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Then, General Draconisse na Struílhuim approached Kinkayle and whispered in his ear. "He tells the truth, Daulky. Also, there is something else. Someone is looking for you. Before we negotiated, we met a strange figure in white, inquiring about your whereabouts, but we didn't know what became of you. You vanished, mysteriously. We thought you were captured by your own people."

(Chronicles of Tristan: The Revelation)

I will be by your side!

This digest is an introduction to the “Water Accounts” in the Book of the Morning and the history of the “Ikhyan” or Ichòainn from the Chronicles of Tristan: The Revelation and The Chronicles of Tristan: In Search of the Welgòrzhsa. The appearance of this Àieollain [1] has appeared throughout the ages in many forms. With the rise of King Tarshal and Queen Àisleàng, the Agàifherreòs Cadhá [2], the White Consoler or Prophet, returns to the aid of the Queen…however, it appears that his advice may bring harm to the Queen…

Clyde Caldwell
Artist: Clyde Caldwell © 2004
The Appearance of the Ichòainn was spotted in Thoris Port
on various times of its sacking, in the year 3 BA.

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         “Did you see it? What was it?” Lankìnya asked the stranger in white robes. Her face filled with fear and shadow. The sight of the dark cloud of doom translated in her being and she incorporated the strange eerie sensation of the cloud in her heart. Standing catatonic from the sights in her mind, she gazed mysteriously out over the bastion of Tír Ashleàng towards the Sea of Judgement. She had just seen the vilest of creatures of the land and she lost track of where she was at the moment. “His yellow eyes penetrated my soul. The gaping maw with large, razor sharp teeth reached out for me. And…and, his face was black as cinder! It was a beast coming out of the cold places of Arden. White…white everywhere I looked, but I saw blackness grow against it! It was the creature of fear!” She shivered and a blank, twitching stare became the expression of her face.
         “Not to worry my dear. The scepter you have in your hand has many potentials that will amplify your powers. It will protect you from the beast you saw. Do not think it wicked. Do not forget that the scepter was formed from the Aódh of Argùl.“ The stranger in white consoled and refreshed the heart of Lankìnya. He lowered his head and placed his right hand on her head. “Be assured my dear, but I will not bring harm to you. I will always be by your side.” He fixed his white robes and stroked his white beard as he mused upon the distress of Lankìnya. “I will be by your side.” (Book of the Morning: Account of Argùl)

Who is this stranger in white, counseling Lankìnya? Where did he come from? There are several occasions when the stranger in white appears to Lankìnya before her fall from Vaaluir. Sometimes he appears as a spirit or in corporeal form. And, he is always by her side saying, “Ber àieollain gcòa òi agas eànd mír.” Or, “I will be by your side.”

Is it possible that this “white consoler” could deceive Lankìnya? In the later accounts of her fall, it is noted that the spirit of the “white consoler” never shows up to help her against her plights with the Queen and the elves. It should be noted by the syntax in the “white consoler’s” statement, but it appears that he is calling himself  “Àieollain” and he is not saying, “…by your side.”

During the time of Queen Àisleàng, she too had the aid of a wise consoler just as Medía Lankìnya. She reported on several times that the “white consoler” came to her at Tír Ashleàng to help her against the "Síc Seòmhain-làil" (Orc Invasion) and the "Síc Mheòlhòainn" (Lich Army) in Dunsha. During this time, King Tarshal was away; fighting his campaigns in the West with Càinclaòigh nUinseànn, the Ancient. The Queen reported to her scribes that she was getting false information and King Exiv did not know of the “white consoler” through Collective Thought. Suspicions arose with the Queen and before she knew it, the “white consoler” fled into the Struíl Forest, where he was reported captured by fairies. Another spirit came out of Lutta, named Agas Sroíngal [
3] to help drive the “white consoler” away. He gave aid to the Queen at the Fairy Fortress of Eócoimh near the southern edge of the Struíl Forest. This did not solve all the problems the Queen hoped for, because the strange “white consoler” would appear to her and stalk her as a “shadowy apparition.”

A Shadowy Apparition! Many millennia later, another individual would be stalked by a similar spirit. In the Diary of Daulky Kinkayle, it is cited on Garroàsha 19 3 BA (November 19, VI:33)…

        We spent the rest of the day at the Skoàl Outpost, enjoying the serenity of Struíl Forest. Night began to enshroud the area. Saying our prayers to Exiv, I found myself next to Tarshah, praying. As I mentioned previously, I have not prayed with zeal in years because of my downfall. After our prayers, we gathered up branches and twigs to build a fire. As I strolled off into the forest away from the clearing to gather my share, an eerie breeze swept through the tranquility of the peaceful forest. Feeling the cold breeze, I put the wood down and pulled my cloak around me. I looked back towards the clearing but did not see anyone, and when I called out for Itheuks, there was no response. As I turned back around, I saw a strange robed figure off in the distance, standing under the moonlight. It frightened me, because it repealed the harmony of the forest. Then I gasped, as the figure began walking towards me. His face was hooded, and I only saw his mouth, because of the hood. He continued walking and the leaves under his feet crunched. I stood frozen. Then the figure stopped at a pace's distance from me and spoke in a low, raspy voice.
        "Help me," the figure murmured. As he spoke, he held his hands out in agony.
        After he spoke to me, I was able to move from my frozen state, and I ran back to the clearing. Looking over my shoulder as I ran, behold, I saw nothing except a layer of mist blanketing the forest ground. I stopped and turned completely around in bewilderment. The figure was gone!
        I walked back and met with the rest of the group at the outpost, and Itheuks seemed excitable for some reason.
        "You'll never guess what I just saw," Itheuks uttered.
        Itheuks sat at one of the benches, stiff as a rod, and his face was pale and formidable.
        "I saw something frightening," Itheuks said, pointing back towards the forest.
        "You saw it too?" I exhilarated. (Fairyn 4)

Again on Saíbhsabba 29, 1 BA (October 29, VI:35)…

        As I walked away from her, she flirted her eyes at me and stood to her feet. Then she sat down posing herself erotically on one of the logs in a seductive form, trying to lure me back. On this cool night of Saíbhsabba (October), Velora was barely wearing anything at all; only a two piece garment. Her garments revealed her apportionate body, and when I saw her pose on the log, I was overtaken by her gorgeous physique. This was a special night for Velora and I because we were away from each other for a long month. I began my service to the Struíl at the end of the month of Noròasabba (September), the windy month. So, just to be with each other again was rewarding. Continuing to walk away from the Outpost, I lost my balance and fell because I kept looking in Velora's direction, even though she was soon out of my sight. I layed on the ground for awhile facing the fallen leaves on the forest floor, and chuckled with excitement.
        When I picked myself up and kneeled, my face was still looking at the ground and, suddenly, I saw two feet fitted with sandals standing in front of me. I was wary when I saw the feet and I shook up inside. I raised my head slowly and what I saw pierced me. Behold, standing in front of me was a strange, robed man peering down at me. When I saw him, I only saw his mouth because the hood of his cloak covered his eyes and face. His robe was black and something familiar about this incident disturbed me. Ah yes, this was the same robed figure I saw three years ago in this same forest.
        The figure continued to peer down as I stood to my feet in a hurry. This time, as I saw the strange robed man, I was not as frightened as the first time, when I saw him. As the figure continued standing without movement, I finally had the courage to speak to the figure.
        "Who are you?"
        The figure continued standing, not saying a word. He just stood there as the breeze in the forest ruffled his cloak and hood.
        "What do you want of me?"
        Again, silence.
        After repeated inquiring, I was distraught, and as I turned around to leave, the figure finally spoke in a low raspy voice. "Beware, Daulky Kinkayle. Thoris Port has fallen and, soon, this earth will be enshrouded by the evil cloak of his fire."
        Hearing the raspy voice of the man caused me to turn around in amazement. The figure knew my name.
        "How do you know my name?"
        The figure, once again, was silent to my querying, and finally he turned away and walked into the forest, bewailing in a loud hoarse voice, "Beware! The fire of the elves will go out! The cloak of his fire will fall as shadows on the leaves."
        I watched, as the robed figure walked away under the rays of the moonlight. Soon, the figure disolved into a mist and disappeared in the rays of the moon. I stood there for a minute and marveled. What was this figure? (Dakrav 3)

Also, on Anuásha 13 2AA (Sleeping Month 13, VI:38)...

        That night was extremely cold out. Karah was fast asleep on my bed, and I was sitting in front of the fire, keeping warm and reading Yíshav's Book. The wind outside the castle was howling and a snowstorm pillaged the Kue Mountains. The air inside the castle was very brisk, so I had to keep warm by the hearth, and I covered myself in afghans. I was glad to have Karah back in my care after her six year absence. She looked the same, the day she was taken, and still, I find it odd, but who would think about taking her away from me. It still was an unsolved mystery.
        I continued sitting up in my chair, while thinking about all that has happened the last three years. I was thinking about the mighty rule of the great Saa'welkstrau in all of Eíshk, as well as the great message of the Shekapence Movement. It was a great three years for all of us in Eíshkon History. Because of the mighty Saa'welkstrau, Yíshav has restored the forgotten Utterance of peace, harmony, and tranquility.
        Continuing to dwell on these exciting events, the fire in the hearth cast faint shadows in the room, making the flames of my desk candles, seem to dance about with the shadows in the room. It was like the flames were dancing with joy. Suddenly, I heard a strange echoing moan reverberate in the hallway. Immediately, I stood to my feet, reached for my Kíettan Sword hung over the mantle. It was carefully sheathed in it's scabbard. I looked behind me and Karah was still fast asleep. I stood by my door, putting my ear against the door and listening. The solid oak door was very cold, but the chill did not bother me. I wanted to make sure everything was safe, so the cold, oak door was appreciated. I heard a faint whisper on the other side of the door.
        “Help me, Kinkayle. I will be by your side. I will aid you!” The whisper tempted.
        Then, without warning, a strong gust of wind blew open the window over my desk, extinguishing the candles on the desk. I looked back, again, to make sure Karah was still tucked in bed, and she was. When the window blew open, she turned over in bed to a more comfortable position.
        Approaching the window, and straining to see, I strutted forward, maintaining my balance against the forceful gusts of wind. I bent over my desk, looking out the window. When I peered out, the snow was coming down in massive quantities. Everything on the mountaintop was completely covered with fresh snow. Then, I saw someone outside in the storm; it was a robed man. When I saw the man, the dark robe, he was wearing, stood out against the white covering on the mountaintop. It was the same black figure, following me the past few years. As he stood upright and steadfast, enshrouded by the falling snow, he was unmoved by the powerful storm, and the blizzard whirred up around him. He continued standing, and I could only see his mouth. When he tilted his head upward in my direction, he had a crooked, sinister smile on his face, making me feel colder than the brisk weather around me. Lightning blazed on the mountaintop and the dark figure laughed with a sinister howl like the wind whirling around him.
        “The dark cloak of his fire has fallen, Kinkayle of the Corridor. Now, let those who have hope…despair, for the wolf never died. He merely laid dormant for years and years. He will feed once again, and you will all forget where you are, where you were and where you will be.” The figure spoke loudly against the wind in a low, raspy voice. “Thoris Port is gone and now the earth will be enshrouded in the dark cloak of his fire. The banners of water will never stand, for Thoris Port is overthrown and annihilated.”
        Quickly, I stepped back and bolted the windows again, and scrambled to relight the candles on my desk. Once again, I turned around, making sure Karah was still asleep. I sighed with relief, for she was still fast asleep. Now, I was really beginning to wonder, who was this robed man. The last time I saw him, there was some sort of change in events in my life. I prayed to Yíshav for His protection, and believed He was watching over me. I was beginning to believe that this figure was the bringer of death. I watched years ago the turmoil and devastation of Thoris Port.
        As I grabbed the Afghans off the trunk at the foot of the bed, there was an abrupt knock on my door. I flinched, and Karah woke up startled.
        "What's the password," I inquired? I scurried over to protect Karah.
        "Daulky, it's me, Itheuks."
        "Seriously, what's the password," I asked, "just to be sure?"
        "Daulky," Itheuks ecstatically replied, "Síehan. Now, please let me in."
        Relieved, I got up after comforting Karah, and ubolted the door. When I opened it, Itheuks was very timid. As spoke, he was stuttering, trying to pronounce his words out. Then, Itheuks pointed down the hall towards the east wing of the castle, where the trouble was coming from. By the look on Ithueks face, I knew he was not cold, but afraid.
        "Come. Quick."
        I followed Itheuks to his bedroom on the east wing. When I went into his room, there was a fiery glow, gleaming from the window. I moved Itheuks aside, and peered out the window. Low, and behold, the fiery glow was a raging inferno. I squinted out the window through the tempest snowstorm, and the fire was burning in the Tristan Point Ceàrthaòdh; someone had set the Ceàrthaòdh on fire. Before I was able to do anything else, I heard Karah scream, and I immediately ran back to my room.
        Karah was sitting up in bed with bulging eyes, and the bedsheets were covering her mouth from the unspeakable terror.
        "What, Karah," I said calmly, "What is it?"
        Karah pointed to the mantle of the hearth. I walked to the hearth, but when I saw, what she was pointing at, I backed away towards her. What I saw, rekindled old memories of my family history.
        "Karah," I faltered, while holding her, "not a again. Please, Yíshav, make this stop!"
        Written on the ostentatious walls of Tristan's royal bedroom over the adamantine hearth, were the words, scripted in the ancient runic alphabet of Cáterneásh: Athair da gCull, Fínn da nÀilcha [
4]. It was written in blood and it stippled down the wall as a creeping death. I sat next to Karah with a familiar fear from long ago, but I now believed, I was protected by Yíshav's right hand. He was in control of everything, though we lived in troublous times of death. The fire of his cloak threatened all life. Elves were being slaughtered by the thousands by the hand of King Ilùviuks. These were perilous times, perilous times in the crucible of fire. (Divan 1).

On more than one occasion this same spirit or being stalks Daulky (Chronicles of Tristan I) and, later, Itheuks (Chronicles of Tristan II). It is quite possible that this spirit is a form of the Xandràxan or Kuírbha. Once thought as the wise consoler of Sàiebhí, the god of the Ancients, this consoler is certainly a bad influence in the Realm of Arden. After all, this evil presence was later manifested in a dark figure, not a "white prophet." This digest was inspired by two coworkers at Golden Corral in Medina, Ohio. Thanks Caleb Knight and Janean Kelm.

[1] …Àieollain (EE-yohl-li ’ ). The name the evil spirit gave to Queen Àisleàng was Àieollain, relating to the term, aluín, "aside" or "near." When it was realized that the spirit was masquerading itself as a servant of light and manipulating her, Queen Àisleàng was faced with the peril of being haunted by it. She gained help from the Neither Sea, by the Spirit of Agas Sroíngal. ^

[2] …Agàifherreòs Cadhá (AG-her-ROS KA-thay). The “White Prophet.” This “consoler” is often mistaken as the god of the Ancients, Sáeibhí gCaggóth. Because of the mistaken identities, the both are often confused. One appears as the true “prophet” of the ancients, but one poses himself as an angel of light to deceive. ^

[3] …Agas Sroíngal (A-ges SRÖN-gal). Edge of Hanging, or Dangling. The name given to the ominous spirit who helps and protects Queen Àisleàng from the stalking spirit at Eócoimh, while King Tarshal was fighting his campaign in the West. Agas Sroíngal came out of Lutta to warm the Queen's heart and give her hope of the birth of Iskàul. ^

[4] ...Àthair da gCull. Fínn da nÀilcha (A-hair de GULL. FEEN de NELCH). "Father of Destruction. Son of Dread." This riddle has plagued the Kinkayle Line for years, but more specifically, Daulky Kinkayle. The first appearance of this riddle was at the Kinkayle Manor on the night of the Kinkayle Massacre at the Galíf Orchards near Lebír Lake. The meaning and answer of the riddle finally surfaced during the Noíragga Nheíthra of Daulky Kinkayle. It was his own demise and it spelled the doom of his life, the ongoing annihilation of the elves in Arden, and the "Fire of King Ilùviuks." ^

§ Thank you for not nicking my material §

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