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"There were songs, and the telling of tales. One ancient Dane told the long-dead times, And sometimes Hrothgar himself, with the harp in his lap, stroked its silvery strings and told wonderful stories, a brave king reciting unhappy truths about good and evil - and sometimes he wove his stories on the mournful thread of old age, remembering buried strength and the battles it had won.

He would weep, the old King, wise with many Winters, remembering what he'd done, once, What he'd seen, what he knew. And so we sat the day away, feasting.


Heroes of Old:

Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a hero who is worthy to be accoladed? What stories of old does your character have? What trials and songs of battle has he or she sung? What perils has your character faced?

Heroes are remembered not only by the people they serve, but by the bards and the minstrels who tell the tale of their travels and battles. They sing the song of their majesty and remember the gallantry of their worth. These heroes are the foundation to our esteem and to our pride. They tell us the story of keeping the fight and to hope in our dreams.


This Forum is a place where friends can display the stories and the campaigns of their role-playing characters. Any Role-playing game is acceptable. If you would like to host a story or a fairy tale about your character, please contact the Webelf at Arden or click on the approriate shield above. Submit your work in Word Format and as a file attachment. Some e-mails do not display in *.rtf. Make the subject of your e-mail Campaign Stories, so the Webmaster knows what your e-mail is in regards to.

Before you send your work, please proofread! Make sure the format is the way you want it to be displayed. Next, tell your friends about this place, so they can read about your character!

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The Realm of Lutta:

In the Realm of Arden, there is a place where heroes are remembered. This place is called the Realm of Lutta. It was believed that a worthy knight or hero, who fell in a battle, went to this place to rest. The bards and the ancient sages in Arden believed it was a place at the bottom of the Neither Sea in the south, protected by the god of water, Iskàul. Often these bards payed homage to these fallen heroes by dropping spoils of war into the sea, as an offering to them. There, on the sea, they wrote their songs and tales to commemorate their gallantry in battle. This, the bards did, to remember the dead and that one day, these fallen heroes would rise from the sea to take back Arden and have the vengeance they lost before they perished.

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