« Óucga da `Fhairesh! »
« The Time of Shadows falls over Arden and Treíkayan is returned to Arden! »

Aleksey Kash
Artist: Aleksey Kash, Copyright © 2003
Daídha, daughter of Queen Akkævall, returns to the Realm of Arden, bringing plans for takeover.

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Ta `Cgasaggum sas Treícaòuan!

Where o, where o, has my flame gone?"
Òuaira haleár!
My thoughts!
Be still!

Òaira sheàfas!
My reasoning!

Òaira durgcar!
My heart!
Shout for joy!

Òaira cho-in!
My Soul!
Reach out to the fervency of fire!

Nlocuímhá an phlía d bPàngca ha Daddum!
May the horizon sing like a choir!

Noíraggá tann dtreàchain
May the evil of his cloak show fear!

I have journeyed, I have quested, and I have wondered, but now it is all so clear...the truth of what was, what is, and what is to appear.

Onná! Onná, óaira Cho-in nen besra Auguil!
Listen, listen, my soul to the sweet voice and lend to her your ear!
My soul yearns for you Daídha, bearer of my Torch!

"Come to me, my love! Complete your quest and your search!"

Thrías Níl...Beshíra Dhurgca!
I hear her voice in the depths of my might.
She whispers and enchants me with sweet delight.

Thrías Níl...Beshíra Dhurgca!
I long to be close to my flame.
For she has taken hold of it and born NO SHAME.

Thrías Níl...Beshíra Dhurgca!
I see her words clear as day.
They speak to me, beckoning me to stay.

Thrías Níl...Beshíra Dhurgca!
O, my soul, where has the fervency of my fire gone?
O, my sweet, come and see, it is right where it belongs!

Shae! Òaira Dhurgca hlelladh Aòmhain!
Yea! My heart praises God!
Therefore, I will rest in your arms my sweet.
My flame is yet closer than a heartbeat!

"The Song of Treíkayan"
Cáternain Cuòuae by: Eric Chatham, Copyright © 1997

The story of Manifestus Futilis is a love story between two lovers. It is the union of two powerful people of Arden. These two lovers are polar opposites of each other, but little do they know, the magnetism of their of love propels a great force of nature and ushers in a new kind of fire and passion. In a dark time of looming doubts and confusing doctrines of Yíshav, man was looking for a guiding light. Where have the miracles of Yíshav gone? Everyone wonders. Send us a sign! They all cry, and we'll believe you! The time of wonder had been gone. The age of miracles seemed to disappear and the shadows of gloom hovered over the heart of man. Love was lost!

Appearing back in Arden, Treíkayan was a humble Cleric of Mharràn at Thoris Port before the time of Daulky Kinkayle. His time of birth and his relation to King Tristan and Queen V`Lantrath were essential to his identity. He would be the heir to the Kingdom of the Heart, Tristan's legendary realm. The time of Treíkayan was prophesied long ago in the Book of the Morning and by the Mazzaroth, Jax. One fault thought! The Order of his arrival was too early. Yes, Treíkayan was born, but his birth was early. Because of this paradox of time, Treíkayan became a myth to man, a story to the faint of heart. Rumor turned into cander, and soon, it was forgotten. Daulky Kinkayle filled the space! Treíkayan was taken out of Arden, and empowered by the nameless and faceless God of the Concordant Summit, Mharabhàunt. His day would come, and he would be restored to the Realm of Arden! A new fire from Mharabhàunt would cleanse the corrupt nature of fire, and the new fire would be the sign and miracle that everyone was looking for!

Daídha, daughter of Akkævall, was purged into the Forgotten Realms. Legend of her power became grand overnight. She had become a goddess in her own right and due to her fiery power, passed on from her parents, Jax and Akkævall, she became a threat to Arden. The onslaught of her power needed to be quenched. The fire of her soul was unlike any other in Arden. Not only did she bear the elucidating blood of Jax, but she bore the immortality of her mother. This was dangerous, and when she was born, chaos reigned! Later, she was purged out of the realm with her twin brother, Mishfa. That was only the beginning.

After years of Miracle and Wonder passed, time grew silent and dark. The knowledge and faith of Yíshav soon was lost. Where was faith without signs? Everyone believed. Because of this belief, many went back to their beliefs in the false gods of the land. When, darkness covered the heart of man, finally Treíkayan was restored to Arden like a whirlwind out of the sky! Almost simultaneously, another unholy fire came. It was Daídha. She, too, would arrive, pretending to be trapped in the Path of Death, an old holy journey to purge burdensome sins! Seemingly trapped at the Sacred Foothills, Treíkayan begins his mission to free her! While restoring fervency to the Realm of Arden, he falls in love with this woman. Little does she know, but his immortal powers woo her! Learning how to love each other is only the beginning of this tale, and love takes time!

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Oakbrook 17-102
Eric R. Chatham
Webelf at Arden
Medina County, Ohio
Copyright © 2003