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Eric Chatham, Copyright © 2003

§ Thoris Port §

Thoris Port was the original kingdom of King Tarshal. It was called The Kingdom of Srùos then...during the time of the Last Guardian... a time where peace dominated the elements.

First Struíl Diaspora - 13 BA - The dispatchment of Ikhthrakon Soldiers from Axis wiped out Daxl and forced the citizens there to submit or be banished off the land. Duke Taligàra of Daxl went into hiding. Gothmuil the Dread of the Ikhthrakon seized the town in a day.

Second Struíl Diaspora - 3 BA - This awful attack caused immense bleeding in the region of greater Thoris Port. King Ilùviuks and Gothmuíl annihilated the the greater region of Thoris Port. At Tristan Mark, Gothmuil cast a spell, "The Sphere of Annihilation." The second diaspore caused unrest all over Tristandom.

Third Struíl Diaspora - 1 BA - The only unprovoked diaspora of the Struíl was led by Daulky Kinkayle. The remaining non-oppressed citizens dwelled in Struíl Forest and Struíl Mark. Daulky Kinkayle led a rebellion against King Ilùviuks with the final Struíl Diaspora.

Today - The Struíl inhabit the Kadàvian Corridor and are an intermixed breed with the Clan Kadiv and Clan Arkiv. The pure Clan Struíl barely exists any longer. Still remaining somewhere in hiding are the original clansmen before the First Diaspora, but the secret hiding spot of the First Diaspora is not known.

§ History §

The area of Thoris Port has always been significant for it's one commodity: Water. The foundation of life is water, and though the land has been rich and fertile, yielding it's plenty, the area of Thoris Port is rich with bounty. Hence is the name sruóssa, meaning bounty. This area has been sacred to Clan Struíl for all history, and it has spawned jealousy from the kingdom of man.

Not only is this area rich with bounty, but it is the primary seaport of the Eíshk. To control this seaport, is to dominate the control of shipping and trading amongst the other places of Arden. To gain control of Thoris Port, is to gain control of Arden. Legend has it that Thoris Port and Mount Kravòkalla are bound together. It has been the "back door" to the sacred mountain. The lust of mankind after the fall of Uran, has been to find the sercrets to Arden, and reach Mount Kravòkalla, according to myth and rumor. Even though Krav has proclaimed that no one, but his Children of the Morning shall be able to find Mount Kravòkalla, this has not stopped man. When the ui`laul surfaced, this race believed they could find Mount Kravòkalla, because they were both man and elf. This drove an unholy elfin fire to gain control of Thoris Port in the Fire Era. King Ilùviuks wante this for himself, and feared that the Water of Clan Struíl would put out his fire. And, thus was the reason for his taking of the seaport. control of the seaport al

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