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Shadlíer's curse upon Technology:

« Dhuínneách n-escalláin-nloígc cóa mo sheámsíc á cuóunin am gcallasháin á hoíen mír! »

Age: 129
Clan: Clan Skor
Hometown: Oásis in the Kingdom of Cátern
Deity: Desikìnya, god of stubborness
Ranger Caster Level: 6
AIM Dicebot: //roll-dice 1 - sides 20

STR 20 +5 HP 28 Init +3
DEX 16 +3 AC +10 +2 +3 +1 +4= +15 Load Light REF +1 +2 +3 = +6
CON 14 +2 BASE +10/+5/+8 Speed 30 FOR +2 +4 +2 +2= +10
INT 10 Alignment Chaotic-Neutral
WIS 12 +1 WIL +1 +1 = +2
CHA 10


Cuòuae Elfish


Disguise: +4
Hide: +7
Listen: +6
Spot: +9
Swim: +8
Wilderness Lore: +7
Use Rope: +7
Listen: +7
Tracking: +5


Weapon Focus (Longsword)
Lightning Reflexes (+2 REF)
Dodge (+1 AC)
Mobility (+4 AoO)


Traveller's Outfit
Disguise Kit
Lantern, Oil (flint and steel)
Clerical Vestment
Beneficiary Quill (Arden)

Funds: 50 GP
Experiences: 20,850 XP

Spell Per Day & Difficulty Class:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
6 5 5 4 3 2 -- -- -- --
13 14 15 16 17 18 -- -- -- --

Spell Prepared:

Detect Snares and Pits

Favored Enemies: Goblin, L'Ksandràksaen

Class Features & Racial Traits:

Class Features Racial Traits

Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon/Armour Proficiency

Resistance to Sleep
+2 to enchantment
One extra skill point per level
Favored Class: Elf

Weapons Stats:

Weapon Damage Attack Bonus Critical Range
Longsword (+1) 1d8 + 5 +10 +1 +1 (amd) -2 = +10/+5 19-20 (x2) Melee RH
1d6 + 2 +10 -2 = +8 19-20 (x2) Melee LH
1d8 +6 +3= +9 19-20 (x2) 100'


Faíresh, which would cost him his own life. It is rumored that his friends said he could never "set foot on his home in the Realm of Arden," and that "this new god, who inspired him would challenge him in a mighty duel to his own death." The appearance of Shadlíer never came to pass thereafter, and it is not known what has become of him.

Background on Shadlíer:

Shadlíer was born at Mount Kravòkalla, the home of Krav. Shadlíer's parents remain anonymous due to the location of Shadlíer's birth. His mother was a beautiful Elf from Clan Skor, and his father was a Charming Human from Clan Ikaí in Ekthrako. Shadlíer became a King of Cátern and shared the Kingship with his cousin, King Tristan. King Shadlíer married Lady Shaàmisha of Vall. Through this marriage came ONE daughter, the King's only heir before Lady Shaàmisha was shamelessly murdered. Shadlíer's daughter, Lady Rhía, was betrothed to Duke Alkor, but she was abducted by the evil forces in the New House of Síemh. Lady Rhía was mistreated and forced to give birth to the evil King Ilùviuks, the I'akon. The dreadful misfortune in Shadlíer's kingdom caused him to disregard humans, his father and the throne.

Shadlíer befriended Daulky Kinkayle just before his martyrdom, but Shadlíer sank further after trying to organe a coup, Order of the Kemían, knights who would restore balance in Tristandom. The Order succeeded somewhat, but not for long. Shadlíer and the Knights were mysteriously swept out Arden and this became known as the Skoran Mystery. Because the Equilibrium was ultimately destroyed with the disappearance of Shadlíer and his Knights, Arden would succomb to the evil of King Ilùviuks. Shadlíer was swept away to the Realm of Ravenloft. He is a tragic King, looking for Redemption

Shadlíer disregards technology (wheels of forgotten places) and wizards. He recognizes both of these to the possible demise and collapse of his kingdom in the Realm of Arden. Famous quote of his people, the Scor:

Beá go bhraí hEluírain hóul Shadlíer an gcalláish-calláin, na-fór go shaleách hArdeách gcallasháin beshíra.

This quote states: "If a nymph could blind Shadlíer, then the world would have to close his eyes." Shadlíer loves nature and receives his "energy" from the aura of nature. Being away from it will only cause him to find alternate ways to "survive."

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