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Age: 189
Clan: LaÓn Sojourners
Hometown: High Forest (origins), Artic Regions of Spine of the World
Deity: Silvanus
Druid Caster Level: 2
AIM Dicebot: //roll-dice 1 - sides 20

STR 16 +3 HP 24 Init +1
DEX 12 +1 AC +10 +3 +1= +14 Load Light REF +1 +1 = +2
CON 14 +2 BASE +5
Speed 30 FOR +1 +1 +3 +2 = +7
INT 10 Alignment Chaotic-Neutral
WIS 16 +3 WIL +1 +3 +3 = +7
CHA 8 -1



Skills: (12/4)

Concentration: +3 +2 = +5
Survival: +3 +2 + 2 +3 = +9
Spellcraft: +3 = +3
Knowledge (Nature): +3 = +3
Diplomacy: +1 -1 = 0
Listen: +2 +3 = +5
Spot: +2 +3 = +5
Search: +2 = +2


Spellcasting Prodigy
Strong Soul


Hide Armor (15 gp)
Scimitar (2315 gp)
Oil (1 gp) Lantern, bullseye (12 gp) Flint and Steel (1 gp) Backpack (2gp) Mirror (10 gp) Cloak

Funds: 344 GP
Experiences: 6,250 XP

Spell Per Day & Difficulty Class:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
6 5 5 4 3 2 -- -- -- --
13 14 15 16 17 18 -- -- -- --

Spell Prepared:

Detect Magic
Read Magic
Detect Snares and Pits
Endure Elements
Magic Fang
Fire Trap
Charm Person/Animal

Class Features & Racial Traits:

Class Features Racial Traits

Weapon/Armor Proficiency
Nature Sense
Animal Companion, owl
Woodland Stride
Trackless Step

Resistance to Sleep
+2 to enchantment
One extra skill point per level
Favored Class: Wizard

Weapons Stats:

Weapon Damage Attack Bonus Critical Range
Scimitar (+1) 1d8 + 3 (+4 th) +1 +5 +1 = +6 19-20 (x2) Melee RH


Pao appears very rugged and weathered, due to the bleak climate he was raised in. He has tannish-brown skin, brown hair and dirty greyish eyes. Usually, he wears a cloak and there is an ever-present 5 o'clock shadow look upon him, but this is due to the harsh environment he lived in. His features, for an elf, are rather sharp, but worn. He bears a scar under his right eye from a whip lash, which was given to him by his foster parents, who were drow. Pa˛ became a prisoner in the artic wilderness early on in life.

The birth of Pao was an auspicious one, since he was orphaned by a family of Drow, who never revealed to him his true identity. The Drow kept his true parents a secret and the Drow bore ill-will upon them, and it is rumored that the Drow may've even killed Pa˛'s parents. Or, he was abandoned by his real parents in the Artic Regions of the Spine of the World. His Drow foster parents lived underground in the Spine of the World, and Pao learned hard the ways of the dark elves and ran away. He was often beaten and bruised by the foster Drow. The lash under his eye is a painful reminder of his harsh treatment with his Drow foster parents. He flead to the north in the artics where he was rescued by a tribe of wild elves who had sojourned from the High Forest, a tribe of elves, calling themselves the "Laan." Trial and tribulation were always with Pao, as he learned hardship in the early part of his life. The bleak climates and the vast wastelands of the frigid artic taught Pao the bitterness of life.

While sojourning with the nomadic tribe, the "Laan," who rescued him, he overcame the frigid wasteland and became friends with the tribe, nature and he found his god Silvanus through the "Laan." Befriending this tribe, Pa˛ found peace and contentment in his life and the bleak atmosphere he lived in had no power over him. He found his paths of life down the ways of a Druid, a wise one in the artic wilderness.

What You've Seen So Far:
Pa˛ believes he has seen a vision of Vaasa and he believes that he will either meet his notorious foster parents the Drow, going by the names Mineo and Larissa, who he will face, or he believes he will meet his parents there, and the lost identity of his line will be known to him.

Pa˛ does not seek self-gain or royalites, only respect and honor, especially to nature and to Silvanus. He does not bow before a king or a queen, or a noble. He loves journeying in groups, and does not prefer solitude. He is kind hearted but, as his race denotes, he is wild and carefree.

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