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Tá Bheàshdusceànn gorg da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí

           "Anùalt an òi, huílain òair. Frí hía-Nlaòch, solas thraògruíf an òi bhalífagh à òucgain. Arcaifác còa òisas nhu, í uthair òair fhairragh òisas athlas, forèchadh - dta, go coímheàdain odaís man."
           Sar, Àmhedeàgcac hichlàul an achoánn gcommàs àcaddeàn gí Reànnain gcòa. Huílain acaà an beshír, athlas Shuònoceàgh. Sí thraògruíf an bhalífagh na hía-Nlaòchain. "Paò?" gharuíf hÀmedeàgcacain. Reàchas àm cho-in solaim hAnuàlth. Sí berbhrí cínn raenna àm uthair Sheàmh Saa-Scàutáe da Fhaaluír. Go líemhain níon sha sír, alaòr hÀmhedeàgcacain sar uár-rí an aiaòn steàcs, í naòg síc beshír cgí beshírnais. "Am-fór líemh òi reànna odair, besreàch òair, beà sash od sícca òair an cía òuran. Od sash à solas òisas go issaòn."
           Niómoínha à Íadiármuíd da hAuáltha, aleá an aíophá da uàmhain, a nóg àdhraòch òig àm-fragaòsh, Shuòaul-Òul. "Coímheàd Eàeclásaòin sí da Ónaíos, besreàc òair. Forèchadh - dta, go gcoímheàdh lá muíllain òair od còaed, na agas, í solas dhuíf Sareàs-Aleàrgh odair mír." Anuált an muíg cgelgaòch sha an lòu sandra da hÀmedeàgcacain, í go steàchoín a nóg. Àmedeàgcac an meàllaoin còa. Ghasàndreàcs naòg beshírach an hargíllain a nóg. "Solas òi ebhnaò odach, besreàch òair an huíl." Anuált sraòrmó an thrías sha raísra í gcían da hÀmhedeàgcacain. "Athlas gcáithfaith ber - issaòn frí àbhraí síc odair, í-narch bagga òi odaías, dta forèchadh uòain eànd à aluín nímír, an gcoírbhaònain an gcuòlla odach. Còa bleàcain an Solungoàg!"

  Shíeanna gcòa Cátern fhesh Sólungoàg, ciárc da hàulainàgh!  
Glory be to Cátern for the Capital of the elves, Vall!

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           Tears filled the heart of the clouds as Anult watched on…
           Owedæghax sat up in a guarded cell for weeks. He had taken the form of a wolf and he was plagued greatly with the effects of lycanthropy. Never had his illness weakened him in such a way, and he lost focus of his faculties. Insanity overwhelmed him.
           Owedæghax's cell was deep below the ground beneath the Sacred Onasha Temple. It was the only safe place to keep Owedæghax inspite of his transformation. The chamber was well guarded by the Shaw-uul and no one; not even Prince Xandrak was permitted to visit Owedæghax. So, during the time alone, Owedæghax remained out of the Onasha Society.
           The cell, which Owedæghax inhabited, was built with ornate, chemis-stone walls. A torch was kept burning every so many feet. On one end of the cell, there was an altar of some kind and it was made out of pure gold. Upon the altar two golden candelabra decorated each end of the thick golden surface. A shrine of some kind. Behind the shrine was a raised hearth and a fireplace. Inside the fireplace, a fire raged. It disturbed Owedæghax. He wanted to be left alone, but something about the fireplace caught his attention. Above the burning flames, many pictures of animals were carved into the impervious, semis stone. A hawk, an eagle, an owl, and finally, one of a wolf. It was odd to view these animals, because three quarters of them were birds. In his insanity, Owedæghax was intrigued: "a wolf?"
           As Owedæghax spoke out, the guards directly opposite the altar and fireplace hushed Owedæghax. "Quiet, man! Your curse must be removed, before you can be returned to society. These are her orders." A sturdy portcullis enclosed the chamber, so Owedæghax could not attack the Shaw-uul. They continued to guard the entrance to the cell.
           Inspite of the harsh treatment, Owedæghax quietly withdrew. Even though anger and malice permeated through him because of the curse, something was holding Owedæghax back. After the guards turned back around, he returned to the fireplace to view the engravings again, but to his surprise, they were different from before! A wolf and then, a man! This surprised Owedæghax, but the birds were gone! Owedæghax reached within his garment and retrieved his Beneficiary Quill, which was given to him upon his departure. This was given to Owedæghax as a token of good luck finding King Exiv and its missing Elemental Point of Uran. This has not granted me any luck at all, Owedæghax thought. Angry at failure, he growled and reached back, preparing to throw the quill into the fire. As Owedæghax swung back, something or someone caught his arm. Feeling someone grip his wrists, Owedæghax growled more loudly. As he struggled, he noticed that the light in the room was becoming more white and brighter. Owedæghax finally turned around. His use and control of his faculties came back to him.
           "My lover, don't do this!" a sweet cry of a woman plead. "Don't do anything rash."
           Owedæghax could not recognize the woman immediately, but she reminded of someone who helped him in the past. They were lovers once before. "I know you, but you seem different." My insanity prevents me from making the connection.
           "I am Anult, my lover. I have crossed over to Perfect Attunement. I am of the Archive now, and my mother has granted me this right and initiated me to watch over you."
           Then, Owedæghax knew who the mysterious, blond woman was. It was his ancient lover, Sunokwatz. She had crossed over to perfect attunement. "How?" Owedæghax responded. The aura around Anult intensified. She beheld the same beauty of her mother, the Queen of Clouds. Looking upon her countenance, Owedæghax thought with perfect clarity and his insanity departed from him. "When I look upon you, my love, you take away my insanity. You have set me free."
           The appearance and resplendence of Anult, goddess of logic and science, did not seem to arouse the bird-like men, the Shaw-uul. "I am the protector Cleric of the Onasha, my lover. You are in good hands, and your Cognition has led you here." Anult touched the furry face of Owedæghax, and the face of Owedæghax refined. Owedæghax returned normal. He no longer had the characteristics of a wolf. "I have healed you, my lover." Anult kissed the smooth, young face of Owedæghax. "These people will help you overcome your curse, but I warn you, there is someone out there who seeks to bring you down. Be wary!"
           Owedæghax slowly withdrew his reach from Anult, and rubbed his hands against his face. He was a man again! "Who gave you the rite, to be Cleric to the Onasha? It is such a complicated society, and it is so far from home." The brilliant light from Anult was dimming in the cell.
           "Owedæghax," Anult began, "I must take my leave of you. The guards will notice me soon, but I too do not understand this society. I have been given jurisdiction over the Onasha though. Because of your revelations given to you by your Cognition, my mother thought it would be prudent to find out more of this technologically advanced society." They seek the guidance of birds.
           Suddenly, there was a clang on the portcullis. "I said quiet, Jax!" One of the Shaw-uul was peeking in through the metallic bars. He noticed that Owedæghax had returned to the form of a man. The guard opened the gate. "You have returned, have you? The Princess will be pleased!"
           The Princess? "Don't you mean the Queen?" The guard began walking towards Owedæghax. He did not notice the resplendence of Anult, surrounding the altar.
           Anult began to fade above the altar. "Listen to her, my lover. She will help you. I must return to the clouds now, and always know this: I love you, my dear!" Tears rolled down the face of Anult and splashed on the surface of the altar. Sparks flew off the altar, and the guard saw it.
           "What magic have you performed?" The guard kept his distance. To the Onasha, magic was forbidden and considered to be a great transgression in their society. Magic was punishable by death by drowning. Purify the Source. The Onasha were skilled users of herbal medicine. They saw no use for magical cures. "You will be tried before the Katawacha for this atrocity," the Shaw-uul guard forced. The Katawacha was the high order of Monks in the Onasha Society.
           "I have not performed any magic, but I have been restored. "A Cleric has healed me, and she watches over me."
           The guard walked up to Owedæghax and beheld his countenance. He remained unconvinced of his healing. He thought he had cast a spell of glamour upon himself. "You lie. You have used magic. I will take you to Princess Samawàqua."
           While conversing with the angry guard, a Riddle unfolded before Owedæghax upon the altar, as the guard accused him of witchcraft. The words formed into a Kue translation from the Nash translation instantly. And, they accuse me of magic, Owedæghax mocked quietly.
           The Riddle: "What holds the mighty bird in the air? Open your eyes and see what is true, for it is Unseen." The Riddle intrigued Owedæghax and he began to understand the Onasha's obsession with birds. They wish to be like birds, he thought. Owedæghax pondered on the meaning of the riddle, while being scolded for his "magic."
           Again, Owedæghax denounced magic. Anult the Protector Cleric had cured him. "Take me to this Princess." Samawàqua? The name sounded familiar to Owedæghax. He had heard that name before. In fact many of the once, loyal Guardians of King Exiv (Kwanàu, Kuwle, Satàsha, and even Sunokwatz) had similar names. The strange language of the Onasha seemed more understandable now, and it was not so much of a mystery anymore.
           How can the Guardians all have names that are Nash? Where in fact did the Guardians originate? Is it also a fact that Owedæghax himself originated from the same place-the Nash?
           The Saga of Owedæghax^

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

The Black Sleep falls!
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