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Tá Bheàshdusceànn gorg da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí

Mheggaòraith…Mheggaòraith…Mheggaòraith…Sùrash nhuátha odaira solas go faelain cgí àal gcínn, í bercòa od beshírach gcínn man. Mheggaòraith…Mheggaòraith…Mheggaòraith…Mír ber - escàllaid od oshan hoícs odaira aluín muíl staòch. Mheggaòraith…Mheggaòraith…Mheggaòraith…bhófaela na bothain odaira an gra mír, í go uámárain…uámárain…uámárain. Issaò nu hellíopha an fhairesh. Craimh…Craimh…Craimh…gCraim-Babhain hoícs!

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           Tarsùsh and Owedæghax finally arrive at Oápurash Port on the third day...
           Entering into the Port of Hope, it was high day. The streets were crowded with people, and everyone was out and about doing their daily business. The Center Street branched off from the main trail, the Southern Divergence, and it was paved carefully with cut stones made into blocks. It was a magnificent creation of art, and it highlighted the entire town. Several houses occupied the side of the finished, ornate road, and this town was inhabited by thousands of the mighty Struíl, the water guardians. This town was one of the wealthiest in the area and King Zhaàred, a distaff relative of King Tarshal, ruled this fief. From ages upon ages, especially during the rule of King Exiv, this port remained to be allies with Srùos Port to the east. In the east, that is the home of legendary King Tarshal of the Struíl.
           Interesting as it may be, but the Opùrgon--as they call themselves--worship Iskàul, god of water and conscience, and they believe that he is the chosen deity to bring forth the Unknown Elemental Point. The Element that is most feared. After the initiation of the Warm Era under Vínuim, god of natural order, great battles between Saa'vallstràu, god of destruction, and Vínuim waged. Both of these gods wanted to be the one to usher in the Concordant Summit, the Unknown source of power, giving all the elements their strengths. The Opùrgon believe that Iskàul is the only true key to this veiled mystery. The Concordant Summit. However, the mysteries of the Fifth Elemental Point still baffle all Sages of Arden. Who truly controls the Concordant Summit?
           Tarsùsh and Owedæghax passed by several streetside markets along the Southern Divergence. This street would take them to the center of town and, then, the main docks. When there, they needed a ship to cruise south in search of the one called Princess Iluíra, Enchantress of Onaíshàsha in the land of the Nash. Through Cognition, Owedæghax had seen this important woman, and by visiting her, she would play a key role for the future of the realm of Arden, and Owedæghax saw the entire plan in Cognition. She would give birth to the lineage of the Great Prophet. Owedæghax knew what role he had to play in this crucial meeting, but still, he was baffled by his Cognitive Thought. This meeting of the Enchantress would somehow solve homefront issues in Dunsha City and secure a future legacy.
           Passing by several of the townspeople, Owedæghax and Tarsùsh noticed several of them gauking and staring with awe at the two of them. Several of them even uttered a strange title to Owedæghax calling him the Mazzaroth, teacher of the stars. "Look, it is the Mazzaroth commissioned by Ràvinya. He will balance our future," one of the townspeople said with astound.
           "Blessed be the woman who rides with the Mazzaroth. She will procreate and her ascendants will number greater than the stars of the Mazzaroth," another man replied religiously. Mazzaroth encompasses the Celeste! His sign in the sky protects us! This was a common belief with all living in the Region-the Mazzaroth. Many rumors were spread about Owedæghax by the Westbound Sojourners, a secret, religious sect in the area.
           Owedæghax was perplexed at first, but Tarsùsh commented to him what he should expect upon entering into her town. "Everyone knows of you, Owedæghax. The gods have told us about your coming, and even they fear you...or what you will do." She turned her head towards the street with fear, trying not to be noticed. She knew something he did not. Even though Owedæghax could see through Cognition, there were some things he needed answers to.
           Immediately, he turned around to Tarsùsh, still riding the horse. She clung onto him as they rode down the Southern Divergence. "What will become of me?" he feared. "I have been called a paradox by my peers back home. Do they know what will become of me as well?" This was the one fear, which pierced into Owedæghax. What had the evil wolf done to him? "Cursed be that bloody wolf!" he profaned under his breath. The mystery of which he was disturbed him. I truly am a paradox, he thought.
           Finally, Owedæghax and Tarsùsh stopped. Straight ahead of them was the Neither Sea and at the end of the Southern Divergence were the main docks of Oápurash. Looking out across the sea, several white caps could be seen in the distance. A storm was brewing over the sea and the clouds were dark. Saa'vallstràu must be angry. Dismounting their horse, the horse drank from the nearby trough. After tying up their horse, a well-dressed man approached the two of them with a pleasant smile. He greeted Owedæghax and Tarsùsh with a prominent bow and a clap of the hands. A symbol of welcome.
           "Welcome, I am Doròh, priest of Oápurash." The priest paused a moment and fixed his cloak. The wind was coming off the sea with a great force. Doròh turned towards the sea for a moment and back. His hood fluttered about in the sea breeze. The sky grew cloudier. Clouds not of Queen Saa'skàuty. His lips pursed together and he grunted. "Yeah, Saa'vallstràu must be angered by your presence, my friend." The sea continued to foam.
           The comment caught Owedæghax off guard. Thinking about the priest's words, Owedæghax replied, "I'm sorry, my priest. Vínuim is my ally. Forgive me." He withdrew humbly.
           "No need to apologize," the priest delighted, patting him on the shoulder. "We were told of your arrival. You can see it in the stars. Ràvinya, god of dreams, has told us the story of your arrival, and many rumors have been spread of you. Your priest, Arda at Dunsha City, told us to await your coming." The priest bowed again, but this time more formally. Unfortunately, though, for this priest, he did not know about the horrible death of Arda, father of Boàdhra. He had been murdered! Then, he looked back up towards Owedæghax, not making eye contact. "How can I service thee, great Mazzaroth?" he humbled.
           Mazzaroth, again, he thought. "What is this name you call me?"
           The priest replied only by saying, "he who guides and balances our future. The teacher of the stars." Again, the priest bowed and refused to make eye contact. "Now, great teacher, how can I service thee?"
           Suddenly, as Doròh spoke, Owedæghax went into Cognitive Thought to see the corridors of time. He needed guidance from the Abjurants.
           Closing his eyes, Owedæghax entered into Cognition. Surrounding the prescience of Owedæghax, the static Plasma Light bound him thereto. Owedæghax carefully looked forward and massaged the temples of his forehead. You are the darkest of Dark...you are the equilibrium of Chattàhcotha, the Teacher of Time...a Mazzaroth to our people. The Abjurants were speaking to Owedæghax. Now, look into the corridors of time, and see what you will become. Do not fear, they hastened.
           Focusing straight ahead, the Celeste brightened brighter than day in his vision, and he saw a strange mountain with a mysterious man sitting on a pillar. A Quill floated toward the top of the pillar, and the man sitting atop the mountain was very mighty looking. His eyes shined like the gods and his physique was broad and muscular. Swirling about above him was a grey matter charged by plasma. It was the influx of knowledge, time and reason. The eternal fabric of Arden. The man continued sitting, taking control of Arden, binding time and space. His hands were folded gracefully and he worshipped the Unknown, the unknown that had empowered him. It was Mount Kravòkalla, the capital seat of Krav!
           Owedæghax continued looking, and he realized that the man sitting on the pillar was he! How can this be? he thought. Where is Krav? What might I have seen! Continuing to view himself, a feeling of strength filled him, empowering him with the truth of his existence. He was the equilibrium in Arden!
           Then the Abjurants sang out in harmony. Krav is a great one, and it is you who have the power. Krav. Realize it is you! The Abjurants began chanting, and the chanting trailed off into the unknown fabric of plasma. Mazzaroth...Mazzaroth...Mazzaroth...your past life has come from him, and you will become him again. Mazzaroth...Mazzaroth...Mazzaroth...you will teach us your mighty ways by your strong hand. Mazzaroth...Mazzaroth...Mazzaroth... return to thy mountain and occupy...occupy...occupy.
           Owedæghax could not believe himself, but he knew then and there who he was, but how? Then, again, the Abjurants chanted, saying Krav...Krav...Krav...return to thy great mountain. Rescue our forgotten essence. Krav...Krav...Krav...the mighty Quill Bearer.
           Release...release...release! Owedæghax recoiled and Doròh smiled with delight. That is why Mount Kravòkalla remains unoccupied. I am not there, he thought. Owedæghax knew what he had just seen--past, present and future. Krav was not in Plíagge! Whatever was within Owedæghax was indeed mysterious.
           "So, I give you my blessing," the priest continued, "you may take one of our ships at no charge. You may also hire a crew to accompany you and your mistress. Let your journey be swift and fruitful." He knelt down and kissed Owedæghax on the back of the hand.
           Owedæghax paused a minute to recollect another event which happened in Cognition. Then spoke to the priest, giving him instructions to take a message to the Vishdusk, the Westbound Sojourners. He saw something else in his Cognitive Thought and it scared him! "You must contact the Westbound Sojourners and give a message to Mannoá the Heartfelt. He will know what to do." Owedæghax withdrew his journal from inside his cloak, and wrote an entry. After writing, he tore a piece of his journal and rolled up the journal, replacing into his cloak. "Take this message to them immediately, I have foreseen danger."
           The priest read the passage diligently and looked back up at Owedæghax, making eye contact. The message was urgent. The priest clapped his hands together repeatedly thrice times and replied, "it will be done, sir." Doròh made a fist and pounded it thrice times in his other hand. The pact had been sealed.
           Immediately, the priest ran off towards the center of town waving the news of distress in his hand for all to see, while Owedæghax and Tarsùsh walked down a hill towards the docks. There, they would hire a crew to give them safe passage across the sea. If Saa'vallstràu doesn't stop us. Let Salvork, god of wind and navigation, navigate our vessel.
           After hiring a royal entourage, Owedæghax and Tarsùsh boarded the ship and set sail southward in search of Princess Iluíra, the Enchantress in the land of the Nash. She would behold the future of Arden.
           The saga of Owedæghax... ^

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

The Black Sleep falls!
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