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Tá Nloígc da Sha Ímheàorcain Fhairesh

Domhain, domhain níc mheàor, tíra dhoùa an caddeà fairan domhan an droíga cgí Fhaaluír. Alíeth, tíra dhoùa pleàfoín frídh phlían an Phlíagh-Augus. Còa bleácain od cátern, sar òam da gcoímhardeàgras go faelain mo bhí, aàl òuam da hIlùfa-Òuicgs go berbhaògain. àFaira òig an escallain-nloígc tánn thíra dhoùa da Sha Ímheàorcain an Phlían, go cátern nínaòth mír!

In memory of September 11, 2001, and the Tíra Dhoùa da Sha Ímheàorcain

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           From the Realm of Vaaluir, a subordinate realm of Uran...
           Deep within the heart of the clouds, a conversation between two familiar and strong women was taking place. After the vacancy of the realm of Uran, these two women fled to remain out of humanity's way, just as King Exiv had done. However, these two pledged they would return one day, when time was right. From the time they had left to the arrival of another chosen King by Krav, they vowed to remain within their realm of clouds. King Exiv will return one day!
           The first woman stood tall and beautiful. Her long, golden hair draped magnificently over her body. Her eyes were as silvery, grey color as her realm, and they ignited her entire being. Her Charm. Her perfect figure emanated a radiating beauty, which gave a brighter and sharper magnitude to the reborn srías of Exiv. Her skin was white as King Exiv's light, and the magnitude of her beauty was great. Her Radiance. Her facial features were dominant, giving her a proud look. Her face was narrow and she had high cheekbones. Her Authority. She had become more powerful since she had left the mighty Glih Alkgagk, and she had command over the clouds with her abilities. It had become legend now with this mighty woman, for she had became a changed woman, and no man could behold her beauty, for her charm and radiance were too much for anyone to bear with the naked eye. Queen Saa'skàuty, goddess of charm and beauty! Queen of the Clouds!
           The second woman beheld the same beauty as the Queen, and she was given dominion over the realm of thought. It was Alèacotha, the sphere of thought. She directed and commanded the inner thought of her subjects, giving them the logic they needed to keep order in Chattàhcotha. Time. With her abilities, she hoped that her chosen ones, her appointed women, would help suppress the corruption of Time through Kuírbha. Her hope was to restore peace upon the realm of Arden. Her followers were scattered abroad the face of Arden, and they united together to carry out their mission. These chosen women, the Sunalèar, would suppress the entire corruption of Kuírbha's new lightning and his evil control over the wheels of time. By the presence of this powerful woman and her Sunalèar, time would never be misplaced or destroyed. Once before, this woman was at the mercy of the Predator of Time, the dreaded Xandràxan. She had won and prevailed against the dark wolf and after being rescued by her mother. Princess Sunokwatz, one of the former guardians of King Exiv! Daughter of the clouds!
           Now, these two women feared nothing they needed to, for they beheld great powers, keeping time in order and ushering in the return of their new King. Queen Saa'skàuty beheld a magnificent aura, maintaining a certain balance against evil, and her daughter thought logically. Together with charm, beauty and logic, Time would not be altered maniacally. Idealism and Logic will balance time for now, they thought.
           "Mother," Sunokwatz began, "I'm patient with the logic of time, but when shall we send our Cloud Scion?"
           "Dearest," the Queen remorsed, "your lover has not even discovered his true identity yet." The Queen put her hand lightly upon the shoulder of Sunokwatz and comforted her with a brief shrug. "You must be patient my dear."
           "I am patient, but I yearn to return balance within our realm. After all it is lost!"
           Queen Saa'skàuty tenderly embraced her daughter, and at that moment, tears began streaming down the precious face of Sunokwatz. You shed tears, my daughter? How can this be? This is forbidden. "Don't let sadness overtake you, dear. Look what it did for the Dunshites. It has made them slaves to this emotion."
           The srías in the sky began to fall beyond the horizon for the day, and the colors in the sky permeated with certain colors. It reminded the two of them of a certain man who walked the realm of Arden long ago, but in this day and age this man had been forgotten. Was it King Exiv? As the srías set, Queen Saa'skàuty pointed towards Plíagge which lies on the other side of the horizon.
           "See, there," she excited, "another day has passed, but this is not the end. Look into the various colors upon the horizon. What does is tell you, my daughter?"
           Sunokwatz thought and thought deeply, but she could not grasp any idea what her mother was trying to convey. There was a time when the srías had never set. Long ago, during the reign of King Exiv, it remained high over civilization for many millennia, never to be engulfed by Plíagge. Only now did order change. Sunokwatz continued to think, but she was logically minded. She had no sense of vivid imagination whatsoever. The coming of night, the return of a bright new day? Continuing to think deeply, an overwhelming fear consumed her. Something about the magnificent array of colors stirred an awesome fear into her being. A consummating Force of Arden! Soon, Sunokwatz trembled with great immensity and the Queen was alerted to her convulsing.
           "Daughter," she worried, "please stop. You are frightening me!" Queen Saa'skàuty embraced Sunokwatz again, and began singing into her ears. "The realm of Arden is watching us, dear. Please let thyself be pacific. Your lover would not fear such things. He has been changed also."
           Sunokwatz stood fast once again, and looked within the Queen's awesome eyes without being charmed by them. "What do you mean, mother?"
           "You do realize, he does fear what he may become, but he will not become what he fears."
           A paradox, he has become, she thought. "Mother, he fears about becoming the dark wolf, does he not?"
           Soon, the realm of clouds darkened and the Celestial Night arose with the appearance of Pheka, the glowing orb of illumination. It culminated directly over head. Ràvinya smiled down upon the two women. Let Goodfortune fall upon these two. The mystery of night still baffled scholars of time, but rest assuredly; it was a dreadful consequence to King Exiv's folly. From the stars of the Celeste, both women heard a rumble, and soon, their attention focused upon the luminous pheka. "The mystery of night is seen by its darkness, but there is something else...Your lover speaks with the Abjurants of his kind, and they come to him in the darkest of Dark. He must know this: he does fear what he will become, but he is also blessed..."
           An Abjurant? His kind? Queen Saa'skàuty replied to the voice in the Celeste, who undoubtedly belonged to Ràvinya. "Who is Owedæghax, great overseer of dreams?"
           Silence in the Celeste for a space of time...
           Then, there was a reply. "Time will tell my dears. Owedæghax is forever blessed! From one Man we all came, but your beloved Messenger has become something more than this. Yes, Kuírbha, Vorka, and the dark wolf behold a certain enigma, but the veil of mystery is Owedæghax's true being. They are all one in the same, but Owedæghax will be saved." The Abjurants beckon him through Cognition.
           "The paradox and mystery of Owedæghax ascends greater than his insanity. He is….the darkest of Dark," the god of dreams proclaimed proudly. Speaking his words of Owedæghax, the clouds shook beneath the two women. The impact of his proclamation was great.
           Queen Saa'skàuty and Princess Sunokwatz looked upon each other with awe. They just began to realize what Owedæghax was truly becoming, or more importantly, what he was. Princess Sunokwatz looked down upon Dunsha City, where her lover remained. She blessed him with a blow of a kiss. "May you pave the way to our future, my lover!"
           Once again, Sunokwatz shed tears for her lover and they fell upon the citizens of Dunsha City. Her mother embraced her. You do what is forbidden, daughter!
           The Tales of the Last Guardian... ^

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

The Black Sleep falls!
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