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Í-na dacríemh í andeàr, ghafhorch - dta, aàl Casileànn àm cot da gCemain, go sreàsain Cottain da Fhaaluír agas á eccuín, í gcalla òi dTreàcaòain beshír, go líemhan ní tír òecs an cglíc òurannain, mharg thaògruífain aàl tánn Ghoámh da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí. Go dacríemhain athlas, chaò-inn òaira gcòa cuòuinn í go sabboín. Elleàph da hÀugush, go bríhelliópain àm gcoímheàdnain an hardeàchain, aàl go ghalíera shíordhoínnagh òaira lae dtreàcach í elficain. 'Treígcaòain athlas callàdh í ber Sheàcìnnach Haòir í rashadh beshír hEllióphain Haòir,' gharuíf hÀugush. Go ruífain í Bheshír an failte aàl, ghafhorch - dta, ghahíra òi ghoínhain an saíbha na hÒuranush cgí Uísara-Uír.

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        When time began it's cycle, the tear in the sky sealed before me, but because of Shekìnya's magnificent colors, I was allowed to see what would take place in our realm of Ardòna. I saw sights unknown to me, which stirred both, intrigue and fright into me. Life was conducted by the gleam of an elevated sunbeam, and yet, it remained as a mystery to my eyes. I could not explain the mysteries of these sights, but they have been accounted for and recorded by the Quill Bearer. He would be the one to make all records known to our kind. He is the key to our realm and it's many mysteries.
        In the first sight, which I saw, there was the Warrior of nature, who called himself Ví. I saw this Archivon Warrior usher in a time of awakening, the time of iám-peànacha, the season of first fruits. The warrior arose from the ground below and awoke the deadness of nature. It is not known for sure what exactly he was doing, but I felt warmth and revival in my source, seeing nature arise from death. The renewal I saw was made by a pact and marked with a certain feast. The srías rose in splendor and a heavenly choir sang of its gleaming rays. I saw Ví call out to all of nature with a bidding to arise. It became apparent to me that this sight was the aftermath of some sort of death in Arden, but I did not lose hope, when I felt the warmth of Arden's sunbeams in my source.
        In another sight, I saw a golden castle touching the realm of clouds, and I saw a fervent one stand tall upon a mighty tower, a monolithic structure, which penetrated the gleam on an elevated sunbeam. Seeing this vision put my source at ease, and the Breath of Àugus, surrounding and binding Erde, lifted my spirits full of fervency and passion. "This fervent one will see My Shekinah and receive my Breath," Àugus stated. As He stated this, I heard whispering in the heavens [of concordant summit]. Apparently, it would be this man who would bring peace and prosperity to our realm. This sight was unlike any other which I had seen, because there was flourishing hope to it that made it more alive, and the Breath of Àugus stirred up my source with harmony.
        In other sights, which I saw on Krav's great mountain, there was strife and tyranny within a certain curtain of time. When I saw these mysteries, I cringed with fear, for they were full of wrath and desolation , and it was here where his strange cloak of fire extinguished the thriving freshness of Uran. This fire, which had been stoked by the freshness of Uran, was only ignited by his lust and concupiscence. This sight caused much distress in me, and I was overcome with a drained source of energy.
        As I continued looking upward into the realm of Uran from the mountain of Krav, I heard the voice of Shekìnya call down to me. I watched as His bright array of colors shown down on me. "Young one," Shekìnya bellowed, "fret not, for Time does not end there. This curtain, which was revealed to you, will symbolise and represent an unbalance."
        Surrounded by the Glory of Shekìnya, I breathed a sigh of relief, and as I exhaled, the Breath of Àugus caught my breath and washed away the agony and torment in my source. "Thank you, Shekìnya," I replied.
        "Young one," Shekìnya continued, "continue looking into Uran, and see what your innards see."
        After the Breath restored my source, I looked once again into Uran, and I beheld a great spiral of energy wind down upon the mountaintop of Kravòkalla. As I viewed the spiral of energy, it was interlaced with the pure matter of Plíagge and the essence of Time. Finally, the whirling spiral made contact with the surface, and the whole realm of Arden shook from beneath me. When that happened, the realm of Uran darkened and grew black. I was astonished to see this mystery, because the outer expanse was revealed to me again, and I saw the gleam of the elevated sunbeam again. Beforehand, the outer expanse was sealed up for the end of time, but it was I, the one who am called without, who was allowed to see the final mystery of Time.
        Looking into the gleam on an elevated sunbeam, I was translated into my original source . As the translation of my material self became impervious to the fangs of time, I traveled upward to meet the great Coírhía, the source of all life. Breaching the barrier of his horizontal pages, I was standing before the throne of the Source beyond the realm of his Plíagge. "Young one," Àugus resonated, "remember the sights you have seen upon the mountain of My Quill Bearer. There will be a time when an eternal kingdom will unfold. In this time, the Five elements, which were revealed to you , will be forever balanced." Àugus paused for a space of silence, and then he continued, "Yes, there are Five, but I will not disclose to you the mystery behind the fifth one at this time. Do not fret or lose hope, but He is with you for all time."
        Then, I watched as Shekìnya made a spectacle with His array of majestic colors, and I was surrounded by His Glory all around me. When Shekìnya enveloped me within his glorious stream of colors, I heard Shekìnya whisper to me of Concordant Summit , and I looked up after he spoke these strange words. Thereupon the Gleam of the Elevated Sunbeam, I viewed a vision of a lamb and the "mighty, fruitful tree ." These mysteries illuminated my source, but I still could not comprehend the fullness of time and it's meaning.
        "Young one," Shekìnya whispered in my ear, "I feel the emptiness within your source about this mystery, but do not let it pull you down, for there will be one coming from the seed of man, who will see these visions and understand. He will proclaim the mysteries of the Fifth, Unknown Element . " Soon, Shekìnya warmed my source with his Glory, and I was at peace. "Do not fret, young one, for I will be with you for all time."
        After my encounter in the timeless expanse on the gleam, I was translated into my material self and restored upon Mount Kravòkalla. "Great one," I shouted beyond, "What is the mystery of the Fifth Elemental point?" I really wanted to know the purpose of the realm of Arden.
        There was a great silence, and as I shouted upward, the great expanse closed up before me, leaving me distraught. I did not see, hear or feel anything; I did not hear the mighty tones of Àugus, I did not see the magnificent colors of Shekìnya, nor did I feel the freshness of His Breath. Was I forsaken and abandoned to the predator of Time once again? Because Time was interrupted by my translation, would Kuírbha allow me to continue in the realm of Arden? Would he understand the circumstances of my visions, and would he allow me to thrive upon the soil of Arden freely? What was going on in the realm above? As I stared off into the glorious realm of Uran, I saw a flash of lightning and fire from the Archivon Warrior of Kuírbha, and there was a certain absence of the Source of all life. "Please, great Source, do not leave me behind. Allow me to continue in your realm of Arden. I want to be free to roam about to and from your Essence."
        Finally, I sat upon the lush mountaintop of Kravòkalla and watched the stage layers of time wind past the horizon of his Plíagge. Once again, Kuírbha and Salvork allowed time to continue its cycle, and as I watched the stage layers, Krav came near me and comforted my downcast source. "Young one," Krav began remorsefully, "do not give up. I believe the wonderful Children of the Morning will satisfy your longing and aching soul. You must seek them out!"
        Overcome with passion once again, I stood up strong like the mighty pillar of Krav, and proclaimed, "That must be the key to fulfilling the final mystery. I will go and find the Akkoán, for they can satisfy my source."
        Krav was delighted by my glee, and not too soon after my announcement, I felt the fresh and awesome Breath of Àugus stir up my source. "The Breath has freed me, Krav. Let us go in search of the Children of the Morning. Because this Arden is held together by His Breath, we can go on! Let us go beyond the place of His horizontal pages to the origin of His Voice."
        Then, Krav stated, "Young one, I am between realms. I cannot go with you. "]]END[[As Krav mentioned this, He sat back down upon his pillar and looked out across the vastness of his realm. Finally, he turned to me and mentioned, "look out across the vastness of Arden, for I have much to tend to and much to record for my realm. You, on the other hand, can go without me and look for our missing brethren."
        For the first time, since the formation of Arden, I was angry with Krav, and retorted, "How can you be selfish? You can record our time with me! Let us go together and search for others like us. The Breath of the Coírhía will be our guide, and Salvork will take us across towards the horizontal pages of His Voice."
        Just as I was conversing with Krav, accusing him of being slothful, I heard a trumpeting sound echo from out of the realm of Uran. The trumpeting grew louder and resonated in my ears. Krav continued sitting upon the pillar, and remained unmoved by the noise, echoing in his realm. Soon, the trumpeting stopped, and a soft, ethereal voice of a woman whispered in my ears in musical tones. "Young one," the ethereal voice chanted, "you are the one without, but you are the one who can be. Travel across the sea towards the realm of Plíagge. Set your sights on the horizon of His Voice, and raise your sails high. The navigator, Salvork, will guide your ship beyond the sea. Take my companion, King Exiv, with you, for his kingdom will be great, and I will become one with him on the other side. His light has given me beauty, and I have given birth to harmony ." As I heard the soft voice sing and chant to me, I looked into the realm of Uran, where a silvery, cloud firmament intermixed with the stage layers of time. Many intricate designs formed into various shapes. As the clouds danced about freely in the realm of Uran, the mighty srías glistened upon the stage layers and the clouds. "Young one," the soft, ethereal voice continued, "see my beautiful designs, for they dance about merrily in the mighty rays of my companion's light. He is called the Mighty One. It was the light of his srías which gave me my beauty and charm, young one."
        Soon, I saw her, the omnivivacious light of King Exiv. She appeared in the clouds and her beauty blinded the light of my eyes. "I cannot see you, my sweet one. Why has your beauty blinded my sight?"
        "I am the light of King Exiv, the Warrior of the Sun in your realm of Arden. I am Queen Saa'skàuty. Your kind cannot see me shine. My clouds will cover my beauty. The srías of my King Exiv has given me vivacious beauty, and it must not be seen." Soon, the cloud covering hid the omnivivacious light of the woman as a cloak and the light of my eyes returned to me. "For my figure is the splendor of awesome light. It is a blessing of King Exiv, the sun in the sky."
        Hearing the soft, mystical voice of the Archivon Heroine of the Clouds enraptured my source. It was refreshing to hear her sweet tones in my source, but still, my total peace has come from the Breath of Àugus, for he has set me free. It was the great source of all life, the Mighty Coírhía, to whom I owe my existence!
        After my encounter with the Heroine of the Clouds, I vowed to keep her close to my heart, setting sail across the sea unto Plíagge in search for the Children of the Morning. I did not hesitate after my encounter with her, so I immediately rushed to journey for the Children of the Morning. Bidding Krav farewell, he wished me well on my journeys and he even stated that one-day he would join me, when Time was right.
        Just as I traveled down the side of Mount Kravòkalla, I passed the Sacred Sanctuary and heard the realm of Uran open up with a crash of lightning. Looking skyward, I saw the mighty King Exiv, flanked by Kuírbha, ride down to me upon a mighty stallion. "Young one," King Exiv called out with might in his voice, "Let us go now and travel the sea towards Plíagge. Let Salvork navigate our vessel through time, for on the other side of time lies my kingdom, and it will be the place you can may put your source at ease. With my might, we will meet your brethren, the Children of the Morning."
        Making our departure, the realm of Uran sealed up behind the layers of clouds, and it was here for the first time the mighty srías rested and fell across the western horizon on the pages of the Voice. "Look young one, my mighty srías will take us across the sea, for my srías has paved the way for us. Let us meet with it's brilliance on the other side of time and find the people of harmony. There my power will be complete with the Harmony."

The light has gone out!
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