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The Litany of Mount Kravòkalla:
(often used as a recital prayer of Óurias)

« Meátha. Scoírae. Caris-Elficáin.
Tómh! Dta fórechadh Bothain tánn, mhír lírossa na nuátha ceártadh.
Í ber aál gcoímheádh an Cruínha da Bhoác Mheátha.
Cráumhócallain da gCráimh Bothain.
Í murnuíg, go loírain Bothain-Mheátha huís lím dtas Bhoác.
Go blancain bhó Thrías murnuíg go nloírcain ruírmhair, Fáif da Acoá.
Go líeran ber tá Goámh da Hlíemhraána-Srarísheí níc Rí-Escalláin.
Ámhedh, Ecsíemh Shaómh fáeldh cgí gCráumhócallain!
Go taráin níl Rí, an huís uíras da hUran. »

Age: 189
Clan: Cúmhas Coner
Hometown: Conería in the Kingdom of Cátern
Deity: Uísara Uír
Cleric Caster Level: 12
AIM Dicebot: //roll-dice 1 - sides 20
Dungeon Master: Medesha (Amber E. Scott)

STR 12 +1 HP 58 Init +3
DEX 16 +3 AC +10 +3 +3 +3 = +19 Load Light REF +2 +4 = +6
CON 9 temp. -1 BASE +13/+8 Speed 30 FOR +7
INT 10 Alignment Lawful-good
WIS 20 +5 WIL +7 +5 +3 = +15
CHA 17 +3
+ 4 temp with Cloak




Concentration: +5 +4 +2 = +11

Knowledge (undead): +4
Knowledge (religion): +10 +1 = +11
Knowledge(Planes): +7 +1 = +8
Move Silently: +10 +3 = +13
Listen: +2 +5 = +7
Search: +2 +2 = +4
Spot: +2 +5 = +7


Extra Turning
Extra Turning
Combat Casting
Divine Vengeance (prestige)
Spell Penetration


Healers' Kit
Holy Symbol of Concordant Summit (silver)
Lantern, Oil (flint and steel)
Clerical Vestment
Beneficiary Quill (Arden)
Brass Key

Funds: 2855 GP (1680 GP)
Experiences: 69,000 XP

Spell Per Day & Difficulty Class:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
6 5 5 4 3 2 -- -- -- --
13 14 15 16 17 18 -- -- -- --

Spell Prepared:

Detect Magic
Read Magic
Detect Poison
Divine Favor
Detect Undead
Bless Water
Cause Fear
Zone of Truth
Bull's Strength
Hold Person
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Summon Monster III
Searing Light
Inflict Serious Wounds
Remove Curse
Remove Disease
Inflict Critical Wounds
Greater Magic Weapon
Flame Strike
Greater Command
Slay Living
Spell Resistance
True Seeing
Wind Walk
7 --
8 --
9 --

Domains: Law, war and Exorcism (DotF)

1 War Magic Weapon
2 Exorcism Magic Circle against Evil
3 War Spiritual Weapon
4 War Divine Power
5 War Flame Strike
6 Law Hold Monster

Class Features & Racial Traits:

Class Features Racial Traits

Foe (Undead)
Bluff (+2)
Listen, Spot and Sense Motive (+2 caster level to undead)
Turn Undead (Cleric 11)
Detect Chaos
Resist Possesion
Dispel Possesion (+2)
Charm (+2)

Favored Class: Cleric

Weapons Stats:

Weapon Damage Attack Bonus Critical Range
Flaming Longsword (+2) 1d8 + 4 + 1d6 (+6/+1) +13/+8 19-20 (x2) Melee RH
Masterwork Longbow 1d8 + 1 (+6/+1) +11/+6 --- 100'


The most distinguishing feature of Óurias are his eyes. They are a sparkling grey. It was said that his eyes were once green, but when he saw the glory of his god, they changed color. They "gleam" yet even in the dark. When Óurias saw the glory of his god, it whitened his hair with grey streaks. His eyes were affected too. They became luminous-like similar to cat eyes. The iris and the retina were "enlightened with glory" just the same as those who fought with him in Arden. This distinguishing feature is called, the "Eyes of Srí" (Eyes of the Sun). Men and women who have beheld the glory of Uísara Uír are deemed the Sríon (People of the Sun). Most of the gods and goddesses in the Ardònic Pantheon have this distiguishing feature of the eyes as well. In olden times, this was called the "Eyes of Omhan."

Background on Óurias:

Óurias the Purifier belongs to the Order of Rhuisagoágga, born on Aleáith 6, c.13,000 BA (???). His name means "Heaven's bright sun" or "Guardian of the Heavenly Realms." This Order was organized after the Last Guardian restored Mount Kravòkalla. Most of the legends surrounding the Concordant Summit (Uísara Uír) have their roots in this Order. Óurias and his fellow clerics belong to the Elfin Kingdom of Cátern. When the "Black Sleep" plagued mankind, these clerics formed their own Sacred Clan, the Clan of the Rock (Coner) and fought the Wraiths of Lightning and the Undead off. Raising a Holy Crusade in the name of the Faceless God of the Concordant Summit, who was the same god that appeared to Jax at Mount Kravòkalla, these Clerics fought a Crusade to restore life to Arden.

For Seven Years, these gallant Clerics fought and warred against the evil of Kuírbha and his wraiths. Finally, at the present day town of Conería, the Clerics had the final blow against the evil wraiths and won. Mankind awoke from the "Black Sleep," and at Conería, the Faceless God appeared, as a pillar of fire to the Clerics. There, the Faceless God instructed the Clerics to build an altar in his Name. The Faceless God said he would return to the altar when a lamb is wounded. When the lamb is wounded, he will raise all the Righteous Knights who had fallen in his Name on the Final Day. Without question, the Clerics erected the altar to this Faceless God, but pondered on the vision. The Faceless God did not give out his name. Men started calling this god, "All in All," for he was All and is in All. He was the Concordant Summit, the Uísara Uír.

Personal: These mysteries confused Óurias and he did not understand them. He was arrogant and believed he should have the right to know the True Name of his god. After all, he had the final blow of victory against the evil undead in Arden. It was his Charisma, which granted him favor in his Order. Óurias intervened between this god and his fellow clerics. Óurias fought for this god. He preached out of the Book of the Morning. His Sin: Óurias and his Very Large Head! Óurias is arrogant at times and aggressive. His aggressiveness granted him succession against the Wraiths of Lightning, but it gets him into trouble at times. Yet, very understanding and friendly, he has an aggressive angst and attitude against wickedness and evil, and all who stand for it. He has a bloodlust for battle and righteousness. He upholds the law and promotes war (his Domains). The downfall of Óurias came at an ill time in his life. Due to an anger towards the Faceless god he worshipped, he struck the Holy Altar of Connaírgha in Conería. Because of his folly, it is rumored by his comrads that the Uísara Uír took Óurias out of Arden to pay for his evil deed with penance.

Background in Ravenloft:

Óurias lead a rebellion against Kristof, the Dark Lord with a band of Clerics of good and loyal Clerics in Necropolis. These ineffective but noble clerics were all but left after another Dark Lord called upon the dead to rise and destroy Necropolis.

His campaign in search of the Dark Lord Kristof spanned nearly 2 decades. Originally sent out with the order from citizens in Necropolis, a town which had fallen the Dark Mists of Ravenloft. Succombed by the dead there, this is also the place Óurias poofed into Ravenloft from his Homeland of Arden.

Pursuing Kristof for more than 13 years, Óurias was caught and detained in prison, and forced to watch the slaughter of his comrades by Kristof. Kristof drank their blood in the sight of Óurias to spite his efforts, catching him.

  • D&D Prestige Class: The Warrior of Srí, hEcclaighóaith Srí
  • Historia Ardóna: The Omen of the Winged Prophet [Link: MIDI Orchestra, "DKCII Bramble Scramble"] , the appearance of the creature spells doom in Arden
  • Historia Ardóna: The Birth of Twins [Link: MIDI Orchestra, "DKCII Gloomy Gulch"], Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó, the coming of deliverance
  • Historia Ardóna: Óurias and the Báin-Gabba herb, the addiction to unlocking the heavenly realms
  • Historia Ardóna: The passage of Óurias into Sha-Ímheáorcain, Óurias goes to the Free Sea to recover and heal

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