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§ Arden links the Forgotten Realms §

Does Arden coexist with the Forgotten Realms? This edition is to raise questions of the Realm of Arden and its relation with the Forgotten Realms - well, raised or dismissed. Does Arden hold a secret place of inhabitants in a "forgotten realm" or vice-versa? Enjoy reading and the possibilities this digest behold. I've been meaning to send this to friends and at it to my Kue Mythology section of my website for a time now, and I suppose now is better than never.

Alan Rabinowitz
Artist: Alan Rabinowitz © 2001
Òurias Noíragga commanded elfin Warriors of Srí, and he saw the glory of Uísara Uír at Conería, but the folly
of his ways landed him in the Realm of Ravenloft

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« Escàllain-Nloígc » /es·KAL·len -- NLögK/ (n.) < Kue, "place(s) forgotten" or "place(s) never." 1) A forgotten place or realm of Arden, which guards the inhabitants of Arden. 2) A coexisting realm which possibly existed before Arden. 3) The Realm where the Westbound Sojourners arrived from, and the realm which is the "convergence" of Shekìnya; the place of the "Abjurants" and the "Children of the Morning." 4) THE FORGOTTEN REALMS?

The word "nloígc" interchanges with "never" or "forgotten," depending on context.

§ The Forgotten Realms §

What is this mention of escàllain-nloígc? Where is this "never" or "forgotten place?"

In the Ardònic texts of the Mishnach gorg (Mythology Book) and the Bheàshdusceànn gorg (Vishdusk Book), both ancient texts in Arden, there are several mentions of a "never place" or a "forgotten place." Akkævall's twins were expelled into a "forgotten place," or escàllain-nloígc. Shekìnya makes mention of a "forgotten place," and on more occasions than one, the elves in the lands of the Eàsceànn make mention of a "forgotten place."

§ King Shadlíer §

King Shadlíer proclaimed a curse on the technology (or wheels) of a "forgotten place" and curses those who wield this forbidden technology to that "forgotten place." (ref: The Chronicles of Tristan II: In Search of the Welgòrzhsa)

« Dhuínneàch cgí escàllain-nloígc còa mo sheàmsíc à cuòunin am gcalàshain à hoíen mír! »

Translation: « Wheels of place-forgotten be more cursed (as a vulgar term) and silent like eyes and ears from that place-forgotten (where)! »

This place is not merely a "forgotten place" but it's origin and dominance are different, than that of the land beyond the Horizon, or "Plíagge," which belongs to the Voice of Àugus. This "forgotten place" is neither an evil realm or a glorious realm, but this realm coexists near the Realm of Arden, and it too is a Realm of Reknown and Wonder, just as Arden. It is rumored that this "forgotten place" existed before Arden, but there is evidence that Arden may be an older place, and the "forgotten place" was created to encompass Arden as protection. This "forgotten place" is possibly the realm where the Westbound Sojourners arrived from. It also the realm where the "lost" Children of the Morning may reside. Is it a Parcel of the Multiverse governed by the Glory of Arden or Shekìnya. Does the extent of the "elevated sunbeam" encompass the peoples and cultures of this land, this "forgotten place." Ancient texts like the Mishnach gorg," seem to suggest that Shekìnya created this "forgotten place" on the same day of Arden. (ref: "tá Mishnach gorg" and "tá Bheàshceànn gorg").

§ King Shafhalóa II §

King Shafhalóa II, the Elfin King of Cátern makes mention of this "forgotten place," or "never place" to his people in a prophecy about the "cloak of evil fire," which most certainly identifys King Ilùviuks in the Sixth Era on Arden's Timeline. Shafhalóa states to his people at Vall, the mythical capital of elves in the East.

« Domhain, domhain níc mheàor, tíra dhoùa an caddeà fairan domhan an droíga cgí Fhaaluír. Alíeth, tíra dhoùa pleàfoín frídh phlían an Phlíagh-Augus. Còa bleácain od cátern, sar òam da gcoímhardeàgras go faelain mo bhí, aàl òuam da hIlùfa-Òuicgs go berbhaògain. àFaira òig an escallain-nloígc tánn thíra dhoùa da Sha Ímheàorcain an Phlían, go cátern nínaòth mír! »

Translation: « Down, down into (the) sea, two towers as pure tumble down as tears from Vaaluir, the realm of clouds. Alas, two towers fall over the pages (horizon) of the Voice. Be wary you remaining, for (a) day of exultation comes more than ever, as (the) day of the "evil cloak of his fire" extinguishes. Forget not as the places never that the two towers of (the) Land of Free-sea as (the) Opening or Horizon, remain therein in places never (mír - where)! »

This text seems to suggest that the "Two Towers," or tíra dhoùa, fell into the "forgotten place" of the Free Sea Land, or Ímheàorcain. This may also be the location where Vínuim, god of order, purged Queen Akkævall's twins much earlier. Daídha and Míshfa, the twins, were taken by Vínuim and purged into the Free Sea by Saà-Vallstràu, the water god of destruction. There was an opening in the Land of the Free Sea, where a "forgotten place" existed. The land of the Free Sea was the opening. It was believed to be a place of safety to protect Arden from the wrath of the immortal children (ref: Tales of the Last Guardian: Volume III; Episode II).

§ Ravenloft §

It is also not mere coincidence that inhabitants of Arden have sojourned together with inhabitants of the Forgotten Realms. In places of Ravenloft, it is rumored that this was so, and evidence of the Ardònic Runes were seen inscribed at an abandoned Temple in Al`Iluk or Necropolis. The runes translated to the Elfin Swordsong of Mharabhàunt:

Aòmh còa go ceàrtain ní Fhoínn Mheàtha í Bheshíra. Aleáragh Ardònain còa saíbhain an síehan nhu!

Sojourners from Faerûn, who returned from Ravenloft made mention of the "gleam of the elevated sunbeam," ghoàmh da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí and told their kin stories of there the "rising pillar," Shaddeàg ghalíernain. So, do the Realm of Arden and the Forgotten Realms link one another? Are they inseperatable and do they coexist?

§ Xandràxan, the Evil Wolf of Time §

This "forgotten place" may also be the dwelling of the Xandràxan, the dark wolf of Arden. It was rumored that when the evil wolf was expelled out of Arden by Shekìnya in the Mishnach gorg, that he was expelled to a "forgotten place." What a dreadful event, if that happened. The Last Guardian also curses the wolf, when it turns up again in Arden by commanding it to return to the "forgotten place."

...Ámhedeágcac stoírrach! «Fhairesh còa odh! Od gcòatherdeà escallain nloígc an cattain mo bhí!»

...Owedæghax screamed! "Dead as crumbling be you! You (would) remain (in) places never for all time (more than ever)!"

Unfortunately, for the Realm of Arden, the Xandràxan does return from the "forgotten place" much, much later (ref: Brilliant Shadows).

§ Thank you for not nicking my material §

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