkon Exodus, these lands were usurped by the Fire Prince of King Ilùviuks. At Conería, the Fire Price committed a grievous act of abomination on the Holy Altar to spite future of Arden. What was committed at the town can not even be uttered, for the sin was so grievous and cruel that legend states the town of Conería literally shed tears and bled mysteriously. Could this be the God of the Concordant Summit weeping for his people? is what those thought as they witnessed the destruction of Conería. When Coànir reoccupied Conería after the defeat of the Fire Prince, he rebuilt the Holy Altar and looked into the Horizon of Plíagge, where he saw a path open beyond Kema-Kot Castle on the Kue Mountains. It was the same path his father saw before, and it was an awe-inspiring vision, and he knew that hope was not gone. His faith became greater and the hope of Arden was not lost!

§ Thank you for not nicking my material §

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