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"Sheàcìnha còa odachain Dhrí da hÒuranùsh go forèchain. Àal scó còa odachain Mheàlla go forèchain, í scó àal ceànn bruínann à troínann nen Shólathairain go còa phaílain odach. Àal scó odachain nen Òuomh-Failtain go líeran an shad, í scó-còa od go nloírcha lá Ghoámh da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí, ruírmhair à bhí." Tara Shafhalóa hachàugmaoín an gmeórch. Oíag da Fhairesh pleàfadh ní beshírach an failte, sra gcòa go graòppa beshír lá Lhaànceàhnain an cGlaòmhuàlainn sí, í-far ebhnaòn uá, í ghabhaòlla Oíag da hOággachain beshírn. Shafhalóa solaim-haphuá gcómhain beshíra, í ghasash beshírn an sha na sha àm peàmh go dethrain. "Fín òaira, Sólathair odair còa à eàchaoin go nloírcain í go seànnain an síc. Lím-ní ceàrtadh Shólsíemhain odair Gránn da gCollereàch, í meàgbhíar ber go faelain Nheíthra-Hilùfain mír. Meàllaoin í Àulail ber - braínnain an sareàs Thessaòlaid mhoírmaòrch an laód. Sash àal í-narch shír athlas, ber - forèchadh - dta, an reàchas da Hàulainàgh, í shíeann gcòa! Trab marg go ruífain an òi à uán. Àugma àal, alám fairan òig o sreàmmach, ó-mharg solas dacríemh an òi aòuomh."

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        The sky of Uran was filled with fire, the fire of battle, the fire of Kuírbha and the Storm of the Horse Legion. As Kuírbha sent forth his Lightning Wraiths against the Horse Legion of Isàs Cristarís, the men of Dunsha made their move against the elves of Cátern. Medía Lankìnya gathered the river elves at Thoris Port in Struíl Forest. She summoned a meeting with her followers, for the time of her pregnancy was at hand. She would give birth to Iskàul, god of water, and her fall would be restored.
        "Look at the sky. It is on fire. The Queen's clouds bleed. She should not have written me off. Let them bleed and diminish." Medía was angered at her sister for her beauty and majesty. "Soon, my reckoning will be at hand, and this realm will be mine." She held up Paíf, and it captured the essence of Kuírbha.
        Croàta opened wide, ready to take her in. Has Croàta opened its mouth for me? She thought and worried. I must test the purity of the elves, am I not?
        Her curse upon Vaaluir was heard throughout the East, and the elves felt the struggle of her soul. Lankìnya is a peril in the Realm of Arden. She does not know what she does, and yet, as we feel her pain, she will not be forgiven of her debt. The fallacy of Medía Lankìnya's ideals would not grant her restoration.
        Finally, King Shafhalóa writhed in pain from the Plague of Tears and the Prince of Cátern knelt down to comfort his father. The Essence of Shekìnya readied to depart from the great King. His anointing on the ill king was almost over. King Shafhalóa embraced his own death by blessing his son. He gasped and choked from the sickness of his soul, which depleted its bounty of water. "Shekìnya give you the dew of heaven. May he give you peace, make your enemies bow to you, and may he make your brothers and sisters kneel before your line. May he raise you up on the last day and be forever blessed by the Gleam of an Elevated Sunbeam." King Shafhalóa gasped and choked. The hour of death was upon him, for he was sickened beyond all healing, and his time of immortality was at an end. Shafhalóa turned to his son and pulled him close to his ear. "My son, your line is both blessed and cursed. Through your line the seed of tyranny will come with the crucible of fire. Man and elf will commit a horrible abomination. Be sure that the purity of the elves is kept sacred and potent. Glory Be! Write down all that I have said. Tell it, so they do not forget what I have seen today."
        The King lowered his hand and ceased to exist. His light was at peace in the Land of the Free Sea, lying on the Horizon. After the King ceased to live, the Essence of Shekìnya departed from him and returned to the Source. The town of Vall mourned the loss of their king. "Do not shed your tears," the Prince encouraged. "For he has not fallen, if you remember him. Forgot not that he has passed into the Land of the Free Sea."

        Without delay, the Cátern elves journeyed northward into the Draccòna Mountains to Sólungcallas, the Cleft of the Eye, in the Kingdom of Eluíra. There, they would anoint their new king, Shafhalóa II. The Cleft of the Eye (Sólungcallas) lies due east of Yaívtag (Òeàibh na Theòg) and the cleft is regarded sacred amongst the elves in the East. It is one of the three sacred sites of elfkind in this arden, and the Cleft of the Eye is the place where the Queen of all elves awaits the anointing of Shekìnya. The Prince of Cátern was in due time to be anointed by the Essence of Shekìnya, for the Day of eírach, the time of anointing, was at hand.
        The Cleft is guarded by four crystal towers; one on the east, pointing to Sól Àibhairreòs in the Frontier; south, pointing towards Vall; north, pointing towards the Crown City; and finally, west, pointing towards Yaívtag, the city of elfin purity. The eastern tower is constructed within the crystal structure of Dheònn. In the west, the crystal tower of Aloírnn protects the mountainside from invaders, while serving as an eye to Yaívtag below and to the kingdoms of men in the West. The crystal tower of Buánn serves as a watchtower for the elves in Cátern, and the crystal tower of Cruínn serves as a watchtower for Queen Saskía in the North. In the center of these majestic, ornate towers, an interlacing circle is engraved upon the main grounds of the Cleft, the circle of the Mystic (Còsha da Eàbhnoín). Each tower, denoting a point on the edge of the interlacing circle, represents the four elemental points of Arden. The stone engravings within the circle of the cleft are designed with the precious display of nature and the mystifying artistry of the elves in Arden.
        Three days from departing Vall, the elves met with Lord Ellàphnoír of Eluíra on the cleft to anoint the next king of elves, but the heavens laid in turmoil and despair. Would another King be anointed, yet in this dreary hour? The elves thought. Where is the eye of the Queen? They thought. When will she return? The thunder of Isàs penetrates the depths of Vaaluir, and the omnivivacious light of the Queen cannot see beyond the wings of Argul.
        Arriving at Sólungcallas and convening on the Mystic Circle, the elves feared the fiery times and the bleeding sky. Has King Exiv forgotten us all? They thought. "À Plían an shaleàch! Go toír sín! Scó mhoírlogh còa brenneòn! [1] " the elves methodically chanted towards the Horizon. "Go toír sín! Go toír sín!" They wished to see the eye of omnivivacious light and the Essence of Shekìnya rightly bestowed upon their prince in this arden once again.
        The ethereal chant of the elves captivated the ears of the "ancient dragon," Parreàs-Ashaàr, and he came down from the fiery sky of Uran like a projectile from a trebuchet. His silvery, blue scales glistened against the eerie heavens. "Glory be!" He spoke. "For the elves have chanted a spell, but these are dreary times, where the Queen is hidden behind Argul. And, the Horizon remains shut."
        The elves looked up, seeing the glistening of the "ancient dragon." It was the only light in the dark sky, and it was the only source of comfort the elves could depend upon. Because the sorcery of Medía Lankìnya was too great, the Realm of Arden was depressed, and only the Prince of Cátern did not fear the turmoil in this arden. The Holy Altar will be erected in due time, he reminded to himself.
        Then, the sorrow of Lord Ellàphnoír dimmed the spirit of the other elves. "Great Parreàs-Ashaàr of the Kue Mountains, why do you not dwell in your home, during this chilling time? It is a blessing to see your glistening scales, yet while wait for the anointing of Shekìnya. However, we doubt that the queen will appear to us, to anoint our prince," Lord Ellàphnoír admitted hopelessly. "Krav has left us for the Horizon, King Exiv has forgotten our Collective Thought, and now, the Queen has forsaken us," he worried with fear. A tear formed in his eye.
        "Do not lose heart," Parreàs-Ashaàr encouraged Lord Ellàphnoír. He flew down and landed on the cleft. As he folded up his wings, the glistening of his scales enchanted the mountainside and the four crystal towers on the Mystic Circle blazed with an ethereal glow. Even below the cleft, the elves in Yaívtag were filled with wonder and astound by the light at Sólungcallas, the Cleft of the Eye. His scales bear the hope of light. They wondered in Yaívtag. His light is the beacon in the night, a hope for the Queen to find her way home.
        "I am sure the Queen would not forget her own kind," he lightly expressed to the depressed elves at the Cleft. "She will find you."
        Taking notice to the glistening of his scales, the Lord Ellàphnoír still remained unsure.
        "Sadness proceeds Goodfortune," he reminded the elves. "Yet, while you wait for your Queen, the power of the Blue River dims. I have a secret." Holding up one of his clawed appendages, Parreàs-Ashaàr was grasping onto a small pouch. "In this pouch, I found something." He tenderly opened the bag and a blue light emanated dimly from within. The elves looked inside, and they were filled with awe. They knew what it was that was emanating the blue light.
        "How?" They wondered.
        "She fled. With the news and death of King Shafhalóa, your king, she fled into my domain, perhaps to hide and give birth." Parreàs-Ashaàr closed the bag back up, hiding the contents of the bag from the Realm of Arden. He fluttered his wings as if a signal to inspire the Realm of Arden. "Even now, as the Legion of Isàs Cristarís has stormed over the Lightning Wraiths of Kuírbha, the contents of this pouch will be kept safe for all time. I will keep it locked up in the Kue Mountains. The evil within this pouch must be kept away from your kin and your neighbors." The "ancient dragon" fluttered his wings again. "It will destroy this realm if it were to be wielded. It is evil." Parreàs-Ashaàr adamantly warned.
        "It is over, then?" The elves hoped.
        Parreàs-Ashaàr raised his long neck with a sort of pride. "Those who followed the sorcery of Medía Lankìnya have been judged. The river elves who payed homage to Medía Lankìnya were cursed by the power of the blue river, embracing the darkness it beheld [2], and those men of Dunsha under Roué, the evil king, were stripped of their power, becoming soldiers of the cursed [3]. They, too, were harshly judged and cursed. All those who divided and stood against this arden have tasted the bitterness of judgement."
        "What of her riches?" The elves asked. "She stole riches from the goodness of this realm."
        The mouth of the "ancient dragon" widened, as if he were grinning. "I have claimed her riches. She lost them all to the greed of the dwarfs, and now she fears the fiery furnace of Croàta. Khiim Kharios, the stone god of the dwarfs has locked the vault to her riches in the Kue Mountains."

        Finally after much turmoil and despair in this arden, the omnivivacious light of the Queen fell upon the cleft and negated the glistening of the dragon. She has seen the beacon to find us, the elves thought. We should have never feared or doubted it, for the mood of this realm has penetrated our being with despair. "Glory be to the Queen of Vaaluir," The elves proclaimed proudly.
        There was a moment of silence for the restoration of this arden, and the "ancient dragon" flew upward into the clouds of Vaaluir. His duty encouraging the elves was complete. His beacon had gone with great notice, and the Queen found the elves.
        After the departure of Parreàs-Ashaàr, The eye of the Queen peered down from Vaaluir on the Prince of Cátern, and she found favor in him. "In the spirit of our realm and the glory of Coírhía, the purity of the elves remains true and honest in the heart of the Prince. Yet, even though he did not have foresight into our realm as a gift from the Essence of Shekìnya, his spirit remains steadfast and confident."
        The Queen spoke with a euphonious and ethereal chant that pacified the mood of the elves for the first time, since the sorcery of Medía Lankìnya. "You, the Prince of Cátern, will be found with delight by Coírhía. You did not despair, nor did you lose hope in this dreary time, when the sorcery of my sister turned on us. Your spirit is a demonstration of astuteness to restore the dimmed lights in the East. May you be anointed by the Essence of Shekìnya, remaining on the Gleam of an Elevated Sunbeam. Glory be!"
        Because of the confidence of the Prince, the resplendence of the Queen and the omnivivacious light was revealed upon the Prince of Cátern, and her beauty temporarily blinded him. "The light has gone from my eyes. I have seen the omnivivacious light of the beautiful Queen."
        This was a unique event for the Queen, for she rarely revealed the extent of her beauty to anyone, save King Exiv. "You must not see the anointing of Coírhía upon your heart, so I must reveal to you my beauty instead, beloved." The Queen spoke melodically. "Receive the anointing of the Source."
        Soon, the full extent of Vaaluir opened up and the rim of Plíagge blazed with a holy light. Is the Horizon open now? The elves thought. They watched on and the anointing of their prince. They peered into the heavens and the stage layers of time rolled up into the Celeste. The sky was marked with the stars and the lights of Ràvinya. The elves were filled with awe, and they were allowed to see beyond the Horizon, the other worlds of the Source. "Behold, the Source has revealed to us a mystery, not seen since the formation of this realm," they proclaimed in one accord. "We have seen the sights beyond."
        Appearing amidst the markings of Ràvinya and other worlds, the elves saw the Beàmha throne, and sitting upon it was Coírhía. He spoke out with the bellowing strength of Àugus to the elves at Sólungcallas. "The Horizon is shut for a time, but salvation will come to you in due time. May your beloved prince receive the Essence of Shekìnya."
        Before long, the elves remaining on the cleft saw the glory of Shekìnya fall upon this arden from the Source. The beautiful train of his colors permeated throughout all of existence. The Prince of Cátern stood steadfast and remained temporarily blind during this time. Soon, the elves focused their attention on the prince, for the train of his colors fell upon him and enveloped him. "Receive my blessing," Coírhía announced to the Prince. "Breathe in my essence through your nostrils."
        Looking on, the elves watched in awe as the glory of Shekìnya entered into the Prince. The omnivivacious light of the Queen remained upon his eyes during this time, allowing the anointing of Shekìnya to take place. While the other elves were permitted to watch this extraordinary event, the Prince remained blind to his own anointing, for it was not permitted of him to see Shekìnya enter into his own being and lay upon his heart.
        Soon, King Shafhalóa II gave utterance, for the Essence of Shekìnya inflamed his soul with fervor. "He who has seen into the mystery of the Concordant Summit beyond the Water of Life is forever blessed. He will behold great might and wield the elements like a storm. The wind should obey his command. The fire will burn by a wink of an eye. Water will come forth by the touch of his finger. The Uísara Uír will be seen on him, but he himself will be Uí Làul, a simple man of wisdom. Beware to he who upholds the crucible of fire. You each shall be surely cast out! Beware you who bring division again, for you will tremble by the power of the elements!"
        The Queen of elves veiled her being, so the King of Cátern could see once again, and the elves at Sólungcallas bowed their heads to the newly, anointed King of Cátern. The elves replied to the King. "May she, who bears the Water of Life, and he who has seen the mystery of the Concordant Summit, bring unity of the elements once again. May there be peace, harmony and tranquility in this domain of Krav, the Realm of Arden." The elves raised their heads towards the Celeste. "May the Source of Shekìnya remain upon the gleam of the Elevated Sunbeam, which covers and protects our realm forever."
        "The seed of the Glorious Woman will prevail. Within her womb is the water of life that satisfies the thirsty and powerless Elemental Points. May there be peace, harmony and tranquility in the Realm of Arden once again, this domain of Krav," the King of Cátern proclaimed to the elves.
        Soon thereafter the Day of Eírach had been fulfilled, the Celeste hid behind the light of King Exiv once again and the Srías shown down on the Realm of Arden again, sealing the mystery of the Horizon until a later time. ^

[1] "À Plían an shaleàch! Go toír sín! Scó mhoírlogh còa brenneòn…" And the Horizon is Shut! Open the door! May Doom be bound! This is an ancient, elfin chant, which was commonly sung by elves in the Sad Era and Fire Era. Go toír sín is a very obscure translation. It could mean that the doors are living and active and have their own resplendence, a life of their own. It could be a command or a "spell" to unlock the horizon. ^

[2] "…cursed by the power of the blue river, embracing the darkness…" Those elves who helped Medía Lankìnya became a feral race of elves, cursed with boils, sores and sea-green skin. Closely related to Orc, these elves became known as síc seòmhainn-lail. ^

[3] "…stripped of their power, becoming soldiers of the cursed…" Those men who helped King Roue were taken by the dark light, becoming liches, the living dead, neither alive nor dead. This cursed army of men became known as the mheòllòainn-síc ^

The light has gone out!
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