Heart of Courage
Two Steps From Hell

 Крокодилье Время 
 Eric Failing Deletions! 

 Time that is ticking since 16 November 1996 
 29 April 2012, 04:59 CDT, I-71 Interchange 233 
70 moments of my life in Chicago after leaving Cleveland in 2012
Leaving Brunswick OH and an old life behind, beginning on April 13, 2012, life began anew.
Time started ticking the moment I picked up my toll ticket at the Ohio Turnpike, I-71 Interchange.
Driving off in a U-Haul Truck, 'Eric Failing Deletions' became a reality
that Sunday morning on April 29th!

October 13, 2011
Just as I celebrated my 38th birthday on this day,
A chapter of my life suddenly shutdown
and came to a close

November 13, 2011
Sometimes we always don't understand why things happen to us,
but there is a reason. I believe dreams have meaning to us.
A month after my world came crashing down, I had one this night.
It was about Chicago. The soul knows what it needs to thrive
even when the brain doesn't

A sun sets on the horizon in once place and rises in another.
Farewell to Cleveland OH. Ave atque vale. Hail and farewell
Onward and home at last in Chicago IL.
November 15, 1996 - November 15, 2011.

State Street and Madison Street, zero!

"Eric Failing Deletions," My life in Chicago IL

"...next stop, Westmont! All aboard!

"You only have two options. Swim right or left of the crocodile, or be eaten by it!"

I defeated the Crocodile!