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Kue: Fervent One
The masculine name of fervency and passion. It is the name of the savior to fire.
Is Treíkayan a myth?

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Saíbhsabba 13, 13BA.
Garroàsabba 5, 3BA
Saíbhsabba 31 (Day of Silence)

"There were reports of a possible son of King Tristan living in Thoris Port. When King Tristan was vanquished, it was fact that all his children disappeared. Apparently, all but one! It was rumored that this one son inherited the King's sacred medallion, the Stràul. As subjects of the late King Tristan, everyone suspected this mysterious son, going by the ancient Kue name of 'Treíkayan,' but it was never proven. The validity of the tale became myth overnight. Who indeed was this Treíkayan? Would he restore the Utopian Era?"
~Daulky Kinkayle~

Saíbhsabba 13, 13BA

The tale of Treíkayan begins as an enigma. For the tale was never truly known or accounted for by the common man: The validity of his birth or his life was myth. Even if Treíkayan was a person, King Tristan never made mention of his existence. He is not recorded in any census taken by the King during the Golden Era. Nor, was there a census taken by Ilùviuks that made mention of his existence. Could it be possible that King Tristan and Queen V'Lantrath kept the secret of a 21st son? Could it be possible that Treíkayan is indeed the rightful heir of Durkany? What about the Stràul? Would this not be evidence to support the myth? Or, is this Treíkayan just a big hoax, a tale told by Commoners to bring hope to the despondent in Arden? Hopefully, this account will bring into light the validity of Treíkayan's existence. "Treíkayan: The Truth of a Legend?" by Claradíedh the Cleric of Mharràn.

Saíbhsabba 24, 13BA

During the time before King Ilùviuks, the I'akon, and the Fire Era, I spent my days in Daxl, a small suburb of Thoris Port. Daxl was my hometown before the first Struíl Diaspora. There was freedom and laughter there. The Struíl worshipped Iskàul freely with no oppression or hostility. We had no worry with the threat of Ilùviuks and his Ikhthrakon. We were safe and secure in a town of purity. The Temple of Lutta was built in Daxl and I was appointed as Grandmaster Cleric to the order called Mharràn. I raised the banners of Water and trumpeted the majesty of King Tristan during the Golden Era. I am he, the Master Cleric, Claradíedh. There at Daxl, the Sacred Clerics of Mharràn worshipped Mharabhàunt secretly and ushered in his appearance without knowledge of the common world. Secrets proclaimed our innocence and freedom before the birth of King Ilùviuks, the Fire King. We were blessed and protected by Mharabhàunt's glory.

Then, the threat of the Fire Era did come with the arrival of King Ilùviuks. Soon, the Fire of his Cloak threatened all life. The evil fire of Ilùvi corrupted time. Soon, Water would be threatened by King Ilùviuks and the Struíl would be dominated and oppressed by Ilùviuks. The free and pure Clan Struíl fell into subjugation and domination.

Saíbhsabba 29, 13BA

One brisk and bright Saíbhsabba morning, though, fire would be renewed and the hope for balance would arrive to me. Thirteen years before Daulky Kinkayle's conversion at Kesky Point, an auspicious, little boy came to me and was given to my care. Bundled up in swaddling clothes, a Prince was left to me. The Monks of Botsa (sacred watchmen to the Clan Dusk) arrived to my door early that morning with a little, baby boy. A Myth was born on the Tenth Month and Thirteenth Day, Saíbhsabba 13. They left me with instructions to watch over and raise the baby until the time of Water was upon Arden. They also informed me that the reign of King Tristan would crumble and he would be vanquished. Durkany would plunder and the "Fire of his Cloak" would usurp the crown.

"Guard this little one with your life," the Lead Monk warned. "He bears the mark of 'Dtrekka' within him. He is the new Fervency of Fire and he is the youngest son of the King and Queen. He was prophesied ages ago by Jax, the Mazzaroth. Jax proclaimed his reign of Fervency in the Celeste." The monks bowed before payed homage and to my cause at Daxl by giving praise to Mharabhàunt. Then, the Monks of Botsa vanished before my sight without a trace. It was here that a mystery was born unto me. The Monks never surfaced ever again after this. Their mission was done. The Little Boy of the King and Queen was delivered safely.

I was astounded with this, especially at the mention of a dead word, a word last used long ago with King Exiv. Dtrekka. This was a word, which had long been forgotten. "Trekka? Is this a sign?" I questioned myself. I looked towards Plíagge and begged for the arrival of God. "Water proceeds Glory," I reminded myself humbly. "Sadness proceeds Goodfortune."

Holding onto the child, I looked at him with love. In an instance, the young Prince became my very own son and I would train him in the ways the Monks wished. He was ui`laul, just as he would've been if his parents were indeed the King and Queen. "Little Treíkayan," I called to him. "You will be my son, and you will be known as fervent one. You will give men the fire and passion of life." I embraced the young heir with love and attention. He was a bright, little fellow with grey eyes.

I swayed him in my arms and cradled him. As I cradled the little prince, I was astonished to find a peculiar object dangling from the infant's neck. It was the mighty Stràul of King Tristan! It was the Kings true symbol of unity and power. It was his medallion. Quickly, I took the auspicious, little Prince inside and packed my things. I was leaving my hometown of Daxl and taking refuge in Thoris Port. The First Struíl Diaspora was in progress already.

"Today, a mystery was born and I shall keep it secret until the fullness of Time. I will see to it with the help of Mharabhàunt, the true god of the Concordant Summit." By this point in the events of time, King Ilùviuks was threatened with the imminent appearance of the God of the Concordant Summit, so Ilùviuks' evil mission was to "evaporate water with vile fire." This would wipe out purity and innocence. Because of this threat, I would hide undercover of night and retreat to Thoris Port with young, little Treíkayan. From hereon, protecting my son became a daily mission. Soon, the evil Ikhthrakon forces of King Ilùviuks sacked beautiful Thoris Port, taking control of the seaport and it's precious commodities. Let hope be restored. We will Prevail!

~ The diaries of Claradíedh, Cleric of Mharràn

"Thoris Port is under siege. Oh, Mharabhàunt, great God of the Concordant Summit! Save our land! We cry out to you in the terror of the night and the bleakness of day. Where o where is thy sword of justice? Rain down judgement on the accursed. The wicked mean to destroy the purity of water and they mean to bind us with flaw in fire. Raise up an army, oh Mharabhàunt! We see the wicked mock and scorn your ways. Bless your Treíkayan, and guide his fire in the ways of righteousness. He is the New Order of Fire! He will bear your banners at the perfect time, a time when secrets will be revealed of your Presence."
~ The Lament of the Sacred Order of Mharràn ~

Garroàsabba 5, 3BA

Then, it happened: Death, destruction and demise. The inevitable came to pass. The evil Ikhthrakon sacked Thoris Port without warning and we were forced to leave the city limits by Raven Warriors from Axis. King Ilùviuks ravaged the town and the battling turned into chaos. The houses were burned to the ground, the innocents were sentenced to indenture or they were killed if they refused. The town was turned into a pile of rubble overnight. What we could not imagine, came to pass in an instance. Thoris Port, the land of the legendary King Tarshal, became a heap of chaos with nothing to salvage. King Ilùviuks' wizard, Gothmuíl the Dread, tortured our beloved Governor Rosuíl. The "sphere of annihilation" destroyed our beautiful seaport. The sky became like brimstone and the sea evaporated. Even the eye of the Kue Empire was upon us now, and their appetite was whetted with the destruction of the Struíl. Oh, what turmoil would befall us and the upbringing of my son, Treíkayan.

Kolìfasabba 25, 3BA

I took refuge in Struíl Mark to the North, a small town of refuge. I sneaked undercover of night out of Daxl, stopping first near the Pike's end. There, I posted a sign for the Clerics of Mharràn to meet in Struíl Mark on the 23rd day.

The people at Struíl Mark were hospitable and welcoming. I was safe under their wing of protection. During my stay at Struíl Mark, I kept dear little Treíkayan anonymous. He is my son, but he is a secret to Arden. His mission given to me by the Monks of Botsa must be kept.

Even my name, Claradíedh must not be known. I am the Grandmaster Cleric to Mharràn, so instead, I went by the identity "Tarshah," a common name in these parts. While I stayed in Struíl Mark, I readied the villagers to protect the town, and I taught men to look for the arrival of the Concordant Summit. During this time, the focus of Tristandom was at the small town of Conería for this event. I told them nothing about little Treíkayan, but I did tell them that a son of King Tristan would save the corruption of fire.

"Sure," they all jeered. "King Tristan has no heir." Well, I know as well as my Order that little Treíkayan bears the right to succeed his father, King Tristan.

Men must not know this now. It is too dangerous of a time. "He must be a secret," was the command of the Monk Leader of Botsa. I remember this clearly each day.

Treíkayan is the foundation of the Order of Mharràn. His birth was mysterious but he has a purpose in the Order. His birth must be kept secret. He must not be known until the right time. Even now we pray for the coming of Mharabhàunt. It is He who will declare Treíkayan's mission, and Treíkayan will promote the arrival of Mharabhàunt to Arden.

Kolìfasabba 30, 3BA

While staying in Struíl Mark, the town Keeper made an announcement, which shook up the entire Clan living in this region. The report saddened us. The reports were true that a "Daulky Kinkayle" of Axis committed High Treason against King Tristan, 10 years ago. Daulky the turncoat committed a great sin with his actions. By his own command, he entrapped our beloved King in a statue of ice at Kesky Point. This action will be rectified by the judgement of Mharabhàunt when he appears. He must be punished and die for his atrocities!

This is the report of Duke Rosuíl, dispatched to Struíl Mark on Kolífasabba 21, 3BA: "Let it be known, that Daulky the Turncoat is a renegade and must die swiftly for his evil. He entrapped our beloved King Tristan at Kesky Point, and destroyed harmony in the elements. Now, there is no heir to King Tristan and all his children are no more. The price on Daulky's head grows each day he is alive. He must die for his actions. He is a curse to our people and his age-old clan must not be remembered ever again. The son of Shalíes must die!" Duke Rosuíl

Oh, I wait the day when little Treíkayan will become King and subdue the enemies of King Tristan.

~ The Diaries of Claradíedh, Cleric of Mharràn.

"Shavan, the wizard, sheathed his orante sword, while approaching me, and knelt down. '...Through alliance with my people, you have saved the Struíl from total annihilation. I now hereby remove the scorn and shame to your family name, Kinkayle. From here on, you will be welcomed by the peoples of Clan Dusk and Clan Struíl. Now, my friend, I must leave and go beyond the horizon of Plíagge. There, I will remain and disappear forever. My sagacious rule and counsel as wizard will never be sought again by anyone. A brighter time is on the horizon. See to it, son of Kinkayle.' Soon, a mist envelopped the place and Daulky watched as his friend formed into a shroud of smoke and departed the realm by way of Plíagge."

Saíbhsabba 31 (Day of Silence)

Even as the people of the land are celebrating the Time of Silence before the harsh winter, the peoples of Clan Struíl and Clan Dusk are busy ready to retaliate against King Ilùviuks.

Time wielded an unfruitful harvest, but certaintity lies in the hope of Treíkayan, my son. He would take back the land of Thoris Port with the appearance of Mharabhàunt. Time was full! We would have our victory. King Ilùviuks and his dreadful Ikhthrakon stopped advancing on Thoris Port, and withdrew. The Kue Empire even feared. They too predicted an omen. Just as Dunsha City was laid in judgement millennia ago, judgement would befall the Kue and the Ikhthrakon. Water is the dominating element in Arden.

Let those enemies come and see the strength in Clan Struíl now. Even now, Thoris Port is being reclaimed by Duke Rosuíl. He has come out of hiding to face the turmoil. I am amazed, but even for a thirteen year old, Treíkayan, he is ready to face the trials and brutality of war. It is a sign, a sign that Mharabhaunt's sword is unsheathed. He has heard our cries and turned His ear to our prayers. Daulky Kinkayle resides in Struíl Mark these days, and the people there have grown close to him. Though I do see a change in this man, I do not intend forgetting the upset he caused with Tristandom. He is still the Turncoat in my eyes and until things change, I stay out of Struil Mark. I won't cross the Forest to upper Durkshuír but take the long route around the mountains. Kinkayle, I disregard!

Garròasha 29

What's this? A rebel band under Kinkayle is forming in the North? Unbelievable! Why would Kinkayle rally an army against the Ikhthrakon Corridor, his home? I have sent Treíkayan to hide undercover of night to learn this news. He must not be seen. Mharabhàunt is not come yet...

"It is true, father. Kinkayle is forming an army against King Iluviuks," Treíkayan tells me. "Kinkayle's wife was murdered and rage forms in him."

Rage. The last time Kinkayle displayed this rage was while vanquishing my beloved King Tristan, 13 years ago. "Return to Kinkayle, my son. You must see this invasion army he builds."

Kolìfasabba 25

A war breaks in the North near the Kadàvian Corridor. Daulky Kinkayle routs the land and exterminates the wealth of King Redkíerna. This surprising blow has caught the attention of Ilùviuks in the Northeast. All of Tristandom is focused on this great event. Who will prevail? Who will win? As much as it pains me to believe in Kinkayle, I hope he destroys the evil of King Ilùviuks. We would be free once again, and I would finally give respect to Kinkayle and forgive him. As battle converged, something was amiss. Treíkayan! He had not returned, and his arrival home was way overdue. What had happened? Did he join the fighting? Did he die? I prayed and prayed and did not get an answer. I cried and visited the Temple of Mharràn everday to seek guidance.

Treíkasara 1

While I prayed one day at the Temple, a voice spoke to me. "You must not shed tears, Claradíedh. Remember the value of water. I have come to show you a sign, which has come to pass." It was Mharabhàunt speaking to me! I looked up. Soon, the space in front of me tore open as if paper tearing from a scroll. "Look!" Mharabhàunt said. "Treíkayan has gone away. I have taken him out of this realm, which lies on the elevated sunbeam."

I cried once again. My son was gone and taken from me. "Why, oh lord? What has he done?" I cried.

"His time is not ready yet. He came too early. I am taking him out of your realm for a time. He will not remember where he was or when he was. Now, my seal will be on Kinkayle, the one you have called Turncoat. He will be my chosen one, not Treíkayan. Kinkayle has showed a change of heart and it will be a lamp which I will demonstrate my power and authority in your lands. My protection will be upon him and I will give him the dew of heaven."

"What of my son? What will become of him?" I was immensely in tears.

"Do not worry about your son. I will protect him. He has been faithful to me. I have a plan for him and lands will prevail under his hand. My seal will be on his heart. Remember this always: Treíkayan came before his time, and I must insure that he is delivered at the right time. Now, arise, Claradíedh and stand behind that partition. I will pass by you and seal this oath. Do not look upon my face, for if you do, you will surely die."

So, He did. Mharabhàunt walked past me and I was allowed to see a mere Glimpse of Him. Upon seeing him, I shined with radiance and his glory was upon me. My hair whitened and my countenance was brighter than the sun.

"Now, take heart, my friend. You will not see Treíkayan again, but rest assured, Treíkayan's time will come one day. It is now the time of Kinkayle. He will be the one to open the shalàk in the horizon." There was a rumble and the shekinah of Mharabhàunt lifted from the Temple. It was a sign. Mharabhàunt's presence would no longer be confined to the walls of this great temple, but his shekinah would remain upon those who love him. "I will show mercy to Kinkayle for his transgressions," Mharabhàunt said. "He has a different heart."

Mharabhàunt disappeared and it was on this day that his name was never spoken or pronounced again. The Order of Mharràn divided up and never came together again. Kinkayle was sealed by God. Treíkayan was taken out of Arden this first day of Treíkasara, never to appear or be seen again. He will not be forgotten!

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