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Struíl Forest
Eric Chatham, Copyright © 2003

§ Clan Struíl and Thoris Port §

Clan Struíl has long been known as the only peaceful Water clan of the Eíshk of both Skoir`lil and Mhel`laul (elf and man). Solely a Kingdom of it's own, Clan Struíl was once called the Kingdom of Sruós long ago and legendary King Tarshal ruled it. Man and elf living near the south of Kue Mountains united after the fall of King Exiv long ago, and the bond has remained and stood the test of time. Inhabitants of the clan are both human and elf alike. The Humankind live in Oápurash on the West, and the elves live in Thoris Port to the east. The Kingdom of Sruós was a united kingdom of elves and men, and this bond has always been noble and true. King Tristan's heritage is Struíl. Before both his parent's travelled to Mount Kravòkalla, to have him, Tristan's father proclaimed the Trilogue to the inhabitants at Thoris Port at, what is now called, Tristan Mark.

The Kingdom of Cátern preserved Thoris Port and the elfin side of the clan during the reign of King Tristan. Most of the Clan lived within the borders of the old Kingdom of Sruós but many families moved north of near Struíl Mark. Before Tristan though, during the Sad Era, strife arose in the kingdom and men of the Kue Empire seized the lands of Oápurash or the Human side of the kingdom. Rather than share the profits and bounty with the elfkind in Thoris Port, the Oápurash ceded, forming there own kingdom. This created an "Open Door" in the south for humankind to migrate into Cátern. Unfortunately, when King Shuíemha ruled once, he failed to see the atrocity of this demise after his reign. He loved the elves but this love he had for the elves was used against him by his own kind. Humankind plummeted Cátern in the Sad Era. This unfortunate tragedy is usually acredited to the collapse to the Kingdom of Cátern. Luckily, King Tristan put an end to this when he arrived to Thoris Port. With the aid of Queen V`Lantrath, they sealed off the influx of humankind. The Kingdom of Cátern did it's best to keep the elves of Thoris Port at peace.

§ Skoàl Outpost §

According to the laws of the old Kingdom of Sruós, it was forbidden to marry outside your race. This law was called the Pact of Beshir. Any who broke this pact were banished. The punishment was strict. If the law was broken, the freedom of trading and capitalism was taken away. The King of Thoris Port had no choice but to banish the couple out of the Kingdom. The elves of Thoris Port, who took a human as a spouse were recognized as anathema and all noble titles were stripped from them. These elves formed their own community outside Thoris Port in Struíl Forsest, called the Skoàl, or Outcast. The first Skoàl are believed to be known as early as the reign of King Exiv, but it is not know for sure. The Skoàl were not recognized with the other ui`laul in Cátern, and this breed of elfkind was not considered a noble or worthy race, especially in the Kingdom of Sruós. These man and elf were immediately forgotten, if they broke the law. The first recognition of Skoàl Outpost wasn't known until late in the Khíettan Còtta. This society remained to itself and were accountable to no one, not even Clan Struíl. It is said that the Skoàl depedended upon the faeries and the gnomes of the enchanted Struíl Forest for survival. Queen Saa`skàuty has been the central goddess of the Skoàl. The Skoàl believed that even her love could never forget this race of elfkind. Legend has it that the faeries and gnomes of the forest worked for the Queen in service to the Skoàl.

Just before the Revelation at Kesky Point, Daulky Kinkayle led the Third Struíl Diaspora under the command of General Draconis Struílhim. Draconis united the Skoàl with Daulky Kinkayle against King Ilùviuks. The Third Struíl Diaspora involved the deportation of the Skoàl. This is marked by the arrows on the map

above, and it involved the inhabitants of Struíl Forest and northern Thoris Port (viz. Struíl Mark). Trunk Road became the "secret back door" to sever Ikhthrakon control in the region and weaken King Ilùviuks' control. After severing control of King Ilùviuks, the Skoàl gained access to the Kadavian Corridor and the Strelle River once again. These Skoàl seized the lands of Clan Kadiv, an ui`laul race, and won a home of their own. At the town of Síemh, the Skoàl captured the town and toppled the statue of King Shuíemha over, proclaiming their freedom and independence again. Soon, these Skoàl worked with Daulky Kinkayle and intermarryed with the ui`laul remaining to spite King Ilùviuks. Tarshah Treíksha is one of the most well known Skoàl. He later became part of Daulky Kinkyale's Counsel of Síehan.

§ Thank you for not nicking my material §

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Eric R. Chatham
Webelf at Arden
Medina County, Ohio
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