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Huàg Creàmmoísh beleòsh dí Sheàddoíg-Sreàchainsrí

           Òmhedeàgcac sa gaòl
           [1] Àinsin, ína dhiaídh Mhaorían shín à seáchoír chael andeàr. Cuírbha go pèorrain Muítha, àn go craígaíarr sía nanó choes dí Píuínn. Cuírbha in Tara bashoír dí Mhao-rí. "Àidhaon bhearr racheàgh Geùla dí Muíth gCraòain, deoph gaa go mishfaoír Raboínn òn boindair piaun, Eàchabhàullair. Coíg àidh cuíl dí àilf reàchas." tDrách òn trugh hoí in Mhaòr. Cuírra gaa òn go pbeafhorch. Cuírbha gheàf bhroàch asalom racha dí Eàchabhàullair. Go haònggaoír uloís heàrth gbanna à stillach, bar unleòsh sría eàs Threàch Ilùaf. Cuírbha cann meásh. "Gaon reàch donn go raòshoír in Tomaíon òn guállaidhoín-nlíglic, beòn triòain aòdh ag foair oídash, Phuòach. Àidhoan forggesh Rhuínneò, go forsíeannoír tenga òn cuírríar. Go ránncarr lash oíf Cullaigh. Andaf crá oída òn mheàrch, Oíluàf bhearr gceòs Guàllad oída àn foían gceòs Solar dí shín. Cragh oída ghoí bhearr taòsha shaseal bemheam meòrth. Troagh à dhuof bhearr sheòddoíg andaf àidh à gCaffeín.

  Sreásh gceòs Dhràcconain òn nhantó Sóluncrannòus, síarn dí àilfeàsh!  
Glory be to Draccònna for the Capital of the elves, Sólcan!

The above text is written in Rhuíash vs. Cáternóich! This portion of the Vishdusk book was written in Rhuíash

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           The Day of Silence was coming to a close. Jax postponed the wedding. A strange feeling shook up inside him. No, he was not ill, but his Cognition alerted him to certain danger…
           Standing arrayed in luscious radiance upon Yaívtagge Shígh was a fine, looking woman. She had fulfilled her quest and now she was ready to Crossover. Her lover, Suva, stood nearby encouraging her.
           "My dear," Suva began with a sly twinkle in his eyes, "you have done well. We now have the pure form of blood. We must begin with haste."
           The srías dimmed and changed colors to orange and red. It was ready to set. This occasion would mark the beginning of silence, for it was four years ago, when the Light had gone out of the mighty King Exiv.
           "Quickly!" the woman demanded. "I must drink his blood! Now, is the time for the last guardian to arise; he is no longer called Owedæghax. He has embraced the elements and seen what no one in Arden can see. He has seen the Unseen. The Star Teacher has risen from doom and his blood is free from the harmful curse." Suva reluctantly gave the Woman the vial of blood, which was brought to them by a traitor. She fumbled with the vial of blood in her hands, anxious to swallow it's contents. She wanted to take her place amongst the Archive, the gods of Arden.
           The srías continued to glow with an awing radiance and it highlighted the Woman's exotic features. Her Crossover was at hand!
           "I don't think this is a good time, my lover," Suva worried. "It may seal your doom. King Exiv still breathes and lives. Though Wuàde sought to destroy him, this might not be a good day for your Crossover." After all, it was the Day of Silence. Suva loved the Woman, and he had joined sides with the evil and vile Bibhon of Arden, but he still feared certain doom would fall upon the evil Bibhon.
           "Don't be silly, my sweet lover. I will be fine," the Woman reassured. She lightly brushed her fingers across the smooth face of the god of blood. "Watch and you will see."
           The srías touched the edge of Plíagge, and a resilient aura began to grow around the Woman. It was transforming her being. Agonizing with pleasure from the passionate aura, the Woman embraced the fire of her being and of the elements. Her voluptuous body permeated with a fiery heat, raging from her Elemental Point. Wuàde has blessed her. Continuing to embrace the fiery heat, the Woman's aura grew bright and it blinded Suva. The beauty of her aura electrified the mountaintop of Yaívtagge Shígh, and it attracted the night gods of Arden. Her Crossover was imminent. It was now or never.
           "Quick, my dear," Morphæo, goddess of nightmares, encouraged from a distance. "Drink the vial now! The srías is ready to be engulfed by Plíagge. Drink now!"
           The other night gods watched with pleasure seeing the fervent aura electrify and change the being of the Woman. Her beautiful and voluptuous body was one to be desired by the concupiscence of man, but now, the Woman was beyond Desire. Her exotic and complex form ignited and magnetized the Bibhon. She had become desirable and pleasing to their eyes. Queen Saa'skàuty would be jealous of her beauty.
           Finally, Plíagge took the srías, and twilight befell the Shígh.
           "NOW!" the Bibhon shouted. The Time was right. Soon, the Bibhon would initiate another member into the night. To encourage the Woman's Crossover, the Bibhon chanted a litany to encourage her. "Do it before the Celeste opens up!"
           The Woman drank the contents of the vial. A quiet zeal fell upon the magnificent Shígh. The Woman stood motionless for a moment, allowing the blood to absorb into her electrified being. Suddenly, she gripped over with apparent agony, and the Bibhon looked worried. Wuàde approached the Woman, and tried comforting her. The Woman bent over like she was in dire pain. "Are you all right, my dear? Have you been poisoned?" Wuàde hugged the Woman, trying to relieve her distress.
           Lightning flashed in the sky, marking a great transformation and welcome into the night. Desire has crossed over to immortality. Kuírbha applauded the transformation with his lightning.
           The Woman groaned and grimaced with apparent pain. Finally, she looked up towards Wuàde, her friend. Her eyes were shining with a fervent and magnetic color. They had changed! They were shining with a fiery, grey glint. Heat raged from her being, and she pushed Wuàde back lightly. "My friend, I am fine," she replied with a euphonious strength. As she lightly pushed her friend aside, a spark ignited between the two of them, and it shocked the fire god.
           [1] Then, the Bibhon chanted and said another litany. Kuírbha approached Desire, and initiated her into the realm of night. Kuírbha was the leader of the night gods. "You shall be known as the goddess of Desirable Deception, for it was you who tricked the stars and obtained what was not possible. Because of your honor and commitment to the night, you shall be called Akkævall. You have been named after the demise and destruction of purity." Purity was the ultimate threat to the Bibhon. It precedes the culmination of Time. Kuírbha placed a glowing medallion around the neck of Akkævall. It dangled near her luscious and ample bosom, which was radiating heat from the Elemental Point of Ilùvi. Kuírbha continued his welcome. "It was the purity that was being stored up in the reserves, which was a threat to us. You have been rewarded for your noble cause to the night. You have postponed the Raze, which was foreseen long ago. You have saved us from destruction. Because of your deception and extreme beauty, Ilùvi shall be your realm and anger shall be your sphere of influence. Your desirable beauty will bring the sword between man. Division and strife will rise up because of you and your Kind."
           Out of reverence and respect to Desire's cause, the Bibhon bowed graciously to her. Once again, lightning flashed and disturbed the elements of Arden. Kuírbha rubbed his hands together, creating sparks. His diabolical plans for Arden would see him as the new King of Uran and the god of Uran. Now, condemnation would grow with this Crossover, for it would render Arden with doom. Kuírbha would assume his Kingdom over the Elemental Point of Uran. It would strengthen the night gods and their grip on Arden. Akkævall would bring division and anger to mankind. Kuírbha could now rule Arden freely. He turned back to Akkævall, showing his sinister smile, and she knew his thoughts. "Now, my dear," he grinned, "let's get down to business…"
           "…not so fast, my king," Akkævall interrupted seductively, enticing the god of lightning with her fiery eyes. "I am pregnant with the twins, Daídha and Mishfa!
           The Bibhon looked up with awe. This was an unexpected and unprecedented remark. They were all amazed and shocked at Akkævall's words. This would alter plans for a time. Who's the father? they all wondered. How can an Archivon bear children?
           Astound filled the faces of the Bibhon, and Fear consumed them. Akkævall would give birth to twins, the choir of misfits.

           Shaking his head and seeing what just took place, Jax recoiled from deep Cognition. He was still in the dungeon, waiting to see his lover. The wedding had been postponed, because of heartsick agony.
           Princess Samawàqua spoke kindly and gently to Jax. She did not want Jax to see his lover. "Jax, please don't go to her. Marry me!"
           "My dear," Jax returned politely, "I must see her." Jax lightly placed his hand on her shoulder, showing her that he did indeed care for her.
           Jax rounded the corner to the cell where his lover was, and his face whitened as a ghost. He was unexpected to see what he just saw. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? Looking in the dirty cell, Tarsùsh and the others were in a deep and dangerous sleep, and they were dying!
           There is a legend, which states: A sad clan of men and women filled the streets near the Delgrash Convergence. They were filled with hope and purity. A year ago, they had escaped the fire of doom and converged outside the town of purity. The fire of destruction did not destroy them. Their hope had prevailed! They were saved by the god of dreams, and told to remain outside the circle of fire until it was quenched by Sadness. For it was Sadness which inspired Goodfortune, and because of this friendship, the two of them became friends. The leader of the sad clan wore a gold and white ceremonial garment. He encouraged the others in his clan. "Time is nigh," he encouraged. "We must prepare to converge and rebuild. Ràvinya has told me that the Mazzaroth has risen. He will return with splendor. We must come together!" Looking into the Celeste, the sadness in man saw the starry shine of the Teacher culminate and descend beyond Plíagge. Seeing their Teacher, Sadness filled their hearts. They knew the Teacher embraced the elements, but they saw a sign in the Celeste to be wary and remain pure, for deception was on the horizon. Lightning flashed over the Convergence of Sadness, and awed the realm of Arden. Chaos would reign now…But…...the Saga of Jax is…

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

The Black Sleep falls!
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