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Eric Chatham, Copyright © 2003

§ Clan Skor §

Clan Skor are the original inhabitants of the land of Cátern. They have kept the land where they live with beauty and grace. Extending from the Kue Mountains near Durkshuír, up the Sword River and east into the Shamith, the Skoran Elfs adore nature and magic. Their love of nature has made them outstanding Rangers in Arden. Allied with the fire god Desikìnya the enemy of Wuáde, The Cátern elves are passionate elves.

Clan Skor are a peaceful and passionatle race of elves, called the Mhoir`lil, dark elves. They have settlements in Durkshuír and are friends with Clan Dusk of the Kue Mountains.

When an unholy flame arose out of the Ikhthrakon Corridor from the south, King Shadlíer was responsible for keeping the peace in the north, including with the Ely Region. The last mention of King Shadlíer was the point where Daulky Kinkayle visited him, wondering about the Cession of Chaíth south of the Strelle River. This was the last pure elfin tribe living on the south of the Strelle River, but when the Chaíth ceded Cátern, hope for uniting elves and man again faltered. Daulky Kinkayle was already living at Kema-Kot Castle at this point in time and had sent Conscripts to find out what happened. Strangely, Chaíth had allied against King Shadlíer with the Ikhthrakon.

King Shadlíer blessed Daulky Kinkayle at his castle, calling him, The Chronicle of Tristan, a title which would restore King Tristan's grace upon Daulky's life. Finally, forming an alliance with King Shadlíer, Daulky and his fighting Saa`mhelkstràu sacked the Chaíth. The elves there surrendered. This did not last! Chaíth still remained anathema to the other elves, and Chaíth plotted the capture of Daulky Kinkayle with the help of the ui`laul clans, living along the Strelle River. In the Redlight District of Cátern Cùra, the conspirators plotted.

Oddly enough, but as the conspirators plotted revenge against Kinkayle, Daulky met his wife Elvíenya at a well in the Redlight District of Cátern Cùra. Many of his companions believed she was bait and a set up to his demise, but history would not record this as such. Elvíenya was Daulky's salvation to continue his Line and break the Kinkayle Curse.

§ The Town of Shadlíer §

Shadlíer, means "Rising Pillar," Shaddeàg Ghalíernain in Kue. It is home to the famous "Spring of Eternal Life" which was and is still used as an agent of regeneration. It was enchanted by a powerful, unknown wizard. Both King Tristan and King Shadlíer encouraged the use of the spring to regenerate life. The City of Shadlíer is the capital seat of the Elfin tribe, Clan Skor, a woodland tribe. Before the rule of King Shadlíer, the Capital seat of Cátern was located at Vall in the north. King Shadlíer moved the king's seat to the south during his rule as a blockade against the southern lands under King Ilùviuks. Before the move, the town was named Oásis by his people. The Cátern elves renamed the town in Shadlíer's honor.

The Skoran Oracle -- Avers dii' Avertal -- Unknown by all in Arden, these words were inscribed upon the doorpost of Shadlíer House. They are forever symbolic of the mysterious disapperance of King Shadlíer and Clan Skor. When King Ilùviuks sacked Shadlíer, he claimed the "windfall town" in the name of the Íacon. This began the Shadow Times in Arden. Not a soul was ever found in the town when Ilùviuks captured the town, except the frightening words, Avers dii' Avertal.

§ Thank you for not nicking my material §

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