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Eric Chatham, Copyright © 2003

§ About T`Bleth §

T`Bleth is actually a sept-town to Clan Kaíl. It was built by a wealthy land owner, named Tela-Bhlessayar. Whilst not officially members or Clan Kaíl, the people of T`Bleth celebrate the might of the Clan. After all, they are septs. The name T`Bleth was shortened later to apply to the town and the surname. T`Bleth sits deep within the murky and mysterious T`Bleth Swamp. Shadowed by the great C`ubunga Trees, it is rumored that King Exiv dwells here. Locals have seen spirits walking the swamps at night, and these spirits are believed to be the lost Children of the Morning. Some have reported seeing the Last Guardian within the shadowy swamps. Some believe that the murky swamps hold the secret to the Concordant Summit. Most known, is the fact that Lebír hid his treasure here and sealed the location with magic. Lebír's first, Akklaíl was buried on the outskirts of the swamp and the lineage of Tela-Bleth, the Prophet comes from Akklaíl.

The area around T`Bleth is swamp and within the swamp are tiny islands called kiosks. Upon these kiosks, some have made them home. Building some of their homes in the massive C`ubunga trees, the bulk of T`Bleth Swamp has so many unchartered kiosks. The largest kiosk is the town of T`Bleth. This area is the convergence of two mighty rivers: I'akon River and Lebír River. Because of the convergence of these two rivers, the swamp was formed. The T`Bleth Pike is the main path through the area, going east to Axis and west to Frylus.

The greatest structure of the area is the T`Bleth Causeway. It is not known who constructed this causeway, but it was built above the swamp from the town of T`Bleth, to the Lebír River, almost 7 miles in length. By far, it is one of the greatest wonders of Arden. Some claim that the Magic of the Ravens hold the causeway together. During the Sad Era, T`Bleth Causeway was taxed by the King of Cátern, mainly because of the upset with the immigration of humankind in the south. More often, the King closed the Pike with hope to keep the spread of the arrival of more humankind.

Itheùks T`Bleth is an anscendant of the Prophet who made predictions in the Sad Era. Itheùks grew up on one of the small islands of the swamp near the Lebír River. Well known in the area now, Itheùks was a humble son of a simple farmer and mother. Little did Itheùks know then, but his father was a Spy for King Ilùviuks. Yes, the lineage of Itheùks is ui`laul as well, and he hails to a sept clan of Kaíl, called Bhlessayar, which means "harvester." Itheùks traces his ancestory through Lebír's first son, Akklaíl.

During the Sad Era, Clan Bhlessayar settled the land near The Shamith in the north. There, the clan did most of it's farming, and in the north, the clan payed tribute to the King of Cátern at Vall. One of the settlements founded by Clan Bhlessayar was Venluísa, a town with a beautiful spring. Much more mystery has surrounded this area from time to time, including the formation of a Spy network by King Ilùviuks during the Kíette Era.

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