« The Chronicles of Tristan:
In search of the Welg˛rzhsa »
« With the Holy Book missing, will the unholy fire of Il¨viuks destroy Arden? »

Michael Whelan
Artist: Michael Whelan, Copyright ©
With King Tristan gone, and the hope of Arden seemingly lost,
Tristan's kindgom plunders further. The tragic death of Daulky Kinkayle
upset Kema-Kot and all life was threatened by King Il¨viuks.

Just as all Trilogies are, this one is no different from the rest. The middle book is a dark and gloomy one...It is like the Second Act of a play. Darkness has fallen over Arden and the old Kingdom of Cßtern. Without the balance of the elements and the races, the Realm of Arden could be lost forever!

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As plans to begin the new "Dawning Era" evolve, it is realized that the Holy Ring, which brought unity in the lands of Arden, has dispersed. Only remembered by the words, "Onward the Chronicle," enscribed upon a table, is what is left of the Saa'mhelkstrÓu. Because of tragedy, Ithe¨ks, Karah and the allied King Rashade of the Kue Empire forsake the lands that flourished under King Tristan. Leaving their homes, they are being pursued by King Il¨viuks' dreaded Prince of Fire. No one can escape the fire of his cloak!

Finding rest in the once, rivaled lands of King Tristan, the Kue Empire, Ithe¨ks and his wife, Karah Kinkayle, seek friendship with the natives for unity. No one can escape the fire of his cloak! Even in the Kue Empire!

Strife, however, unfolds as the Princess Tiß (Emperor's cousin) of Dunsha City threatens the "new faith" by charging Ithe¨ks as a spy, and Karah an accomplice to Daulky's evil deeds to King Tristan's vanquishment. Because of this conflict, Ithueks is forced to submit proof that he has been changed by this God, the God of all Life not just the Concordant Summit. However, with the absence of the mighty Holy Ring, there is no shred of evidence to verify Ithueks' claims. The Ring has dispersed! There is hope, though, because the only piece of evidence lies within the great book of YÝshav, called the Welg˛rzhsa. Every proof of Ithueks' claims to this God lies in the words of this powerful book, but alas, it must be found in time before the natives of the Kue Empire do the same, which was done to Daulky Kinkayle. No one can escape the fire of his cloak!

Ithe¨ks journeys in search of the Welg˛rzhsa. While searching for the missing article, he encounters troubles and trials in his homeland, where it is believed the Book was lost. Along the way, Ithueks is troubled by dreams of the "dark one," the nightmarish persona known as the Ikh'yan. As Ithe¨ks and his comrades continue their search, Ithe¨ks understands that his dreams are leading them to the Welg˛rzhsa. Through these dreams, Ithe¨ks finds out about his father during his childhood, and ultimately, the dark past of Ithe¨ks' family tempts to change Ithe¨ks to the evil nature of his father.

Ithe¨ks is captured by the Warrior Queen, Shandrýla, and he is incarceratedl While in prison away from God, Ithueks re finds his faith, and vows to continue pursuing his search for the Welg˛rzhsa. Shandrýla releases Ithe¨ks because of the dramatic "change" in Ithe¨ks' heart. Because of this fervency, Shandrýla forms an alliance with Ithueks and his band. Together, they vow to find the missing Welg˛rzhsa. Ithe¨ks and Shandrýla search the lands of Eishk. When the book is finally found deep within a dark cave of King Il¨viuks at the abandoned town of Venluisa, word is sent back to King Rashade, Ithe¨ks' friend, and he declares the innocence of Ithe¨ks; proof that he indeed was the great Torchbearer to Daulky Kinkayle. After the tired party of Ithe¨ks returns to the Kue Empire with the proof, Emperor Vattricks' wrath is appeased. Emperor Vattricks declares to his empire the validity of Ithe¨ks and the halted "Dawning Era" resumes once again.

As celebrations arise from the recovery of the Welg˛rzhsa, attention is dramatically altered to the EÝshk again. Since the journeys of Ithueks and Shandrýla began, years ago, the last remnant and contacts of King Tristan were King ShadlÝer, the King of Cßtern, and his KemÝan Knights of Valor. These valiant knights were dispatched prior to Ithe¨ks' quests of EÝshk. They were assigned to regain ground lost by King Il¨viuks in DurkshuÝr, and their mission was to restore the vision of the Utopian Era of Uran and the vision of Daulky Kinkayle. These knights were the only link to hope and prosperity for the Realm of Arden, and now mysteriously, they have all disappeared without trace. This strange disappearance was reported suddenly after a brutal attack led by King Il¨viuks and the Dreaded Prince of Fire. Because of this, plans to restore the EÝshk are altered. A great Exodus arises out of the EÝshk, mainly the fallen kingdom of Cßtern! No longer is there a power to overthrow the might of King Il¨viuks. Because of the Great Diaspora, the lands surrounding King Il¨viuks are deemed anathema and forbidden to enter by anyone. Many refugees flee from the EÝshk.

The fire rages on!
Onward the Chronicle!

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