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  Dunccían go berfhòrech Lhígh-Gra!  
Sadness proceeds Goodfortune!

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           From the dark side of pheka...the god of dreams, Ràvinya, looked into blackness. His countenance was downcast...
           Darkness overtook the starry Celeste, and the lamentation of the god of dreams was felt throughout the realm of Arden. Hope has evaporated. I have lost hold of my dreams. The Goodfortune of Ràvinya had not inspired mankind for several months, since the destruction of Dunsha City and the ruin of Owedæghax. Ràvinya was depressed and overcome by sadness, just like those who once dwelt within his Dunsha City, the place where Sadness overcame the Ancients. His luminous pheka remained dark, and it did not illumine mankind for his glory. He was sad, because the hopes and dreams he layed out in the starry Celeste failed. Sadness has overtaken me, he pitied. My days are all filled with adversity and despair.
           Dwelling on his failed dreams, there was one secret, though, which was his key, and it was not revealed to mankind. It was Ràvinya's Golden Dream, and it was the only good he rendered from the Celeste during his mourning. Sadness is the key to the Concordant Summit, the Unknown Elemental Point, he reminded himself through depression. But how, now, with this calamity? he wailed with grief.
           During the dark time of Ràvinya, he remained on the dark side of his pheka, where he hid from all mankind. He was utterly hurt after the downfall of his one and only dream--Owedæghax. The starry sign of Mazzaroth faded from its brilliant magnitude. The dreams he gave the Dunshites now seemed hopeless and distant. How can I possibly restore the purity of water? he thought in tears. I gave the Dunshites, the one and only man, who would usher in the Concordant Summit, but Fire has unbalanced the Equilibrium.
           Owedæghax had failed--so it seems--finding the missing Elemental Point of Uran and its King Exiv. However, lest anyone forget this: Sadness awoke Owedæghax the first time, and quickened his existence!
           Ushèul, god of gloom and sadness, attended to Ràvinya during his dark depression. Ushèul was made the overseer and Protector to the town of Dunsha City, but he retreated after purity was evaporated by fire. Even though the god of sadness retreated from the town after the threat, it was out of honor to his friend, Ràvinya. After all, the heart of Ràvinya suffered with pain, and none of the other water gods did a thing to ease his adversity. They all fled and did nothing to console the downcast god of Goodfortune. It was Ushèul who consoled with Ràvinya. Sadness encouraged Goodfortune.
           "My friend, don't lose heart, and don't lose hope," Ushèul encouraged. "You have much to be proud of." Ushèul pointed towards the Celeste, and reminded Ràvinya of his brilliant work, creating the starry sky. "There is much to tell of your handiwork, my friend. You have prospered." He shrugged him on the shoulder, trying to get him to look up at his sky.
           Ràvinya sniffled and wiped his teary eyes. They burned as fire. "...But, no one sees my work! They all scoff at me and tell me that my twin sister, goddess of fear, has triumphed." Has Fear overpowered the Elements? Is this the Fate of mankind? A star twinkled over the rocky, blue pheka and faded near the horizon of Plíagge. Ràvinya, god of dreams, and Morphæo, goddess of nightmares and fear, often were described as the Two Fates of Arden.
           Ushèul massaged Ràvinya's shoulders, and comforted Ràvinya's plaintive spirit. "Have you not heard what they say, though? Even the conspirators, the bibhon who oppose order, say that the Mazzaroth will arise and consummate the fire." This was a Shibboleth, words to test the enemies of Arden. Ushèul looked directly into Ràvinya's starry, grey eyes. "You, alone, have inspired this certain dream."
           Finally, Ràvinya looked up for the first time since sadness overcame him. "What do you mean, my friend?" He rubbed his nose and fixed his chalky-blue, pointed hat. How did I inspire such a dream?
           Ushèul waved his hand and Time rippled in front of them like water rippling on a lake. Then, an image appeared amidst the starry Celeste and the image coincided with the stars of Ràvinya. In front of them, the god of dreams saw what his friend was trying to explain. The Celeste revealed a secret, a hidden truth to the two friends. It showed them peace, harmony, tranquility, and a kingdom of a new beginning. It was a Utopian Kingdom of some sort with golden colors spread as far as the eye could see! Beyond the other end of the Celeste, towards the realm of Plíagge, Ràvinya took heart in what he saw. He saw a group of Children playing in water, a lake of some kind, and it brought joy to his darkened spirit. The children he saw, were not the Children of the Morning, but the Children of the Dusk. Somehow, these children playing in a vast lake of purity, brought back the one element the god of dreams lost: His Goodfortune. This was his motif for the Elemental Point of Uran.
           Standing up for the first time, Ràvinya embraced his friend with tears of relief. It was like two brothers exchanging love. "My dreams will prosper after all!" Ràvinya delighted. I did not realize the depth of my Goodfortune and dreams, for it was Sadness who pointed them out to me.
           Then, something amazing unfolded as Time was restored. The starry sign of Mazzaroth, the son of Ràvinya, began to return to its bright magnitude. Soon, the Celeste was restored by the bright sign of the Great Teacher, the Mazzaroth. Upon seeing the brilliant sign shine once again, Goodfortune and Sadness made a pact with one another. "Let all those who sleep, awaken; let all those who fear, hope; let all those who weep, who are oppressed, who suffer with adversity, and yes, those who are sad, savor Goodfortune from their dreams! Let dreams awaken the dead sleep of man and persevere with the meek hearts of mankind!" Fate rests irrefutably on your dreams, not on adversity! "So let your dreams be of Goodfortune," Ràvinya proclaimed from the Celeste, "for they will overcome adversity and Fear!"
           Finally, the starry sign of Mazzaroth brightened its greatest, since the time it was placed in the heavens, and mankind wakened from their period of sleep and hope filled their spirits. They all saw the sign. Owedæghax will arise and judge the accursed, they all hoped.
           The Saga of Owedæghax... ^

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

The Black Sleep falls!
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