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"Í-far ghaòmh da Shecìnaich Òir, ní phlían à Phlíagh-Àugus haòir, berbàggadh chòttan uár-rí-domh. dTa, faíl an cattain! Aòan mhan go fhairragh, Craim-Babhain Òir, àal coímheàdadh Hrím-àal-go-Aíbhinn hoís, go faelain Òi gcínn. Aion ghafàirranain ber - faeladh cgí àal. Beshír còuadh í ber hoícs, í coímheàdh Besh frídh oda ungul faíl an cattain, àal ní fair."

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        As time unfolded before me, it was a glorious sight, seeing all that the great Voice spoke, but the greatest of all that I saw was His Shekinah shine down upon me. While watching the bright array of His colors permeate the outer expanse, His brightness consumed the very emptiness of time itself, and even Kuírbha had no control over it. Continuing to watch intently Shekìnya glisten with His magnificent colors, He waved about freely to and from the Erde and Expanse on the gleam of the elevated sunbeam.
        Finally, the array of colorful designs, formed from the Glory of Shekìnya, came together in the form of a man, and the apparent emptiness of the Expanse filled with His colors. As his colorful train formed into a man, glittering and luminous dust from his train of colors twinkled about freely in the once empty expanse. It was a sight to see, as Shekìnya made His entrance to this Erde from upon the gleam of the elevated sunbeam. Seeing the majesty in the Shekinah of Àugus, I called up to Shekìnya with awe. "Great Shekìnya, I have seen you magnificent array of colors. They have put my source to rest. Let all of your children see your magnitude of power and dominance. " Closely keeping watch at Shekìnya, I began thinking about the missing Akkoán, my missing brethren. "Shekìnya," I blurted awkwardly, "please regather your Akkoán, so we can dwell within your Glory."
        When I stated this, there was sound coming from a tear in the sky. It was the sound of a trumpet calling out to me, but calm like that of rushing waters. "Young one, the time is not right. I have appointed a keeper to watch over this realm until I come. He will be great in many ways. He will have the quill in his right hand, ready to write and record your time." Just then, there was a quaking in the land below me, and I looked beyond the diminishing horizon of the west, because I saw certain brilliance open up where the Expanse touched the Erde. As this quaking shook the Erde below me, Shekìnya gleamed with a brightness I never experienced until now. It was so resilient that his Glory entered into me. "Young one," both Àugus and His Shekinah uttered, "Beyond the gleam of My Shekinah in the horizon of my Plíagge lies the realm of profound absolute. There, Time is full! The one who I have appointed, my Quill Bearer, will keep this supernatural boundary until I come. The appointed one will come from there. He will be mighty and keep watch over your time until it is full, just as it is beyond."
        When I heard the tones of Àugus pronounce his decree of the Quill Bearer--as he shall be called, I began to understand to what the divine plan was. Just before I replied to Àugus, I felt a great wind sweep over the land, and then, it was official, time had begun for the realm of Erde, for the Breath of Àugus has generated it.
        "Young one," Àugus resonated, "Look at the stage layers of your time, for they fall upon the horizontal pages and the origin of my Voice. My own breath has caused your time to begin, and ultimately, to end."
        As the stage layers of our time began winding, I knew that the great navigator, Salvork, a great Archivon Warrior would keep things balanced, for that would be his duty: to keep time constant with the Breath of Àugus. Salvork would also be the key mystery behind the powers that lie beyond the boundary of Plíagge, and he would be the one who would allow the arrival of the great Quill Bearer.
        As time progressed, I saw Shekìnya refine into an orb of energy. As this happened, Shekìnya allowed the mighty wind of Àugus to stir up my insides. As my insides opened up, the great Breath of Àugus quickened my source, and I was given vitality and reason. "Shekìnya," I questioned, "What is it you have done to my life source? For I once was dead, but now I am alive."
        Shekìnya replied, "I have given your realm of Erde reason. You may think for yourselves and reflect upon your life. This is the first of many gifts I shall give to your kind and those who are like you." As He said this, I saw the outer expanse seal up before me and the stage layers of time fell upon an invisible expanse, surrounding the barrier. "I will call this elemental point Uran, and it's dominance will be determined."
        Just then, the powerful orb of Shekìnya whirled about full of might, and I heard a low sound swell in my ears. As Shekìnya whirled about faster and faster, the web of His Glory filled the land around, including myself. As I looked upon myself, I saw flesh appear upon me. My innards were hidden and the brightness of my source was disclosed behind a layer of strong flesh. "Shekìnya," I wondered, "what have you done to my source, for it is hidden from time? Why have you done this to me?" I really felt downcast, losing my certain luminance. I wanted so much to dwell freely as Shekìnya.
        When I asked Shekìnya this, there was no definite reply, but He stated, "It must be done, young one. For you will be different than those who have been formed already. You must set the example. For when I come to you, I will come to you in such matter. I Myself must have become a Man." Then, Shekìnya stopped whirling about, and stated, "The strength and constitution I give to you will be represented by the elemental point of Erde. For you came from the Erde and the flesh around your source will become one with it again."
        I felt sad now. It was apparent, but time would wind down on me one day. This was Shekìnya's way by saying I would not exist in this time forever. Now, time would have a hold on me like the evil Xandràxan stalking its prey.
        "Don't lose hope, young one," Shekìnya encouraged. Suddenly, the penetrating powers of Shekìnya soothed my innards and put them to ease. "Now," Shekìnya echoed from His orb of Glory, "look beyond."
        As I looked outward, the land in front of me bubbled up and formed a great mountain, the great Mount Kravòkalla. When the land rose, the area around the mountain sank, and a clear liquid emerged around the mountain. Soon, I felt peace within my source. This was a different peace then that of Shekìnya. "Do you feel the peace, I have gifted you with, young one? Now, see those waters emerging from below. I have given you purity and peace of mind, and those shall be assigned to the elemental point of Luth."
        After Shekìnya bestowed His three gifts upon me, he ignited my source with a passion to life and journey. Perhaps, it was my duty to go in search for His missing Akkoán, the Children of the Morning, or maybe this was another gift to me. It was not for sure what this awesome passion was, but it stirred much excitement into me. Shekìnya made no mention to this feeling, but He warned me, saying, "Young one, I have given you passion, but be careful how you use this. There will come a time that lust and concupiscence will reign and counterfeit this passion, but a fervent one shall reign. Beware, young one!" As Shekìnya stated this, he became a great shaft of light, arrayed in His bright glorious colors, and announced, "look into the heavens and see the powerful srías. One of my elementals will be mishandled for destruction, but let this srías and My Glory serve as a reminder to you what the Fire - dTreàcach - of life shall be."
        Feeling the warmth and passion of the srías gave me understanding to the message of Shekìnya. I believe Shekìnya was telling to remember the compassion and fervency of His Glory. "I will Shekìnya," I responded delightfully.
        Suddenly, the ground around me began to quake, and the Glory of Shekìnya intensified. The Glory was so bright, that I had to cover my flesh, and protect myself from the intense, majestic rays of His Glory. Was Shekìnya ready to disclose another gift to Time? What was taking place on the Erde? It is not known for sure, but when I tried looking into the bright colors of Shekìnya, I heard a strange conversation-taking place [of concordant summit]. Who was the other party Shekìnya was speaking to? It did not sound familiar, and I could not make out the tones too well, because the mighty Breath that was present was sweeping over my ears too quickly.
        Finally, there was silence in nature, and I looked up. When I peered through the window of my source, there was a great absence, and then, I heard the mighty tones of Àugus pronounce, "there will be one more, young one, one more. Five Elements there will be, but four elemental points exist! One more will satisfy Time on this side of my horizontal page." Then briefly, the expanse above opened briefly, allowing me to see what Àugus was talking about. When I looked, I saw sights unknown to me. Unlike the flourishing garden of Dukwai, which was harmonious, these images layed about the expanse stirred fright into me. They appeared to symbolize the ending of time. Then, Àugus stated, "young one, it is not for you to know the mysteries, which will unfold before your kind, but I will come to you in like matter, as you have seen My Shekinah shine down on you."
        Later, the expanse filled again with the brilliant srías, and time began winding again. Not too long after the winds of Salvork picked up, I heard a crash of lightning, and time was briefly interrupted. Looking up at Mount Kravòkalla, I saw the Quill Bearer place a unique crown atop the head of a great Archivon Warrior. Then the Quill Bearer spoke out across the expanse of his realm of Erde, saying, "I coronate today, as Kuírbha has witnessed with his pronouncement of lightning, the soon-to-be King over Uran, the elemental Air, Exiv the first and mightiest of the Archivon Warriors." As the great Quill Bearer made his declaration, Kuírbha flashed his lightning out of the element of Uran from above, announcing the arrival and coronation of King Exiv.

The light has gone out!
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