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Tá Bheàshdusceànn gorg da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí

           Ámhedeágcac ní àal…
           Faílch, go nuíman ní bpoímhas, mo ghoàdeà hÁmhedeágcacain hraídh da guf. Aluín aíbhinoàn an lheànn droígga. Bhínuim solas àoir goàdh an chuàllain, ha go berbhoàgain Srachoín-hIlùfa an aibhlòuir ghumheleóchnain mo bhí. Nhu, Ámhedeágcac mhuíscaíl beshírach an mo eóa, í-narch aluín beshírachaion lím mhoírlogh.
           Go sollòust, Ámhedeágcac ghahíra aluín à eànd teóchlain domh an lòu. Grrrrrrrrrr.
           Àal ghalíera hasheàrch, àm líemhain phensail eóul àal mír. `Ruíf àuthlas an òi hichlàu, `Ghahaleàr àal. Durcgar ní àal ghadhùrgga mo à-nog nhu.
           Ghahíra àal an gcínn. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Ghafhorch - dta ruíffaid an mo hàugga à eàndh. Go durrogain an dhurcgarain gmeàr.
           Go callain aluín à bash beshíraion, phíor hÁmhedeágcacain an gmeórchlain. Àal ghalíemh shandra-gcalàshain dhòual, í maràichaid besh mo bhí ghalíemh níc phlaísh mhoír. cGasandràcsaenn, ghasandrac icg solas an tánin. Ámhedeágcac stoírrach! `Fhairesh còa odh! Od gcòatherdeà escallain nloígc an cattain mo bhí!` Àulbhreàch àal lím faíl.
           cGasandràcsaen gharuíf an lòu. `Bhíbbash an síemh àal odairch, go nloíachain marg! Higgoín an rí ghalíeraid od mír? Ber casandrac ghaloál lím eólchain gra, go uáchlain ní hoíen da hÁmhedeágcacain. À bhraí an lòu cGasandràcsaen nínoath.

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           Princess Sunokwatz wept for the fate of her lover...
           When Owedæghax came through.... he was restored! Yes, he was well and alive, full of fervency. His strange illness had made him comatose for several days, and Princess Iluíra nursed him back to health. Upon coming out of unconsciousness, he was surprised to see his long last companion standing by his side. Liám! He had caught up to Owedæghax and helped the sensual Princess reinvigorate the sickened Mazzaroth. "M'lord," Liám began, "we must return home now." He smiled favorably at his Mazzaroth. "I thought I lost you, great Teacher," he worried.
           Making preparations to depart, Owedæghax embraced the Princess one last time, for he would never return to this land again. My duty was done, he thought delightfully, still thinking of heated passion of her. Now, she would bear the ascendants who would bring forth the Aga'abair, the Great Prophet. This Prophet would dominate Arden with his visions for a bright future. People would listen to him.
           Finally, the journey into the desert took them beyond. Owedæghax returned to his party of survivors and, most importantly, Tarsùsh. She was waiting for him with jealousy. It was learned what Owedæghax had done, and how he joined with Princess Iluíra. Despite the tedious betrayal, Tarsùsh remained fine with his "duty." It had to be done, she assured herself through agony. She now could put it out of her head and forget what he had to do with the Princess. His seed would intermingle with the Mystical Ways of the Nash.
           Days seemed like minutes, returning home towards Oápurash, and the Usuó made incredible time. Time moved quicker as they arrived. Strange. When the Usuó finally docked at the Port, a feeling of revival swept into Owedæghax, feeling as if he was reinitiated for his journeys. Once again, Time slipped through Owedæghax and he had no control over it. It moved rapidly, but it probably was due to his meeting with the Princess. His mind still wandered to her, and the wandering interfered with his concentration. I miss her, he sighed deeply. Exiv is pleased.
           On the third day, Owedæghax arrived into his hometown of Dunsha City with success. The first part of his quest succeeded. He had obeyed his Cognition by lying with Princess Iluíra, bearing the blessed Aga'abair. I'm closer to King Exiv, he thought. Upon entering the town via the Southern Divergence, a line of people gathered to welcome home, Owedæghax.
           "Welcome. Welcome," they all shouted in celebration. Everyone threw leaves in the air and cheered with delight. Their mighty warrior was home to celebrate victory.
           After being welcomed home by his friends, Priest Boàdhra placed a crown of leaves on his head. A symbol of balance. "Welcome home, my son," the priest stated in a patriarchal tone. "It has been a long time." Owedæghax was missed by all of his camaraderie of his clan. The People of Sadness.
           That night, there was feasting and celebration outdoors near the center of town at Shadiisha'bot. It was a dim night, and there was an absence to the pheka overhead. It had not yet risen to culmination. Owedæghax participated in the festivities and told stories of his journeys. Tarsùsh, the orcs, the Usuó, and of course, Princess Iluíra.
           As feasting continued throughout the night, something strange unfolded. Priest Boàdhra approached Owedæghax in an odd manner, and directed him to follow him away from the celebration. They walked inside a vacant house and sat at a bench to converse. Does he wish to know about my journeys? Owedæghax thought. Or, does he seek my Cognition?
           As the two sat at the bench, Boàdhra lit the oil lamp. He looked strangely at Owedæghax's chest and stated urgently, "what did you do with my medallion?"
           Suddenly, a consuming Fear swept across Owedæghax as he looked down at his neck. The medallion was gone!
           Boàdhra repeated again more forcefully. "What did you do with my medallion?" He berated Owedæghax this time for his irresponsibility.
           Did Princess Iluíra take it? he thought. "I don't....kn...ow," he stammered, checking beneath his shirt. "I'm sorry, my priest," he remorsed. Then he looked back up, hesitating.
           No one was present, when he looked up. He was alone, and the priest had left him. Listening all around him, everything quieted around him and he could no longer hear the celebration. Dead Silence had fallen in Dunsha City.
           Then, suddenly, a loud blast was heard throughout the entire city and fires raged uncontrollably all across the city. Owedæghax stood to his feet and peered out the nearby window. He saw fires and brutality like he'd never seen before. Upon seeing this sudden doom, he was overcome by fear, and scared to go out and help his friends. Strange. Looking out the window, he saw legions of fire warriors attack the town and wipe out all signs of life in Dunsha City. The Celeste above ignited with an awesome permanence from the sign of the Mazzaroth. A heavenly body crippled the sign of Owedæghax. Within the city, a bloody battle prevailed under a certain dilemma, and no one from the town survived against the brutal legion of fire. A dilemma had fallen upon the Dunshites. Apparently, the legion of fire warriors was hiding in the Noble Forest and they entered into the town using the Dunsha Divergence. It was a surprise attack!
           Again, Owedæghax watched but did not participate, helping his comrades. He was consumed by fear, and just like before with the Princess, he broke out in a strange sweat. He became ill again, and vomited in the corner. Strange. Sitting in the corner, all he could hear was the sound of death rattle, screams, and destruction. Dunsha City had fallen to a certain dilemma, just as he'd seen in Cognitive Thought. It's happened, just as I've seen, he thought. The city was wasted and overthrown that night!
           Then, there was silence…The Celeste became black with no starry expanse visible.
           Owedæghax gathered himself and pulled himself together. Sweat still formed all over him and he remained face down, gripping over. His stomach was knotted in agony from what just happened. Owedæghax remained seated for awhile until he was able to acquire strength to sit at the bench again. His friends just perished and he was alone, or was he?
           Finally sitting at the bench, Owedæghax brightened the wick to the oil lamp. It started to rain outside. Vínuim was bringing order to the destruction by putting out the raging fires from the Elemental Point of Ilùvi. Owedæghax began to feel comfortable again, but alone.
           Suddenly, Owedæghax heard a low growling sound nearby. Ggggrrrrrr.
           He raised his head, facing the window opposite him. I know that sound, he thought. His heart beating faster now.
           Then, again, he heard it. Ggggggrrrrrrr. It was louder and closer. His heart raced with fear.
           Looking behind him, he was horrified. He was looking directly into two yellow eyes, and a gaping maw. It was the Xandràxan, the dark wolf! Owedæghax screamed! "You're dead. You can't be here," he stammered fearfully.
           Then the wolf spoke. "Cursed be you and your elucidating blood. You think you've won?" The wolf began laughing maniacally, and it reverberated in Owedæghax's ears. Then, the evil wolf pounced on top of him. Release...release...release!
           Owedæghax blinked, and when he did, he was laying on a sandy ground in the shelter of a man-made tent. He quickly sat up, getting acquainted with his new surroundings. He had been in Cognition the whole entire time. He realized that he just had slept with Princess Iluíra, but she was nowhere in sight. His return home did not happen. It was all false! Sighing deeply, sweat poured off his skin and his head ached severely. He was ill, and he was abandoned in the Nash Desert! How can this be? He thought. I thought I traveled home. He massaged his temples. The air around him was dead and the sky was dark outside. There was no starry expanse for Owedæghax to tell a tale. He was abandoned!
           "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!" He agonized in pain.
           It was then and there, where Owedæghax realized the consequences to his senseless betrayal. Princess Iluíra left Owedæghax to rot with his illness in the desert. She had deceived him. Liám was not at his side, so no one knew where he was. He could not walk or travel home now, for weakness overcame him. Looking down shamefully, he noted that the Medallion of Uóranus was gone, just like in his Cognition. Taken. Feeling unworthy of his initial quest, Owedæghax fell prostrate across the sand and began weeping. I've been deceived by evil, and I am forsaken. He cried and wept to his gods, but they did not hear him. King Exiv and Vínuim both had left him.
           For three whole days, Owedæghax cried out to his gods in the harsh Nash Desert, but no one--not a soul--listened to his cries of remorse. His fate was sealed and his paradoxy ascended beyond control.
           There is a legend that states: The night Owedæghax was deceived by Princess Iluíra and the night Dunsha City was doomed, Two Stars protecting his celestial sign collided into one another like heavenly projectiles. It was a sign: The Legion of Akkævall had trampled over Dunsha City. Just prior to this demise and destruction, it was rumored that Mannoá the Heartfelt, Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners, had sealed a pact with Boàdhra ní Arden, forming a unique alliance. Later, however, it was witnessed by those of Mannoá's escort, that he was seen leaving the city alone, carrying a golden, bound book. This book flared like the srías. After Mannoá's departure eastward on the Dunsha Divergence, the attacking began and an unknown courier dispatched an urgent message to be delivered to Boàdhra ní Arden, Shadiisha Priest. Mannoá's seal was upon it. It proclaimed that Owedæghax would encounter deceit on his journeys, and perhaps never return! Mannoá was never seen again, nor was the courier! Dunsha City fell to ruin that night, where the "Two Stars of Akkævall" converged, and it is only known in legend what became of this story.........But.........The Saga of Owedæghax is..... ^

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

The Black Sleep falls!
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