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Coànir the Elemental Wonder restores the balance
to the Elemental Points with the help of the Unseen Concordant Summit!

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After the entire Eíshk is under the tyrannical rule of King Ilùviuks, Daulky's son, Coànir, conceived in the First Chronicle, arises on the scene. Coànir becomes the prophesied savior to bring vindication to the persecuted Kinkayle Family. Not only will he restore what was lost in the First Chronicle, but he will save those in the Eíshk from the Fire of King Ilùviuks and the Dreaded Fire Prince.

At first, Coànir will be a rebellious son towards the "ways" of his mother, Elvíenya Kinkayle, and the elves in his kingdom, the Ely. Ultimately, the power of Daulky's High God will change the hardened heart of Coànir. With the help of an old hermit living in the Sacred Foothills, Coànir fulfills his mission and quest to restore "elemental balance."

From the Sacred Foothills, Coànir is comissioned to bring justice to the enemies of Daulky and the High God. Several bloody wars take place, and finally, Itheùks àul T'Bleth still dwelling in the Kue Empire recognizes the heroic figure. As Itheùks learns about the Savior of Eíshk, the First Chronicle is united to the Third Chronicle: the Blessed Kinkayle Line has flourished. Finally, the might of the Kinkayles is seen once again in the Savior of Eíshk. After restoring the lose ends from the First Chronicle, justice is brought to the despondant Eíshkons. Together, with help from Emperor Vattricks of the Kue Empire, Duke Sroíngal of Thoris Port (Coànirs grandfather), King Rashade, King Olaís of Ely, and King Shaànanuir of Draccònia, a great coup de'tat is formed against the tyrannical King Ilùviuks and his Prince of Fire. Even though, the fire of cloak dies as the elements balance, be ye warned of what is to come!

The evil forces of the Íacon, King Ilùviuks, and the evil House of Síemh are driven back, and the Prince of Fire is subdued! Because of the might and valor of the coup, the Fire Prince is driven to insanity, and he spends the rest of his days crawling upon the ground as a cursed man, eating the corrupt ways of nature. King Ilùviuks dies with no heir to his fire throne. The fire of his cloak is dimmed. The harsh Ilùvian Era soon becomes a memory in the Realm of Arden.

Even though there be shadows, the light must flourish! Proverb of the Reformation in the "Shadow Era."

Coànir swiftly regains Durkshuír and restores the town of Conería with the help from the Kue Empire. Still deemed anathema, Coànir remains within the fallen Kingdom of Cátern in hopes that one day, the elves can resettle the lands. With turmoil still in the races of Arden, time is not full and water is not pure. Coànir the Elemental Wonder settles down with his family near the forgotten town of Vall, where he spends the remainder of his days restoring the Eíshk and the forgotten Trilogue. His success has given hope for the future. Even old Kema-Kot Castle is rescued and the Ksedovex Dragons begin migrating back to the Kue Mountains for the first time, since the Kíette Era.

Peace. Harmony. Tranquility.

Chris Achilleos
Artist: Chris Achilleos, Copyright ©

At last with the balance in the Elemental Points, peace can flourish once again. With the faith in the Unseen Concordant Summit, time can be renewed. Coànir has begun deliverance in the Eíshk and has established his own kingdom, the Kingdom of Val`kíerka.

"He who has seen into the mystery of the Concordant Summit beyond the Water of Life is forever blessed. He will behold great might and wield the elements like a storm. The wind should obey his command. The fire will burn by a wink of an eye. Water will come forth by the touch of his finger. The Uísara Uír will be seen by him, but he will be yet an ui`laul, a simple man. Beware to he who holds up the crucible of fire. Ye shall be cast out! Beware you Bibhon, for you will tremble by the power of the elements!" Excerpt from the Book of the Morning about Coànir.

My work is done!
At last! The Elemental Points are balanced!

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Eric R. Chatham
Webelf at Arden
Medina County, Ohio
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