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John Howe
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Mount Kravòkalla is the sacred mountain where life began
in the Realm of Arden. It is protected by Krav, the Quill Bearer.

The Created Morning is a Novel about the Creation of Arden, the origin of the Children of the Morning, the elves, the dwarfs and other races in Arden. The Created Morning describes the Rise of King Exiv, his long reign and his untimely demise. The time span of the novels covers six millenia under the dominant rule of this "air god," of the sun. In this time, there was peace, harmony, and tranquility with the races and the elemental points of Arden. The West prospered under the nine kingdoms of man and the the Children of the Morning, and the East prospered under the magic of the elves and their three kingdoms. The Westbound Sojourners arrive with the dwarfs and the Kingdom of Uran was complete with the powerful rule of King Exiv and the Ardònian gods and races. The Collective Thought united all the races as one organism. Everyone was of one thought, tied to the thought of the King!

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Krav, the Quill Bearer promises to watch over the people of Arden upon his pillar of Taluíra. Sitting upon Mount Kravòkalla, the mysterious island, Krav supervises and protects the "supernatural boundary" between Plíagge and Arden. Krav holds the quill in his hand and mediates between both realms of Arden and Plíagge. He records all and holds Arden together with his words.

King Exiv is coronated by Krav upon the mountaintop of Mount Kravòkalla. He is given dominion over all of Uran by the power of the sun and his Collective Thought. Queen Saa`skàuty mothers the elves and Dukwai tends to the Garden of Suís. Attending King Exiv are his subjects, the Children of the Morning, one of the first races of Arden. Not much is known about their origin, but they have come from a heavenly fabric of Arden called the Expanse of the Occupied, a "forgotten state." These Children of the Morning behold excellent powers over nature and themselves. Using 100% Brainpower, the Children of the Morning defy natural human ability! It is not know entirely what their facial features are like, even from the Book of the Morning, because this race was lost after the fall of King Exiv. Since the Children of the Morning could attune nature and camoflauge, it is only known that they were shapeshifters.

King Exiv begins his rule by the power of the sun. For nearly six millenia, the mighty sun shines high above civilization. During the Pre-Historic Era of Arden or Yuíl`eskallen, there was NO DARKNESS. The sky was always illuminated by the sun of King Exiv. The sun remained fixed over Glih Alkgagk, King Exiv's home. The sun and the King shared great powers. To this day, the sun is celebrated to belonging to King Exiv.

Because the sun was always in the sky, there was always peace with the gods of Arden, usually referred to as the Archive. The "night gods," or Bibhon, had no dominion during this time of brilliance. The bright sun did not stop the "night gods" from conspiring, though. On the other side of Arden, the "night gods" came together on the Dark Continent by the power of the Predator of Time, the evil wolf, called the Xandràxan. There upon the Dark Continent, the "night gods," conspired against King Exiv. They wanted to see his downfall and the downfall to Uran. Quickly, the bibhon united to reign terror upon Arden and the creature, Xandràxan stalked the goodness of Arden, seeking to devour it. It's appetite was stirred by hope and dreams, and it them for itself.

Ultimately, the glorious Pre-Historic Era of Arden ends when the "Light goes out of King Exiv," and he loses his power over his realm of Uran. Due to this cataclysmic event in Arden, the sun fell from the sky into Plíagge. There it remained for a year. During that time, it was Dark upon King Exiv's Kingdom of Uran, and elemental point of Uran was forever lost to obscurity! The Novel ends with hope for a future, antitypical King Exiv to restore the splendor of Uran.

"In another sight, I saw a golden castle touching the realm of clouds, and I saw a treíka`yan or "fervent one" stand tall upon a mighty tower, a monolithic structure, which penetrated the gleam on an elevated sunbeam. Seeing this vision put my source at ease, and the Breath of Àugus, surrounding and binding Erde, lifted my spirits full of fervency and passion. 'This fervent one will see My Shekinah and receive my Breath,' Àugus stated. As He stated this, I heard whispering in the heavens [of concordant summit]. Apparently, it would be this man who would bring peace and prosperity to our realm."

The Book of the Morning makes mention of a treíka`yan on more than one occassion throughout the pages of the book. It is only known that this "fervent one" may be a reference to King Tristan, but some claim it is actually someone with the very name of Treíkayan. This name was proclaimed by King Exiv as well, as the one who would be his scion. Though King Exiv knew his reign would end one day, he never knew he would give into temptation with another woman. This was his demise, but he knew in his heart a "fervent one" would rescue his kingdom in the future from a unholy fire. Who is Treíkayan?

The light has gone out!
Excerpts from "Book of the Morning"
Account of Àuguíl
Account of Sheàcìnha
Account of Cràumhòcallain
Account of Droíga
Account of Rhuín
Account of Mharabhàunt -
[Music: "Dagda, Wind of Change"]
Account of Eírach -
[Music: "3D0, Arena"]
The Lost Account of Lankìnya
Account of cGasandràcseán
Account of Bhiánuim
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