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Tá Mishnach gorg da Achoáin: Oràm Dhroíggain

"À Coímheàdain-Lhuígh houría Ande-Lusa Sruós remh aàl ghascíelh Fhaaluír craim da àal-go-Nhuách. Sí ghalíera peamh sír í aàl nloírcha. `Meàdesha an òi, mhedía à sha da àal-go-Nhuách! Tomh, strelle gra an Lutta Luth, thrughae odach, na ber - nheíthra lusach odair lae gcínn, cattain go acaen. Sha aion ber - còuadh dòual. Ta truògh shasail an tír go thrugh cho`in odaira. Cù càtern nheíthra ber lae hilùfa, í narch nloírcha an Mhedía-sha."

Meàdesha an Coímheàdain-Lhuígh, àulail lusaigh, phlía peàmh síra uímhair. Na, ta shai ghabhíba lae mhedía an Lugh-Struíl níc dhòual. Cu Lutta da cía huíshíra lae uí. Àal ní phlía peàmh shíra uímhair, coímheàdh mhair-a-harguíl sír raen, narcíl go cátern lhenna aleàr shír. Go droíggan domhain an hCroàttain sí? Í-lan go cátern an hàulain àal? Ta aganuír da Luth-Strelle ghafael í go òieldain, í medían nheíthra - chattain sí na nuátha hArdòan."

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        Queen Saa'skàuty stood with grace and dignity. Her realm was full of valor and truth. The great King Exiv gave her the light of her being, and she radiated with charm and awesome light . The clouds of her realm hid her deep beauty for mankind loved the elf mother but they could not see her, since her beauty was beyond this arden.
        Queen Saa'skàuty rested prominently on a cleft near Glih Alkgagk, the seat of her lover at one time. A small tear formed in her eye, but it did not fall amiss. My sister, Lankìnya, has practiced the forbidden ways of Prafían , the ways of dust to gold. My soul is tormented by her choice and her embracing of Mhoírlogh in this arden. She takes pleasure in the riches from the dust of Arden. Queen Saa'skàuty watched from Vaaluir as Lankìnya procured and wielded the scepter of Paíf in her right hand.
        Suddenly, a solemn mood befell the realm of clouds and a rumble of thunder was heard throughout this arden. Kuírbha has come for me, she thought. I am ruined for my sister's folly. Exiv, my love, save me from my sister. The elegant queen watched and waited for her fate. Would the lightning god vanquish her or would she fall off dwelling? Would King Exiv come to her rescue? The Srías shown down on her, but the rays did not warm her as they once did. Her heart became cold and weighed down.
        Soon, a figure emerged as a mist in Vaaluir. The clouds shifted and formed around it. A rumble of thunder was heard again, and Arden was shaken with awe. Expectedly, all of this arden waited for the appearance of the unholy flame of Kuírbha and his lightning wraiths, but none did show. It was not Kuírbha. Slowly, the clouds dissipated around the figure and revealed a tall slender elf-woman bearing the wings of Argul. They covered her shadow. It was the elf mother's sister, Lankìnya, one of the Arganais. "Dear sister, you have every right to be sad. However, do not be troubled by my riches. King Exiv will forsake you," she scorned. "I am one of the Arganais, and I have seen it in mhoírlogh."
        Queen Saa'skàuty looked up at her sister with indignation and sadness. "I know what you are trying to do to me sister. You will not win." Lankìnya wanted to see her sister shed the tears of Dunceà.
        Having false innocence, Lankìnya admitted nothing. "You should just let it be. Change your mood. Hide not behind these clouds. Make them fear you. Give up your tears. Let them flow, for your tears will wash away all the wrong in Arden."
        "I will not subscribe to this abomination, sister." Queen Saa'skàuty stood strong with the omnivivacious light given to her by her King. "Do you not know of the Litany of Tears! Water is the bounty of the soul!" The Srías magnified behind her, but it was her beauty that amplified the Srías. "I have the title/deed to this realm sister, and you will submit to my authority here."
        This enraged Lankìnya, for she was jealous of the Queen's position, her awesome beauty and her light. Expressing her anger, Lankìnya vowed to herself, that she would be greater one day and man and elf would kneel to her. I will judge them by their own tears, she mused. Her wings concealed the bounty of her countenance, for she wished to trick her sister, the omnivivacious light. They will have a choice and I will demonstrate the powers of water in this arden. I will unleash the powers of water and bear a son. He will punish the unjust and save the just. He will be the secret of Lutta. I will continue to practice the ways of dust, and I will be master of it.
        A rumble of thunder erupted this arden again, and the Queen quivered. Kuírbha is near and his wraiths have seen me. They will come and claim my own life. She did not know the evil intentions of her sister, for Kuírbha was tempting her from beyond the Horizon. The Srías faded behind a thick layer of clouds, and Vaaluir darkened with fear.
        "Sister, your realm grows weary. You must listen to your tears. Let your mood darken in this dreary hour." Lankìnya wanted her sister to shed tears and fall from her realm.
        The Queen stood, penetrated with a darkened spirit. The dark cloud of doom closed in around her and she was trapped by her sister's deceptive mood. She wanted the queen's precious tears for herself.
        Arden grew dark and the elves of Eluíra looked towards her and grieved. "The Queen is being tested by the bounty of waters. She must not shed her tears," they feared. They sang a song of joy to comfort and encourage the distraught, elfin mother.

*Arden eóa nlocuímadh odach cgasaggum, Hàulain-Uthair an gra. Òish nlocuímain an graigh í goàdain odair man.

Nharcíl solas raen odair òishac ghaforchnain na nuátha í tírachain. Blanc àu, àal-go-Raen frídh nhu òishach. Charis òishac lím scàubig odair, Uthair gra da hàulainàgh.

Òish nlocuímain raen odair an gra, à solas rí ghaforchnain oda nuátha frídh hardain huís, gharaichnain chòttain odair.

        Hearing the elves chant Queen Saa'skauty's majesty, Lankìnya recoiled with anger and malice. Cursed be those elves in Eluíra. I will need to create a greater force to subdue this purity. I will see the remaining and I will put on a cloak of fire, and demonstrate my judgements. Those who would follow me will be rewarded. Those who defy me will drown in despair, the despair of the Xandràxan.
        The Queen looked upon her sister with disdain. Lankìnya buried her exotic features within her wings. The bounties of her features mislead the purity of her mind, for her devious plots were hidden deep within her features.
        "I know you sister," the Queen began. "You are beautiful yet as me, but your beauty hides your thoughts and your real riches." The omnivivacious light of the Queen glinted upon the darkened but exotic features of Lankìnya, and not even her wingspan could hide her thoughts now, for the Queen knew them all now.
        Lankìnya felt naked before her sister. "Curse you sister! I warned you not to trifle with me. You will pay for your omnivivacious light. I will see to it!"
        Soon, a magnificent breeze swept through Vaaluir. It refreshed the spirit of the queen, for the elves of Eluíra called upon the spirit of the wild to protect the Queen. "Bless you my sons and daughters," she said. "You have refreshed my omnivivacious light, my elfkind, light of my being."
        The bountiful façade of Lankìnya was filled with confusion, but she was still angry, and now, ashamed. "I have felt the spirit of the wild from the elves. Now, I can't help to shed tears, for this wind has swept over my soul." Then, Lankìnya cried and laid her head on the Queen's breast. Bountiful tears streamed from her countenance, and the Litany of Tears was broken. "What has bewitched my spirit, my sister? What has happened to my spirit?" Lankìnya leaned whole-heartedly on her sister. "I am sorry, my sister."
        Her tears fell upon Arden, and the elves saw the mood of the clouds. They were filled with wonder and a melancholy spirit. "The Queen's sister has fallen into sadness. Be ye downcast, oh you of the east. Alas, will the Concordant Summit stand on the Holy Altar, which is not erected? Will Shekìnya give us his glory now those tears have fallen upon this arden? Be wary brothers and sisters, for the mood of Arden has been changed now, forever and ever." The elves bowed their heads, placed their right hands on their hearts, and their auras were dimmed by the mood of Lankìnya. "This too shall pass. The Litany of Tears has been broken."
        The Queen comforted her sister, expressing her sincerest forgiveness, but it was too late. It was judgement time. There needed to be a reckoning for the bounty of her tears. Lankìnya fell out of Vaaluir and the Queen wrote her off, never to return again. She reached Thoris Port and stood on the Isle of Dreígga. "I will be known as the River Guardian, but no longer Lankìnya, and I will test the waters of mankind, purifying the innocent with her favor and judging the wicked with fire," she proclaimed on the precipice of time. "They will know me by the bounty of the Blue River."
        And, the River Guardian approached Thoris Port after being banished from Vaaluir, the realm of the clouds. She raised her arms and chanted. "I am the Bountiful one's Countenance, the river guardian. Oh, Great Blue Water of Lutta, you must divide, for your waters will be tested by the aging of time. One land will become two. The sword of division will cleave your soul. The remaining will be purified as by fire, but the meek will be blessed by my bounty and by my countenance."
        Meàdesha, the river elf, opened her arms wide. Soon, the land was parted into two by the bounty of the Blue Water. The entrance of Lutta was proclaimed. As her arms opened wide, her wingspan protected and covered the beauty of her face, but her intentions were obscure. It is not known if she stayed with the elves or if she went to Croàta. The creation of the Blue River came to pass, and the bounty of the waters would test the purity of time in Arden.


*The whole earth sings you a song, great elf mother. We sing of your greatness and your light. For your beauty has given us life and hope. Shine down, your awesome beauty upon us now. Grace us with your aura, great mother of the elves. We sing of your beauty and the life you have bestowed Upon this arden, your realm redeemed.

The light has gone out!
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