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Tá Bheàshdusceànn gorg da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí

           Àmhedeàgcac hichlàul sùras creòsa an dacríemagh, aníghtraòbhnain níon Connaírg da hAnuàltha mír. Àbría dtairach marg fraòagas hoícs ní òurann an crá? Plía an gcalàsh nen tànn dTreàs man, sra ócalàshain an forèchadh - dta còa! Mhanbhíar íccleòsheào Ónaías an ógalash, dta forèchadh còa an crá ancòsreò - solaim aàl man! Ceàon Uísara Uír còa? Ahichlàul hÀmedeàgcacain an domhain.
           "Fór Shaòmh go àtarain sar gcrannàgh gí craimhain ál Cràumhòcallain Both aluín í nínaoth, dhuíf mó bhí tànn Achoánan shreàs?" Tara sí ghatroímh an shíean, àm - eàglas gcalàshain, dann hÀmedeàgcacain.
           "*Tà Mishnach gorg da Achoáinn bhleàch an craim mó dtreàsh ía, ghafaela Shaòmh Ecsíemh ní andeàos d a Gaggònain, acáain an chattain."
           Àmhedeàgcac ghahíra an cuòuinn í ní groímm failte. "Craimh…Craimh…hichlàul an od nhu? Issaò an iós ní phàucs eànd nloígc-escallain." Òi an gCraimhain? Hichlàul an domhain aleàr gí hÀmedeàgcacain. Eàbguíreàndain òaogmhaoín òisas beàr mharg còa?
           "Aleànas odair, ghafhorch - dta, mhair an lòu còa òig, Gcac," òaogmha mó steàcs Tara sí. "Òigeò, Craimh an òi, í-narch anbríaudh od hellióph odair. Shá, Craimh ceàrtadh frí Phlíagge go cátern, í-narch bríhelliópheàs od an gCraimhain ha, go plían mo bhí." Tara sí tlaòbh an òur, í huímhar sí uáfhoínn an bhànnagh. "Ía an ashleàng, ichalla òig mhanbhíar od còa, nífa?" Tara sí àugma an droíggain. "Ghasàndrac hechlaògga an gmeórch, failte an fhairesh."

  Shíeanna gcòa Cátern fhesh Sólungoàg, ciárc da hàulainàgh!  
Glory be to Cátern for the Capital of the elves, Vall!

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           Larissa the Majestic, Queen of the Onasha, was a mighty queen. In the time Owedæghax spent with the Onasha, the Queen was a very powerful leader. Though she stood nearly five feet in stature, she was a supreme queen. Her size did not undermine her authority. The Queen had very exotic and well-defined features for a ruler: brown eyes and hair, and her skin was smooth and brown. She had firm cheekbones, narrow lips and dominant, eagle-like eyes, giving her face a beautiful, but prominent look. Owedæghax was attracted to the Queen. Her beauty was very dominant and pronounced. Even though she was only five feet in height, her stature did not diminish her power whatsoever. More than anything, Queen Larissa's eyes were very beautiful, yet forbidding. They highlighted her sovereignty. There was no weakness in them. The eyes are the window to the source of life.
           Queen Larissa was the ruler for the Nash, and she was re-elected by her people several times with great popularity. Not only did her subjects fear her, but also neighboring Tribes, who were not allies to the Queen, feared her. The Queen had two children through the one called, Xandrapopòca, the Wolf Slayer: Prince Xandrak, the next of kin and Princess Samawàqua, the Priestess. The Queen's ruling jurisdiction included the Tribe of Lazuur, who are long but gone and the Tribe of Barbaròsa, who is lead by Lord Chimalpopòca, the Queen's cousin. Up until today, the Queen and Lord Chimalpopòca keep the Nash in perfect order with their enhanced technology. Together, they have made the Nash a powerful society.
           One of the Shaw-uul blows a horn, sounding off some warning tones…
           "Quick Daavisa," one of the Shaw-uul hesitated, "find the captain-of-the-guard, Jaal. We have found some nomads wandering in the desert!" The Shaw-uul remained at the Queen's service within the Queen's Cemincue.
           Owedæghax remained in the Queen's Court Room within the mighty Cemincue. It was the central chamber of the Cemincue. The Court Room was decorated with word engravings everywhere upon the chemis-stone walls. Each of the word engravings on the walls was a record of the Nash Legends and Histories. The word engravings filled the entire Court Room. In the middle of the room, Queen Larissa's Throne was fixed in the middle of a dais, and her throne was made of pure gold. On either side of her throne was a golden brazier. A fire blazed away in each brazier. Gold was a common commodity of the Nash Peoples. A glowing, crystal light hung from the high ceiling, and the rays of light caused the engravings to become three-dimensional and luminous. The same rays of light illuminated the Golden Throne as well. It was a beautiful sight.
           "Jax," the Queen began, "don't leave our service. You do know who you are, do you not?" The Queen stood up from her throne. The glowing globe above her caused her long, brown hair to sparkle with whitish highlights. The semblance mystified her persona. "My son has not told you what happened to the Lazuur, has he?"
           Owedæghax was unable to make a connection of his identity for a moment. "What do you mean, my Queen? I thought the Lazuur were annihilated by an enemy Tribe." He shrugged his shoulders. There were some things that Owedæghax did not see in the corridors of time through his Cognition. Now, things were falling into place for him: the Unseen, the birds, the Guardians of the King, and yes, even the dreaded Xandràxan.
           Owedæghax thought back to the riddle, engraved upon the Altar of Anult. What holds the mighty bird in the air? Open your eyes and see what is true, for it is the Unseen! Whoever the Nash worshipped, it seemed it revolved around what is not seen! Could this be the Concordant Summit? he pondered deeply.
           "After your King was coronated at Mount Kravòkalla, do you know where he went?" The Queen winced her eagle-like eyes at Owedæghax.
           "*The Book of the Morning states that King Exiv came to the shores of the Kue Continent, the land of the 'ancients,' the Gaggkon."
           Owedæghax heard a reverberation in his mind. "Krav…Krav…do you not know it is you? Rescue our state of forgetfulness." Am I Krav? Owedæghax thought. Is that what the Abjurants are telling me?
           "Your thoughts are not hidden from me, Jax," the Queen emphasized. "No, you are not Krav, but you carry his essence. Yes, Krav is in Plíagge, but his essence was bestowed upon you, to keep him alive on this side of the horizon." The Queen paused a moment and fixed her hair. " You still do not know who recorded the First Day of the Morning, do you?" The Queen sighed. "The wolf really has done you in."
           Owedæghax shrugged his shoulders again. He could not see it.
           "The Xandràxan devastated the Lazuur," the Queen pointed out. "Yes," she sighed, "it came here to destroy the Guardians, your King Exiv's Haggaíush. However, it was my husband, who destroyed the Xandràxan's control of his tribe, yet it cost him his life and his Tribe. He slayed the wolf, but it didn't stay dead for long. We discovered where he would strike next, and sent the Guardians to Mount Kravòkalla out of danger. The wolf proceeded to devour a path north towards the reign of your King. The cloaked man devised a wicked plan to subdue your King Exiv." The Queen sighed again, but she was distraught for King Exiv. "Now, Jax, do you see why I invoked the Law of Silence upon you? It saddened me to find that your King was betrayed and vanquished. He beheld the mysteries of the Unseen, just as you."
           "Seàmsic!" Owedæghax profaned. "That can't be true. There is deception here. The Book of the Morning makes no mention of this!"
           "Jax, I didn't say the Book was wrong, but maybe, it's a point of view which was not recorded. What I tell you is true. It is! A cloaked man sent the wolf here and he commanded the wolf to stop your King from assuming the throne. Lord Momatusa, my brother, instructed the Children of the Morning at his Cemincue by the Katawacha of the Lazuur. They were instructed by my brother and a Servant Monk, Shanguan." The Queen covered her face, and she hid her eyes. She was crying, and she did not want anyone to see the weakness in her eyes.
           Owedæghax recoiled for a moment. A cloaked man? Kuírbha? Shanguan? The man who tended to me in the Fo? "My Queen," Owedæghax humbled, "Shanguan is alive. He tended to me in the Fo, just before the ceremony, removing the curse from me."
           The Queen looked up, and sadness filled her face. "Who?" she sniffled. "Shanguan is dead. The Xandràxan killed him. The man who tended to you is an imposter!" The Queen sat down, and her mighty countenance returned. She made a fist and pounded it on the arm of her throne. It resounded within the Court Room. "My Shaw-uul will be on the look out for this imposter, Jax."
           Owedæghax pondered deeply and focused on the Queen's words. If, indeed, she were telling the truth, it would make sense. The Nash worship one deity, the Unseen, and maybe, this is the True deity. Mharabhàunt and this Unseen are tied together, Owedæghax thought.
           "Jax," the Queen remarked, "do you not realize, you were the one who recorded everything in the Book of the Morning? You saw Him on the very First Day. You were in His presence. You saw what no man could see! That is why you are a bridge for our Culture. You have seen the Unseen!"
           Could she be telling the truth? Could I've been the one who dwelt within His presence? Owedæghax was taken by surprise, even though he had gone through a powerful transformation.
           Then, Owedæghax recaptured a mere Glimpse in his memory, being with the Nash after coming from Mount Kravòkalla in search of the Children of the Morning. He was the one who instructed the Guardians about the Unseen.
           Queen Larissa looked at Owedæghax with an affirming smile. "I told you. You are the one called the man without, but you became known as the 'one rising from the dead.'" The Queen walked down the white-stone dais, and clapped her hands thrice times. A servant arrived swiftly. "Fetch my daughter, servant," the Queen ordered.
           The servant obeyed and quickly withdrew. Queen Larissa walked to Owedæghax. Owedæghax looked down at the Queen, intimidated, but with muse. "Jax, you have been betrothed to my daughter, Princess Samawàqua. You will marry on the morrow. For tomorrow is…"
           ….the same day the Light went from King Exiv, Owedæghax finished mentally in awe. The Day of Silence.
           The Queen smiled with radiance, and they walked to the entrance of the Court Room, which was a little antechamber adjacent the Court Room. This was the entrance to the Cemincue. Looking out over the magnificent, jungle-kingdom of the Nash, it took away the breath of Owedæghax. Shortly, Princess Samawàqua was standing at the base of the Cemincue, flanked by the bird-warrior Shaw-uul. She wore a veil over her face, but Owedæghax saw that she had solid, green eyes, and dark, brown hair. She started walking up the steps of the Cemincue to the Antechamber. The stairs made up one of the sides of the Cemincue. "This is my daughter, and you are betrothed to her. Your union will make you a part of our society."
           Finally, the Princess reached the edge of the Court Room, and stopped in front of Owedæghax. It was she after all! Owedæghax remembered from Cognition. It is Samawàqua! Princess Iluíra! Suddenly, a veil came off of Owedæghax's Cognition, and it was no longer inveigled. He had seen everything now!
           Who, then, did Owedæghax sleep with in the Nash Desert?
           The Saga of Owedæghax^

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

The Black Sleep falls!
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