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Boris Vallejo
Artist: Boris Vallejo, Copyright © 1979
The last guardian beholds great might
over the elements of Arden

The Tales of the Last Guardian are told through the eyes of the Westbound Sojourners or the Vísh`dusk, a secret sect dwelling within and near the Kue Mountains. They are a secret clan, leading people's focus to the "unattainable" horizon of Plíagge. Many superstitions have risen in Arden, but the Westbound Sojourners believe Owedæghax is the key to the other-side. They believe that the Abjurants and Mharabhàunt within his Cognition are directing Owedæghax to the "unattainable horizon."

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The Tales of the Last Guardian began with it's first transmission on August 31, 2001. The Time Era for the series begins in the year 12,997 BA and ends 12,000 BA. The collection of stories of the Last Guardian all are written in Short Story Format and a Saga.

The story takes place at a point of time, where Dunsha City was the center of focus, for it's source of Water. It was believed that the Clans of the Dunkii were the Water Keepers, keepers of the water to bring in the Concordant Summit. Owedæghax encouraged this belief and points in time suggested that the Era of the Concordant Summit was nigh. Owedæghax was the final link to the nexus as the Great Mazzaroth!

The Hero of The Westbound Sojourners!

The series takes place in a mythical setting. The main character, Owedæghax, beholds powers over space and time with his Cognition. This is a special ability for him, because he can see into the Corridors of Time; past, present and future. Owedæghax was the Last Guardian of King Exiv during the reign of the Elemental Point of Uran. He was a part of the Royal Haggaíush, the King's royal guardians. It is also legend, the the Last Guardian witnessed the birth of Arden and is the author of the Book of the Morning, but that remains to be debated. This person never truly faced a death, according to legend, only sleep.

Owedæghax beholds powers over the Elemental Points except the Concordant Summit. It is apparent to Owedæghax that the Fifth Elemental Point is connected to the impervious boundary of Plíagge. He is a paradox because he was infected by the bite of the Xandràxan, the Predator of Time. Reference to this is in Akkoá: The Created Morning, where Owedæghax dies from being bitten. Owedæghax is brought back to life by the Coírhía, the Source on the gleam of the Elevated Sunbeam, and Owedæghax spends his life in Dunsha City after this.

Owedaeghax does not recall a birth. His birth is a mystery by all, but he is given hints by the Oracle Knight of his Cognition, Mharabhàunt. This "bitter god" whoever he is, has taught Owedæghax about grace and mercy. However, the bitterness of judgement is always there to serve justice. Owedæghax learns this well upon his journeys in search of King Exiv and the Elemental Point of Uran. Mharabhàunt guides Owedæghax to a place, where he must choose between his life or sacrifincing that life for the good of his people. His Cognition bears a tremedous burden, and while there was no King to rule in Arden at the tim, the Last Guardian assumed the role as the Great Teacher or the Mazzaroth, the one who would guide Arden to restoration.

Owedæghax must restore the Elemental Point of Uran, which was lost after the Light went out of King Exiv. The kingdom of Exiv fell on Saíbhsabba 31, the Day of Silence, less than two years before the beginning of Owedæghax' journeys. Owedæghax' quest involves restoring King Exiv and the missing Elemental Point of Uran. The essence of King Exiv does remain upon Owedæghax as a Mist, directing him towards success!

With Owedæfghax' great Cognition and his powers of being the Last Guardian, he journeys for years, assuming the role of Arden's Mazzaroth, the one would guide Arden to the Concordant Summit, the climax of the elemental points in Arden. His destiny lies at Mount Kravòkalla, and he must restore the ancient mountaintop of Krav, since Krav went beyond Plíagge. Chaos has dominated the sacred seat of Arden, and Owedæghax must learn the awful truth of his two children on his journeys. These children were inveigled from him by his Desire of a mysterious woman he met. Owedæghax must purge his two children, Daídha and Mishfa, out of Arden, or face the terror of the Elfin Queen of Desire, the mother of the twins.

What ever happened to the Last Guardian remains a mystery to this day. Some feared that the weight of his Cognition drove him out of history into legend, and some claim that Mharabhàunt judged him at Mount Kravòkalla. Did Owedæghax succeed his quest? Read from start to finish to find out. Just because you think you know the end, doesn't mean something happened in between. Hehe.

The Black Sleep falls!
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