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§ A Tribute to 9/11 §

Lo and behold! The Two Towers of Cátern are the Two Towers of America. In c.18,877 BA, during the reign of King Exiv, King Shafhalóa, the first king of the elves, died horribly and unexpectedly (Akkoá: The Created Morning, Account of Mharabhàunt). He is the first elf in the Book of the Morning to die and pass on. It was a shock to the other elves, even to the person responsible for his illness. King Shafhalóa was a mighty king, but he was plagued by a great illness by a powerful sorceress, named Medía Lankìnya. The light of Shafhalóa’s being and the immortality of his soul were at hand upon contracting the evil Plague of Tears, given to him by Medía Lankìnya.

Manhattan Skyline
Artist: Public Domain © 2001
Tuesday, September 11, 2001 about 900hrs, the Two Towers in New York City fell like tears from Heaven

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How can it be thinkable that elves die? An elf dies? An elf can become ill and fall? Elfs live nearly forever and are immortal. King Shafhalóa II, the king’s son, pronounced a blessing on the elves in the Kingdom of Cátern upon his father’s death. His blessing saw the rise to the power of the elves, but it saw the demise of "two towers" or "two pillars" of the elfin community.

The two pillars or two towers of the elfin community are notably attributed as the two towers of elfkind in Arden. They are King Shafhalóa, the first king of elves, and King Shadlíer, the last king of elves. Both kings mark the beginning and the end to the dominance of the elves in Arden.

King Shafhalóa II proclaimed this eulogy to the elves after his father died:

"Down, down into the sea, two towers as pure and white tumble down as tears from Heaven. Alas, two towers fall over the horizon of Plíagge. Be wary, you remaining, for a day of exultation comes as quickly as the day of the evil cloak of his fire extinguishes. Forget not of the Forgotten Realms that the two towers of the Free-Sea Land, lying on the Horizon, remain therein forever and ever."

Cuóuae: "Domhain, domhain níc mheáor, tíra dhóua an caddeá fairan domhan an droíga ói Fhaaluír. Alíeth, tíra dhóua pleáfoín frídh phlían an Phlíagh-Áugus. Cóa bleácain od cátern, sar óam da gcoímhardeáigras go fáelain mo bhí, áal óuam da hIlubhí-Óuic go berbhaógain. áiFaira óig an escalláin-nloígc tánn thíra dhóua da Sha-Ímheáorcain an Phlían, go cátern nínaóth mír!"

At the time of King Shafhalóa’s death, the elves knew that this eulogy was symbolic of his passing, but TWO towers were mentioned here. Obviously, King Shafhalóa II saw the future and what would take place there. He knew that the elves would prevail, but the two pillars of their society would fall in the most horrible way.

§ The Falling of the First Tower §

"And, when you endure the crucible of fire, do not lose hope. Fire burns and water heals. The banners of water will be risen high, but the fire will fight it and the power of the elves. Beware you remaining, for when you see the shadow and the fire of his cloak fall on you, make haste, flee from your dwelling, take cover under night and fly like the dragon, soaring high. Do not turn back for your tunic. Do not return for your sword, and leave your treasure behind, for if you do, you will be saved and rescued.

Do not fret on what you will eat and where you will go. Flee swiftly before destruction falls on you. Pray hard and look high, you remaining, for your salvation comes on swift wings. They will cover you and protect you from the dark cloak of his fire." The Account of Battle

This prophecy (Akkoá: The Created Morning) was uttered upon the deathbed of King Shafhalóa by the king of elves himself, just moments before his son uttered his eulogy. King Shafhalóa’s son recorded this prophecy, which made its way into the Book of the Morning. Warnings and Danger Signs are easily ignored. Portents become long forgotten, just is the case with this one. As millennia moved on, the warning of the king was forgotten with him…the death of the first tower. Even though this warning showed danger and doom, there, within the same warning, a promise of hope is given. "Salvation would come on swift and sharp wings." This same promise would save those in danger of the fire of his cloak and its extinguishing. It should be noted but the word, "salvation" or (h) Iósamh (ain), is the same word for the name of Jesus, the Saviour. So, if there is any sign of hope in the world of Arden for the saving grace of Jesus on the Horizon, it is true and evident by the text here, uttered at the death of the first, elfin King of Cátern.

…the promise to the day of the "evil cloak of his fire" will soon approach.

§ The Fall of the Second Tower §

The Skoran Journals kept by the Sceòr Clan in Cátern report on the Eleventh Day of the Ninth Month of the Tarloccían Calendar:

"Alíette 3! Norroàsabba 11...King Shadlíer and the Kemían Knights of Valor vanish without trace. Earlier today, King Shadlíer formed a blockade on the banks of North Cátern along the Strelle River. King Ilùviuks, the Fire King, appoached by Stealth and hired foot soldiers in Cháith and Oneàga to infiltrate the marshland and the sylvania, south of Oásis and Shadlíer Mark.

I, Avaris the Skor, stood with my liege and king, Shadlíer. The enemy closed in and we readied for battle. The enemy crossed Kuíl Bridge, shouting a sinister battle cry, a battle cry that spelled certain doom and annihilation against the final stand of elfkind. We would wage battle once and for all against the unholy fire of his cloak. Would the elves be annihilated? Would King Ilùviuks prevail and decimate the purity of the elves?

What’s this? My liege and King? Where have you gone? Where is the song of battle and the avail of the Kemían Knights of Valor? Behold! King Shadlíer has disappeared, the tower that rises and saves us is no more! The last remnant of the elves has fallen as a tower. Alas, how could we be so blind? Why did we not take heed to the warning long ago. "Let those who see the evil cloak of fire look to Yíshav." I pray that the last kingdoms of elves and men find these words, the last of the Skoran Journals, for King Shadlíer has disappeared as a mist and we are doomed by the cloak of his fire. For it has covered all the earth and it has ensnared our King Shadlíer as a spell…they come…attack…the entire kingdom of elves is doo…avers dii ager-tal."

The above text (Chronicles of Tristan II: In Search of the Welgòrzhsa) was written just as King Ilùviuks ransacked the remainder of Cátern. The author, Avaris the Skor or Àibheàoris da Sceòrain, wrote this final entry into the Journal, just as the shadow of Ilùviuks moved in around them. The Journal was salvaged later by Itheùks T’Bleth and Shandrílla, the Warrior Queen while they were both on the quest in search of the Holy Scripts that were lost.

The two elfin towers in Arden are King Shafhalóa and King Shadlíer. It should be noted, but the etymology of the two names gives us hope.

Shafhalóa: < Cáterneàsh "base of a pillar."
Shadlíer: < Cáterneàsh "rising pillar."

Though King Shadlíer disappeared, marking the end of a time of dominance for the elves, his name gives hope to the inhabitants of his old kingdom, that one day his kingdom and vision will be restored. A "new tower" will rise! "We lift up a shout, a victory shout!" All will cry one day. Salvation will come on swift and sharp wings and save mankind from the cloak of his evil fire. He will stand on the Altar of Connaírgha Glór in Conería! The "new tower" will rise up from the depths of water as pure and white from the Land on the Horizon.

§ The Two Towers §

Did the Two Towers seen in Sha Ímheàorcain fall? Yes, and what unfortunate times of tragedy it was for all of us around the World. The pillars of our hearts were pierced by the very essence of terror, and our freedom was attacked. The evil cloak of his fire brought down the two towers, but the Two Towers are not forgotten. They are not forgotten! Forget not in the Forgotten Realms. The many who perished in it’s flames are remembered forever in our hearts, as tears coming from Heaven. The many who died in the tragedy are remembered on the Horizon of the Free Sea. The tragedy of this crisis was quickly availed and, to this day, many still remember and fight for those who tragically died in the Two Towers of the Free Sea or America, the land always on the Horizon of our hearts. Just as the elves availed the evil cloak of his fire in the Kingdom of Cátern, those on the Horizon of Free Sea avail the brutality of September 11 and the unprecedented attacks on freedom. Today, the debt is still being paid with precious lives. Will the debt ever be paid off?

In sweet memories of Septemeber 11, 2001!

§ Thank you for not nicking my material §

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