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The Last Word

"áiFaira dhá nloígc man! Go shír cóa nen! Sasha ber dhá óig, í ruíath áal óim. Ói míreáic odh go bercoímheádain, í-nach beá óig odh leggeás, na-fór áiRuíffó óim naióg!"

“It’s not forgotten. It’s still there. It won’t leave, and it’s hurting me. I think you know what I mean, but if not, ask me later.”

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        Still, the heaven’s remained locked up in the stage layers of time. The way into the Celeste came by the means of Ravìnya, the dreamer, and the omnivivacious light of Vaaluir remained in forgotten places. The Celeste glowed with an eerie pretence on Cía 6, and Pheka shown to them all at Sriór as an evil fire. It was the curse of the Winged Prophet and his furlough away from Elliós. He came to the Lady at the secret place of Huronó. “I have found you Lady. Once again, I come to you. Give me a lock of your red hair, so that I may have free passage into the breath of the Celeste. Give me what I desire, and I will go away from you.” The Winged Prophet fell upon the Lady as she meditated into the realm of dreams. It showed her the “emerald isle” of Eíorra, the land of the Lheárró; the servants of Lughó Thrí. It was not known of the Winged Prophet where the island was, for Jax had locked it off by Cognition. “Dear Lady, I warn you! Give me a lock of your red hair.”
        “Be gone, vile thing. I am nearly ready to give birth to twins, and they will ensure our destiny in this world.” The Lady covered herself under the limbs of the white and majestic S’bhóiparach-Seád Trees, hiding from the dreadful sky. The brush of the wind on the leaves brought peace to the Lady. “You will not get a strand of my red head!” She shouted loudly at the Winged Prophet.
        “Very well then,” the creature related. His presence was like an aberration of time, and an evil fire permeated around his aura as he grew closer to her. His impatience grew steadily with her. “I leave with this.” He opened his wings and the Lady screamed. It showed her the Black Sleep, and the ruin of this world. “I may not find those who have sojourned to the Emerald Isle, but I assure you, I will follow you and continue to spell doom in this world. Sister of Cairraónha, your sisterhood will be ended. Since you find it befitting to mock my proposal, your sisterhood will not survive this catastrophe. Cursed to all of them, who have red hair,” he scolded.
        The Lady shook with fear and her senses dulled as she blinked out of the realm of dreams. The Winged Prophet had returned to the Celeste. Her eyes glowed with despair, for her Spirit was troubled and heavy laden of the Winged Prophet’s dementia. Huór, the seer, brought healing to the Lady Ellaphnoír and the ethereal voice of her husband, surreal and soothing, calmed her Spirit. She continued to receive the Báin-Gabba, the herb that would ease her mind. “The Winged Prophet has oppressed me enough,” she exclaimed. “I am in for it.” It was Cía 15, the fifteenth day of the sixth month.
        “Give her more Báin-Gabba,” the seer ordered. “She is violently ill.” The Lady had become very ill and her ails were overwhelming her senses. “She is under tremendous strain from the dementia of the Winged Prophet.” The seer only considered the survival of the children and the health of the mother, but hope for saving the mother was diminishing, for she had not accorded the proposal of the Winged Prophet.
        The King attended to his wife and held her fast. He soothed her spirit with his ethereal voice. It was like the sound of wind blowing against the S’bhóiparach-Seád Trees and the whisper of grass in the meadow of Cannón. He raised his voice towards the darkened heavens.

“Dear wife, I will not give up on you.
Díor bheánná, berreábgáinna ói áiFaira óig níc ódh.
I will not allow the light to go out of your eyes.
Ber óig soláim-goággá ói na gCallash nuór.
You are the light of my being, the adornment of my brow.
Ód cóa ghoág an Thrí da shín óaira bheán, í áigcoímheádh bh’flanc n-Aíon óaira.

Your neck is majestic like the Tower of Hope; your eyes are fiery lamps like the Lighthouse of Tir-Cúic; your form is the Temple of the Breath in Vall.
Neithar odair cóa glórra áim Thíra Gach; Callá odair cóa stoír-eádh pheóirrá áim Thíra-gCúic; Fóimma odair bhieánnais cóa Bhuállain Fhoínna n-Elleáph.
Your legs are strong like the mighty pillars of Oásis.
Thórrin odair cóa óllaich eóa áim shaddeágain óecsa n-Oásais.
You are a magnificent sight in the sight of the omnivivacious light of Vaaluir.
Ód cóa annam eluí ní áal-go-Nhuách da Fhaaluír.

You are the dawning of a brand new day in this world, for you remind each day of us to the return of King Exiv.
Iscúira da óamma an gach-babhain cóa od ní hardeáich huís go nuáthain, eágboínaith dh’sreós od ruírmhair hEcsíemh Shaómh an bhí.
The adornment of your head is our hope for our first fruits.
Áigcoímh da cómma tírnaith sín sra Aoin-bPonáingca elba.
Your spirit leaps with the Power of the Elfs.
Chóain odair tírsaith soláim lí bpanáich shaór an reáchas da hÁulainaigh.
Dear wife, you are the light of my being, the adornment of my brow.
Díor bheánna, goág da g’chóain cóa ódh, an áigcoímh n-Aoín óaira.
Listen fair maiden for your beauty is beyond compare.
Ónná, anam reáinna, nar-cíl leáonnoíth lanna-ráen odair frí sha-mhedía mír.”

        He sang to her and the choir of the elves bowed their heads to the King of Cátern, humming the harmony to the song. As they hummed the tune, the King’s song moved them. They all withdrew their Dháiccoín from their sheathes, and beat their breasts with delight and sword in hand.
        “You have seen it though,” the seer interrupted hesitantly. “You have seen the outcome. How can you hope in this?” The seer had doubts to the Lady’s survival, for it was predetermined what would become of her through the vision of the King of Cátern. “She must take more of the Báin-Gabba. It will save her and bring sanity to her frail mind.”
        The King had seen the course of events of the Lady in visions. He had never told her of his visions, concerning her. He loved his Lady and did not give up on her or the children. The overdose of the Báin-Gabba concerned him though. He feared it was too late now, for he had wished to see his vision beforehand. “Do not give her anymore of the herb,” he ordered the seer. “She must have a healthy diet of the Verve Plant, the fruit of the Children of the Morning.” This was an abundant fruit that grew in the East, where the Immortals dwelled with the Ancients in old times. The fruit was rich in nutrition and the pits were sacred, especially if consumed. They would awake the inner-eye. “My Lady needs restoration. A daily consumption of the Verve Fruit will ensure that she heals; the inner-eye will see to it.”
        “Wash your mind! Do not even think it. For the day she consumes the fruit, she will open her eyes and she will put on the garment of immortality! She will ascend to the thrones of the Eímparró.” The seer warned the King, for the Verve was a sacred fruit, not to be eaten in haste. “I urge you, majesty. Do not give her this, for Krav himself will be displeased for the record. She will surely be written off.” He argued with the King for hours over this matter. “It will surly seal our doom as the Winged Prophet has seen.”

        Just before the birth of the children, Queen Seóscieái left her sister and returned to the Kingdom of Draccóna in the north. She arrived at the Crown City, Sólungcrannóus, on Cía 28. She had kept secret all that was discussed with her sister. She did not hold favor with her sister anymore with any value, for she was lost to the vanity of her being. She did not share with the seer or with King Iórdh the things about the Winged Prophet, and how it would need a lock of her red hair for passage into Elliós. The Queen herself promised that it would have to be done of her own accord, or the accord of Countess Cuóindrígga, the other of the Red Clan. The Queen returned to her kingdom and to her daughter-in-law, Countess Cuóindrígga, the lady of silent tears. They discussed the survival of the twins growing in Lady Ellaphnoír and the method to appease the wrath of the Winged Prophet. They did not favor the idea to tarnish their own singularity in this world for the Lady of Ellaphnoír, for the sisterhood of the Cairraónha promised not to cut their own hair without fair reason. However, the Winged Prophet needed to vacate this world, for it was bringing omen after omen, curse after curse to all life with the help of the creature, Xandràxan. The creature, too, was roaming and devouring, satisfying it’s own hungers.
        By her own admission to help the Winged Prophet, the Countess would have to take the children away from Lady Ellaphnoír in due time after their births. This was the agreement of, not only the Queen, but also the Winged Prophet. The children would become her own by this deal. So, she agreed to meet the Winged Prophet and pay him his wages at the Lighthouse of Tír-Cúic in the Mirror Sea on Eáimh 5. This was done before the Light of King Exiv returned. She went there, veiled in dark, red shrouds, as to protect her from the dementia of the Winged Prophet. The gaze of Ravìnya also fell upon her to defend her from the dementia, surrounding the Winged Prophet. There at the Lighthouse, she promised to balance the scales of time between the Elemental Points. She also rendered a lock of her red hair to the Winged Prophet at the Lighthouse. “The Lady Ellaphnoír is a threat to the children, but remember, the twins are blessed by the Essence of Shekìnya and they are pre-born in the womb. They have seen the wickedness of their own mother, and they both have despised it. Oh yes, they see as she sees. The curse of the Lady will be reminiscent to the fall of Lankìnya from Vaaluir, the one who has ever-falling tears. Fair Lady, let your tears be silent all the time, never to fall amiss!” The Winged Prophet warned her. His appearance to the Lady of Silent Tears was not harmful, for she circumvented the madness of the creature with the red shrouds and the protection of Ravìnya. “Even so, by his own desire, the King gave the Lady the forbidden Verve Fruit against recommendation of the seer.”
        “Is there no hope left for my Aunt?” The Lady of Silent Tears responded. She stood on the pinnacle of the Lighthouse, near the beacon of Íosha, the light that shows the way to Ravin Isle. The Winged Prophet hovered over the pinnacle and looked down upon her with his red, staring eyes. Her soul wept quietly for the Lady Ellaphnoír, but she heeded to the advice of the Winged Prophet. She did not shed any tears that would render any more evil. She needed purity above all to raise the children of King Iórdh. “Now that she has eaten the forbidden fruit, will we suffer from this? And, why did the King commit this evil? Does he not know of the dangers?” Her concern was for her Aunt and the harmony of the elves.
        “Lady Cuóindrígga, the king believes that the fruit will benefit both the children and the mother. Even innocence can beget evil. The eyes of the Lady are now opened, and her entire being is quickened. Innocence has put on the garment of Immortality. Be it known that the garment she now wears is not clean but filled with all sorts of iniquity. She has put on Corruption as Immortality by her own wish, whether by the will of her own husband or not. Why do you think Jax is powerless? Another force is at work here, fair lady. This is not entirely due to the decision of the King. Be steadfast and be wary!” The Winged Prophet moved about, to and from, above the pinnacle, fluttering his wings.
        “Nightmares!” The Lady of Silent Tears shouted. “She is here, is she not? Curses! She has been here all along.” She pounded her fist on the balustrade, encircling the beacon.
        The Winged Prophet responded. “As you have said, it has come to being. The Verve Fruit was the ultimate undoing in all this, but somehow the King was convinced to administer it to his Lady. He is not dull in thought, you know. Remember, the Verve Fruit will affect the children, mainly Lail-bPangcaó. Remember though, they are pure by the touch of Shekìnya. No evil will befall them. Evil will not assimilate Innocence! The older twin will assume great strength and wisdom of the Immortals, due to the potency of the Fruit. His power will be your salvation against the wiles of the mother. The younger will also have great might, but he will lust for more. Beware, fair lady, the Lady is doomed because of this; Lail-bPangcaó will save his younger brother. He will be the stronger of the two. However, the younger will rule over the older, and the older will overpower the Lady.” The Celeste opened up and the Winged Prophet ascended into it, into the eye of Elliós, there, never to seen again in the Realm of Arden. Its time here was ended and fulfilled. The Light of King Exiv would soon return!
        The Cognition of Jax was negated at this time by an unseen power, and he could not see these events, these things that he could have stopped by his Cognition. The Lady of Ellaphnoír began to recover as soon as the Winged Prophet vanished. Jax could not see the birth of the children, the healing of the mother, the plans of Morphæo, the Verve Fruit (Páinn-Bhoráimhó), or the Báin-Gabba, the herb of enlightenment. All these devices would render the Lady susceptible to corruption, and Jax could not see or prevent them in the Corridors of time; this was the first suspected time that the Lady of Ellaphnoír had inveigled him of his Cognition. The consumption of the Verve Fruit by the Lady and the Cognition of Jax were linked together adversely to a catastrophe. Jax had been asleep and mortally wounded by the Xandràxan, when she partook of the Fruit. Even Morphæo was a part in the dastardly scheme to destroy the children and Lady Ellaphnoír before the return of Srías. Morphæo had been lurking in this world for a time now, visiting the Lady as a beautiful, raven-haired woman, giving her unfavorable advice that would corrupt her more. Since the lights in the heavens were dispelled, and the omnivivacious light of the Queen did not touch the spirits of elf-kind, Morphæo could make her stay in this world without being harmed by her twin brother, Ravìnya, the dreamer.
        Just before the returning light of King Exiv came in the dawning of the Srían Era, the new era and the ending of the High Times, Lady Ellaphnoír and King Iórdh went to Úr on the banks of Luth-Bh’Flanneóc, where the blue Reflecting Lake of Ellá wakes. King Sereksus, called the Evanescent, of Ául Dusk came to pay homage to them at the Lake. He had been ruling the Kingdom of Cátern as transient, ever since the outcries of Lady Ellaphnoír brought adversity to the King. The Lady’s distress was too burdensome for the king, for it was his ethereal voice that saved her, even as the voice of Shekìnya. So, King Sereksus had agreed to rule the kingdom by proxy.
        The Ancients who fought with Cáinclaóigh nUínseánn during the High Times had informed King Sereksus of the birth, which would come to pass on Aleáith 6, according to the seer, Huór. He met with them at Úr. Now, Úr of g’Challáidhí, founded by Challáid, the mightiest elf who was the most gifted and favored of elves, lies at the base of the Draccóna Mountains and west of Dúthra Port. It was Challáid who planted the Seth-Má-Síma, the glimmering Tree of Many Colors, as a symbol and monument to the Gleam of the Elevated Sunbeam and to Shekìnya, the one who had given the elf his might. The town is a place of reflection and grace, for it would catch the glimmer of the new era, as Plíagge would give up the Light of King Exiv to this world again. The Tree of Many Colors would flourish once again as well. There at Úr, the children, Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó, would be born.
        Finally on Eáimh 5, the Lady was healed of her insanity and the sharpness of her mind returned. Little did they all know, but it was the absence of the Winged Prophet in this world and the quickening of the Verve Fruit. She was not the same woman she had been beforehand. She had unknowingly inveigled the Cognition of Jax already. The King did not know of this. He was only relieved that she was well, and he only gave thanks to the Immortals for his Lady’s health. “May the Immortals of Krav, remaining at Mount Kravòkalla, be blessed for they have brought healing to my Lady with the Verve Fruit.” He rejoiced. “May the Children of the Morning return to us and direct us towards the Horizon.”
        They all prepared to make straight the way for the Light of King Exiv. It was at Úr that the king had been given a vision of the glorious return of the Srías and the waking of Vínuim, the great sower of Law and Order. He had seen the Srías rise in the East over the Sea of Judgement. He had even felt the touch of omnivivacious light in his spirit. He told the assembly of his visions and joy. It was Eáimh 7 by now. The seer of House Ellaphnoír and the entire band of delegates thereof attended them at Úr. Vínuim would soon awake and bring the feast of first fruits with him. The land would be fertile once again and the Immortals would return to this world.
        During this last week of cessation, beginning on Eáimh 7, they all prepared for the dawning era, for the forgotten places would give up the lights. They did not eat any food or perform any meditations, but they all washed their garments, drank the water of the Reflecting Lake, and anointed their heads with the pure water of the Lake. They each decked their heads with the leaves of the Tree of Many Colors and burned a bonfire; it reflected Dúthra Port in the East. It was the last week that death and silence would loom in this world. Already, time had been in motion again with the progression of the stage layers in Celeste. Even the Lady of Ellaphnoír celebrated the joyous occasion. “Let all who are assembled here at Úr of g’Challáidhí ready ourselves, for in one week, the Light of King Exiv will return to our world. The Xandràxan is defeated! We have survived his wrath and overcome the Winged Prophet as well! My children will endure in the light, not the dark. Let us rejoice and celebrate, and let Vínuim hear the joy of our hearts. May he waken to the feast of first fruits and may the pinnacles of nature come as restoration to our land. Let all the Elemental Points find balance again, as we proclaim the revelation of the Concordant Summit to our world. May the feast of the Xandràxan come to end and may the Immortals of Arden shine down on us once again. Let the way to the forgotten places be shut!” They all danced with joy around the bonfire and consumed the Bread of Mháell, the Holy Bread, symbolizing the prosperity of life in Arden. “Go toír sín! Go toír sín!”
        Overhead, a falcon of heaven encircled them, and brought blessings of hope to them all. “Behold, even Krav has remembered us all. He has sent us a messenger. The Immortals already have arrived here!” A quill from the falcon fell down to the King. He caught it and placed it in the wreath upon his head. “Glory be!” The assembly sang and danced with joy, lifting their voices towards the heavens. The feast of first fruits was yet upon them. The King embraced his Lady with delight, and she returned to him in spirit. She still loved him very much.
        “I was missed, and you were missed, beloved” She said to him. “I am cured of my ailment, and I will never become ill again. I see as clear as day now, and my wits are as sharp as blades.” She remained embraced to him, and a spark of fire ignited in her eyes peculiarly. “I will see as you see, my love. And, more.” She smiled deceptively.

        Queen Mieái of Eíorra and King Mílla of Eásp went to Úr on Aleáith 1 to be with the King of Cátern, Iórdh III hAlloímhá, and his Lady. Lady Ellaphnoír was about to give birth to her children: Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó, as the seer prophesied. Queen Mieái and King Mílla were the leaders of the elfin tribes of Thíanna, therefore their attendance was required. They were the closest descendants of Scoírae the Sceór, and Desikìnya anointed the Thíanna himself at Eásponna near Frontier Island. Since the Ancients were dwelling at Mullain near Mount Phlíann-Thóra now, and the sons and daughters of Scoírae the Sceór went with them, there would be no witness of the new births unless the tribes of Thíanna went there to witness the birth. So, those of Eíorra, the hidden land, went to Úr to be with the King of Cátern and House Ellaphnoír. They went with the blessings of the White Shade, Cadhágcoímhall, who has made his dwelling at the Fairy Mound of the Emerald Isle and near Dúbh-Leáinnaóc. The White Shade had heard of the coming births of the children, and he knew that he would have to protect the children from the mother in due time with the help of Lady Cuóindrígga. Jax had been in the corridors of time before his Cognition was inveigled, and Jax conferred with the White Shade about the Black Sleep, which would come soon. He also told him to welcome Mannoá the Heartfelt, for he would bring the sacred oracles to the Fairy Mound for protection. The period of Black Sleep would confuse and hide the secrets of this world for those in the future. The protection of the sacred oracles was imminent now upon the births of Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó.
        The White Shade met with Lady Cuóindrígga at Crown City in the North, and the White Shade came to her as a glorious apparition, adorned of the gleaming rays of Srías. He appeared before the dawn to her with the witness of Áildrígga, Prince of Draccóna. His coming was from the gleaming horizon in the East. “The deal has been sealed with you, the Lady of Silent Tears. I must go to Lady Ellaphnoír and protect you from the sorcery of your Aunt. She has ascended to the thrones of the Eímparro and the Emerald Isle is sealed shut by the Cognition of Jax, so now is the time to rescue the children.” The persona of the White Shade magnified as the horizon showed with the dawning of Srías. The White Shade translated himself from the Srías to the Lady of Silent Tears.
        “I must go to Úr and retrieve Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó and take them to the Emerald Isle, as you have instructed. They will be safe there. I must make haste to Úr. I will need your help, Desháinha, servant of Lughó-Thrí. Hide my figure behind your illumination of the Srías, for it is bright and reminds us all of King Exiv, the king of Óra-Alcag. Take my form and blend it with your shining silhouette. It will be my camouflage against the whiles of the Lady’s sorcery. She will not see the blending of your silhouette against the dawn.” Lady Cuóindrígga stood fast, looking out across the sights of Pendrath towards the dawn, for Crown City remains at the top of the Draccóna Mountains in the North above the plains of Pendrath and Racha. Then, the White Shade came upon her as a cloak and fused his silhouette with the Lady of Silent Tears, so she gleamed like the Srías and the omnivivacious light of Vaaluir. “Your cloak is my protection, White Shade. She will not see things of the dawn, only things of the night, for she will ascend to the night, where light does not flourish. Take me to the Tree of Many Colors now. Show me the children of the King of Cátern. May I whisper in his ear your intentions.” So, the White Shade cloaked the Lady of Silent Tears and translated her upon the limbs of the blooming Tree of Many Colors, Seth-Ma-Síma; there she would witness the birth of Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó. She would not be seen by Lady Ellaphnoír or of those belonging to the night.
        Finally, the blessing of Vínuim and his water of life were gracious to the Lady of Ellaphnoír. Vínuim came upon her to deliver the children to the Realm of Arden, for it was the fullness of time for the twins to be born, and the Essence of Shekìnya remained upon them both. The children were born at Úr during the dawning of Aleáith 6 and the Reflecting Lake of Eluíra personified the bright semblance of their birth to all the elves in Eásceánn, the eastern corridor. So it was; Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó were born at Úr with the reflecting and breaking of Srías on the horizon. It was the sign that the seer had spoken of before, a sign in the heavens. The Srías paid homage to the twins, gleaming brilliantly upon the Reflecting Lake and the Tree of Many Colors. “Rejoice!” The King of Cátern enthused. “The Srías has paid homage to my own offspring! The tree gleams and has been reborn, the lake mirrors the colors of Iskául and the immortals all celebrate the birth of these children, the ones promised to reject the Black Sleep in this world.” His voice captured the heavens, and the omnivivacious light of Vaaluir suddenly came upon him. Soon, the beautiful light of the Queen blinded him, and the light of Vaaluir filled the stage layers of time. “My eyes are veiled by the Queen. She has come back to us and she has blessed the birth of the twins with the other immortals. Now the pinnacles of nature are balanced. Glory be!” The Queen has come back from the forgotten places to see the twins being born. The Light of Vaaluir opened up to the elves again and the immortals celebrated the goodness of the twins.
        An entire assembly of men, elves, dwarfs and dragon-kin from Draccóna and all over Arden encircled the King of Cátern, Lady Ellaphnoír and the twins at Úr. Even the immortals peered down from the heavens. Nearby, the Lady of Silent Tears lurked in the Tree of Many Colors, cloaked by the White Shade of Emerald Isle. Her silhouette was angelic and those who were of the light took notice of her persona on the tree. Upon the birth of Óurias and Lail-bPangcaó, the entire assembly placed their right hands upon their hearts and bowed to the anointed ones, for the heavens rejoiced and pronounced the arrival of the twins.
        King Sereksus proclaimed to the entire assembly. “Remember this day young and old; those in Gáelceárth; those in Dunsha; those in Sheíbban; those in Kue Proper; those of Thoris Port and of Nagellain; those elves in the East and the North; those kin of the Sceór; those on the path of Lutta and those who remain in the Land of Free Sea. When we come together, remember we were united as one to witness the salvation of our children and offspring, for it is these children who have secured a future generation in our world. Do not forget this day Union when man, elf, dwarf and all races of this world were one. Peace. Harmony. Tranquility.” The entire assembly paying homage to the children bowed their heads when they heard the proclamation of the Utterance, for it would not be proclaimed again in this age.

        The mother rested quietly after the birth. She went inside the house near the Tree of Many Colors. King Iórdh III hAlloímhá took up his children for all to see, and they all blessed them with fervent hope. After gifts were presented to the King, the assembly departed on their way, homeward bound to all corners of this world. When all the assembly departed, the babe Óurias told his father about the wickedness of his mother. He spoke to his father intuitively by the power of his inner-eye, for he too was affected by the mysticism in the Verve Fruit. “My mother is wicked, father. Look to the East at the Tree of Many Colors, and towards the angelic being therein.” He was referring to the Lady of Silent Tears and the White Shade hiding her in the Tree. “My brother and I must go with her. Listen to my plea, father. She will keep us safe; you must allow my brother and me to go to the Emerald Isle of Eíorra until we are older. We will be safe; do not fret! Our mother is full of all kinds of iniquity now. She is despised.” Óurias warned the King of Cátern as a clairvoyant. And, the King heard the cry of his son in his mind. He had to obey the bidding of his son, for he knew the iniquity, which was in the heart of his mother. “Father, she is taken by another spirit, and in due time, I will learn the ways of Ólla-Báinna. I will learn how to expel the evil in her heart and the oppressive spirit. I fear for her, though. Her ascension will provoke the Black Sleep for sure.”
        The King remained veiled by the omnivivacious light of Vaaluir. The Queen of Elfs was still present in the heavens, and she listened to the King and Óurias communicate intuitively. “I trust you, my son. I have seen the altar. The altar will stand to a god unknown of me, and it will be a monument to the White Kingdom, spoken of by my forefathers, when the tones of Áugus spoke to them. The only way for your safety is to be as a mist on the Emerald Isle. Jax has locked it off for you and your brother. Your path is predestined, and you will prevail on that day when you finish off the Black Sleep. A great pillar of fire descends from Vaaluir, unlike the power of Desikìnya, the protector of elf-kind. You will prevail and return to this land, my son. I have seen your brother coming to your aid to rescue you from the forgotten places. Though your anger will be uncertain, you are promised a journey on the path of Lutta. You will then purge all your iniquities and seek the halls of Lutta, where Iskául resides.” The King was referring to one of his visions of his son, and his rest until the ending of the ages. “Glory be, my son.”
        “Altar? I have not seen it as you have. The unknown god is unlike any other in our world, and in time, I will know his will. I trust your visions father, and I will complete them as you have foreseen them.” Óurias entreated. “I will always be with you in your thoughts and visions. May the Essence of Shekìnya continue to anoint you, until the unknown god comes to us. In that day, we will know his presence amongst us. Happy horizons, my father.” Soon, the persona of the White Shade subsided as the Srías ascended majestically over the land. And, the Lady of Silent Tears appeared in the blooming Tree with grace and eloquence. The King was still blinded by the Light of Vaaluir, however suddenly he heard the faint whisper of the Lady of Silent Tears fall upon his elfin ears. Her whisper came as a breeze off the Reflecting Lake. “My king, do not be dismayed, and do not falter. Make straight the way for your reign by the power of Shekìnya, the anointed One. Your children will be safe in my care and the care of my prince. We will raise them until the fullness of their youth surpasses. I will take them to the Emerald Isle away from their mother, for she will threaten to murder the children when she learns who they are. Take heart, my king, and do not fret, for your sons will speak to you always in your thoughts. You may always commune with them, for they are pre-born.” Then, the eyes of the King were unveiled as the omnivivacious light of Vaaluir hid behind the stage layers of time. The Queen of Elfs had heard all she needed; Lady Ellaphnoír would rise up against the Northern Kingdom of Draccóna.
        Soon, the King of Cátern saw her, Countess Cuóindrígga. Seeing her fiery-red hair brought hope to the King’s heart. The color reminded him of the dawning of new age. The Lady of Silent Tears continued to whisper to him as the breeze. “You must remain anointed by the Essence of Shekìnya, my king. It will ensure your reign and own vitality against the powers of your Lady. She thinks not that you know of her new stage, but I tell you now that she is not your Lady anymore.”
        The spirit of the King wept for her. “My Lady has ascended to the thrones of the Immortals, has she not? I know her not anymore.” His countenance became downcast.
        “Do not shed tears for her, my king. I have seen the pain of death on occasion, and it has grieved me. I saw the death of my own mother and father from the dementia of the Winged Prophet. The curse of the creature was too great for them to bear, and I could not bring them out of death.” She climbed down from the tree and moved near the King. She raised his chin towards her countenance, and she looked deeply into his gray eyes. She spoke gracefully above a whisper this time. “My king, I see your pain, but make your tears silent, as I have done. Do not shed tears for your lady, or your children. Be strong as you have proved time and time again when the curse of the Winged Prophet plagued Arden, or when the Wraiths attacked you at Vall on that day when King Exiv fell.”
        The Lady of Silent Tears comforted the King. He held the children up to her, and she took them, cradling them both in her arms. “Your children are beautiful, my king.” She smiled down at the children, and kissed them gently on their foreheads. “They will be safe with me on the Emerald Isle.”
        The King also smiled down at them and kissed them on their foreheads. “My sons, return to me when it is time. You know what must be done, for I am too weak to do what I ought to do.” The King of Cátern took one last glance at his children and turned away from them. His spirit mourned for them.
        “My liege, I am honored to take custody of your beloved children. It brings me joy knowing that their future is secure and they are hope against the Black Sleep, soon to come.” The Lady of Silent Tears embraced the children maternally with Love. She promised to raise them in the ways of Ólla-Báinna. With the help of Prince Áildrígga, her husband and the guidance of Queen Seóscieái at Córraic, the closest to Sha-Ímheáorcain, the children would become powerful in the eyes of Desikìnya. The King of Cátern would not forget his children, nor would he lose hope in them. He knew they would be safe with the Countess Cuóindrígga, the Lady of Silent Tears. Turning around, there remained no one. The Lady of Silent Tears had translated to the Emerald Isle to raise the children.
        The King entered into the house and mourned the loss of his children. The Lady did not know the reason for his uneasiness, but she comforted him and sat him down, placing his head in her bosom. The King peered up at her. “They were beautiful children, were they not?” The King tested her with the question. She had not wondered at this time where the children were. Deep down within his Spirit, the King loved his Lady, but he faltered with despair. He did not know her anymore, for she did not remember her children. “My Lady, I love you with all my heart.”
        The Lady trembled with a fear, and she spoke truthfully to her King one last time in this age. “It’s not forgotten. It’s still there. It won’t leave, and it’s hurting me. I think you know what I mean, but if not, ask me later.” Speaking the last truthful promise to her King, the Lady abandoned all goodness of her heart and relinquished them by shedding tears; they fell onto the forehead of the King. The falling tears of her soul sealed her fate.
        “Why anoint me with your tears?” The King wondered. “You have abandoned me.” The King looked deeply into her green eyes for the last time. He saw through the window of her spirit but she was lost to the evil in her heart. The good that was left in her was now gone with the last breath of her tearful words.
        Finally without any care or concern in her heart or any thoughts of love, the Lady Cíarra Ellaphnoír withdrew from the house at Úr away from her husband. She did not know him anymore. She moved on towards her home in Sriór. The King did not follow her, but returned to Vall a day later. He forgot that he knew her. At Vall, the King resumed the throne.

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