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Struíl Forest
Art: Public Domain
The splendor of Uran returns with the arrival of
King Tristan, the fervent one.

Peace. Harmony. Tranquility.
These are the famous words to the mighty Kíettan Trilogue, spoken by King Tristan, the fervent one. It was he who ruled during the Kíette Era. During his reign, life flourished and everything was in the light of the brilliant rays of sun. The sun shown down greatly upon the living and upon the Realm of Arden. It was as if the gleam of an elevated sunbeam reached down from heaven and filled the soul.

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Overseeing the vastness of Arden was the mighty, utopian King Tristan, the one who came from Mount Kravòkalla and the Divine Arm. When King Tristan arrived on the shores of Thoris Port, not even the vilest of his rivals could take his kingdom with force. Tristan was protected by the sun, just like his predecessor, King Exiv, who ruled during the Pre-Historic Era. Because of Tristan's vision for peace, harmony and tranquility, he was able to create the ultimate utopia upon Arden. Within the restored Realm of Uran, life flourished and the gods were pleased.

For 1,500 years, King Tristan maintained a free and strong rule for the Elemental Point of Uran, and everyone was filled with his passion. This, however, changed. Too much passion stirred up the Elemental Point of Ilùvi. During the latter half of the Kíettan Era, a small spark ignited, and this began the dark and dreary Ilùvian Era under the tyrannical King Ilùviuks. Before King Ilùviuks rose to power, many of his accomplices vanquished the mighty King of the Kíettan Era, and subdued the freshness of the Elemental Point of Uran. Once again, Uran would descend into obscurity with a clever plot by the Lightning god. Included in the betrayal of King Tristan, a man named Daulky Kinkayle becomes the Turncoat for participating in the King's fate. Daulky Kinkayle was responsible for vanquishing King Tristan. Because of his evil deeds, it would appear that Kuírbha, the lightning god, would remove Daulky from the Big Picture of Time.

Faced with an awful future, Daulky seeks to redeem himself of his evil deeds, and through several dreams of a Forked Tree, does he manages to get in touch with the power of a High God, an unknown god from the Elemental Point of the Concordant Summit. This god was long forgotten after the restoration of Mount Kravòkalla in the Tales of the Last Guardian and the Black Sleep.

The purity of water will give birth to the Concordant Summit. The Elemental Point of the Concordant Summit is refined and remembered, and the Water Era begins!

It is through the power of this God does Daulky Kinkayle restore the fruit of nature, prescribed in the Kíettan Trilogue. Peace. Harmony. Tranquility. With the help of a Prophet from beyond the horizon of Plíagge does Daulky restore order to the Elemental Points.

Bringing unity in the old, utopian kingdom becomes the mission of Daulky, as he and six of his closest counsel, the Síehan, adventure, telling those about the Vision of the Forked Tree. As Daulky and the Síehan continue their journeys, this becomes a new era for Arden, an era within the soul of man! Salvation comes through the Blood Catcher, Yíshav. Daulky leads many victories and unites enemies abroad by the power of this awesome God. This, however, does not sit well with the tyrannical Fire King, Ilùviuks. Ilùviuks is lead by the ancient, lightning god, Kuírbha. Ilùviuks conspires to stop Daulky, because he fears that the pure Elemental Point of Luth, associated with Daulky's vision, will wash out his Fire. So, Ilùviuks finally captures Daulky. Daulky is tried before his own people and thrown into prison.

Unaware of the fact that the Water must flow, King Ilùviuks fails to stop the atrocity of purity. Seeing the danger of what is coming, the evil House of Síemh puts Daulky Kinkayle to death by purification with hopes to stop the "flow." Daulky's martyrdom opens the "unattainable" horizon of Plíagge, a place where those in Arden could not go to. As Itheùks àul T'Bleth, Daulky's brother-in-law, watches his friend pass on, a new hope arises for everyone in Arden. Those of Daulky's Holy Ring watch as they mystically see a path open into the "unattainable" horizon of Plíagge. It is there where the hope of eternity and immortality lives: "Daulky Kinkayle has crossed over to the other side of Plíagge." At long last, the Horizon is open to all who follow after the Unseen God of the Concordant Summit, Yíshav! The Chronicle must continue...

As Daulky gives up his spirit, this does not stop the new leader of the Holy Ring, Itheuks, to achieve the vision of immortality. With the help of a rivaled king, and Karah Kinkayle, Itheuks wife, does the Vision of the Forked Tree prosper.

It has begun!
Onward the Chronicle!

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