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Tá Bheàshdusceànn gorg da Hlíemhraàna-Srarísheí

           Àmhedeàgcac ní àal
[1] "Fhesh Lhuígh-Chattain, ber - àudelgach Bhuáltha dTreàch gach. Reàchas da Luth ber - achoánoín íaconhián ní bpeòrrain, iácon cí belgcullaigh. Luth an reàcs à hoícs man. Mheàorch an shíeanna ní bpeòrrain ber - babha fhesh Tírach Gach, à solaim - bhrí Thrachoínnach. Tá peòr gach ber - creànnna ní hArth Gach à aion dTreàchas cgí Peòaorría. Frí bothainagh mheàtha da Aòmmain, ber - babhain dTreàchaòainn [2], í bhrí àal àu craim da Beleòsh."

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           From the sky…a cry was heard. Anguish and uncertainty filled the realm…Akkævall bore twins.
           Alas, the news was spread far and wide about the children of Akkævall, goddess of Desire and Deceit. The children would be a source of both evil and good. One would be the misfit and the other able to defeat the evil Tarrasque. What power these dreaded children would bring. The father of the children, Jax, did not see this through his Cognition. It was inveigled by the seductress.
           The sky remained in control by Kuírbha, the awful lightning god. The assumption to the throne of night would drive fear into the heart of mankind. Kuírbha could now have his way and bring in the Night. Morphæo, Wuàde and the brethren of the Bibhon would reign. Oh, alas, the Kyaírta hide in the Kue Mountains away from the dismal night. They seek the hospitality of the Westbound Sojourners. Now, chaos would have its way and tyranny would allow Akkævall to give birth to her twins. Let not your heart fall upon your body with death, for a fervent one will come!
           Mannoá the Heartfelt saw the doom as he escaped the evil, which would now come to the realm of Arden. Escaping the doom, tortured by the Wraiths of Kuírbha, Mannoá travelled beyond the Mirror Sea to take sanctuary with Sraaìful, Queen of Anuácotha, the realm of sleep. Bearing the "Golden Book of the Elevated Sunbeam" in his arms, he would see the doom to come. What catastrophe would befall man? It was foreseen ages ago how the powerful Mazzaroth would become the father to the misfits of chaos. The mother, undoubtedly being the seductress, would use this to her benefit and join to the impeccable genes of the Mazzaroth, and thus, giving birth to gods. Using the elucidating blood of Jax, she would fulfill her plan and use her Hierarchy to give birth to gods. However, Jax wrote himself, a premonition:

[1] "In the time of water, the vuált will deliver a new fire. The purity of water will create immunity in the flame, immunity to corruption. Water will make it strong. The passion in the flame will give birth to New Hope and motivate the elements. The new fire will usher in the New Order in the Fervency of Fire. Upon the sacred mountains of the gods, a fervent one [2] will be born, and bear the quill of the Beneficiary." ~Golden Book of the Elevated Sunbeam," by Jax.

           Shanguan, the Nash turncoat, informed to the god of blood, Suva, about the secret of Jax's blood, and it was brought into the light that the elucidating blood of Jax would give powers to the children of Akkævall. Jax held the secret, which could allow the children to be born. Akkævall used this to her benefit, for she was not only desirable by man, but deceiving as well. She used her awing singularity and seductive wiles to fool even the Equilibrium of the elements, Jax.
           Take heart, though, the sky has not given up. Water still proceeds the Concordant Summit. From the moment of Akkævall's crossover to the Hierarchy, a meeting was taking place in the gleaming dew of morning. The srías still shined down and illuminated the goodness of Arden. Vínuim still was present and capable to thwart doom. After all, he was the god of order. The Dew god has a secret.
           Soon, the shining srías painted beautiful colors against the foggy mist of the morning. A prismatic stream of colors filled the dew. Iskàul, god of water, assumed presence. Now, a secret meeting would unfold between the keepers of order and motivation.
           "How, pleasant it is to dwell within the shining rays of Exiv," Iskàul heartened.
           "His presence forges our plans," Vínuim enlightened.
           The srías continued to beat down upon nature and brighten the prismatic colors of Iskàul, his true form away from water. There was hope for the future.
           "We must negate the powers that be with Kuírbha and Akkævall," Iskàul pointed to the sky. "It is gloomy with deception. He has taken secrets from our mistress, Queen Saa'skàuty." Iskàul remained veiled behind his prism.
           "This is not the end, my friend. Yes, King Exiv is gone, Jax is lost, but there is still hope. Jax will re-ascend his place with the elements. Don't believe his downfall vain."
           The mist about nature whirled about in the breeze with anticipation. Vínuim was confused about the future. The glimmering droplets of dew broke in places, dissolving the prism of Iskàul. "Wait, don't lose hope. Jax will come back!"
           The blanket of mist strengthened at the mere mention of possibility. "I thought he was far gone after joining with Desire. I forsook him," Vínuim shamed.
           Speaking with purity in his voice, Iskàul spoke compassionately to his friend. "Don't give up. Jax is pure, and his blood will bring the purity of restoration. A fervent one will come to us. He will seize the evil ways of fire."
           "How long, ol friend?" Vínuim replied with disdain. "I don't see hope for order again." Vínuim's dew began to diminish. Because of this, Iskàul too lost strength.
           "Stop doing that!" Iskàul yelled. "It isn't over. The Prophecy of the fervent one is well known amongst the Kyaírta. The secret is written in the Golden Book of the Elevated Sunbeam. This is the information the wraiths of lightning want to know. They want to stop this. We must be on our guard from now on. Much will happen in the future. I have spoken to my sister, Lavíedh, goddess of birth, to lure Akkævall to the sea with Saa'vallstràu, god of destruction."
           Shocked at the mention of it, Vínuim replied with astonish. "You involve your sister? She will be cursed by the children's births. And, not to mention, but Saa'vallstràu is of the Bibhon."
           "That is the point," Iskàul winced with glimmering delight. "She will see no harm in this, because Saa'vallstràu will welcome her."
           Anticipating more of this plan, Vínuim's mist grew thicker. "Then what?"
           "The two misfits, the girl and the boy, will be whirled out of our realm into a forgotten realm [3] by the vortex of Saa'vallstràu," said Iskàul, speaking modestly. "They will be taken to a forgotten realm near the Free Sea."
           "Are you disposing the children, friend?"
           "It is not the children particularly I'm worried about. It is the upbringing. Akkævall, granted, is wicked, and the children must be saved from their mother." Iskàul winces again with his prism. "I will push the children into the heart of Saa'vallstràu. From the raging eye of the vortex, they will be flushed into a forgotten realm."
           "Is this plan accepted by the Day gods?"
           "I have spoken to the Queen about it myself. She supports it. After all, Jax is the one we should thank. He, too, wrote something down about the birth before Akkævall inveigled his Cognition. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to use this information to his benefit. He gave his book of Oracles to Boàdhra, his priest."
           Soon, the srías was being overlapped by a cloud of Saa'skàuty. She looked down upon the two and hid the secret until it's proper time. "Look, she is hiding our secret," Iskàul pointed.
           "Yes, we must not let this information leak to the Bibhon. They mustn't know of our plans."
           Soon, the mist of Vínuim fell to the ground and the gleaming prism of colors of Iskàul diminished. "It will be in its proper time. Arden will be saved one day, and a fervent one will restore true passion," said Vínuim while returning to vapor.
           Arden grew dark again. Kuírbha disrupted the srías with lightning. Even he did not know what was going to happen…
           The saga of Jax… ^

[1] The Golden Book of the Elevated Sunbeam... This is the book that Jax wrote and gave to Mannoá the Heartfelt. It is rumored that the original texts to this book remain on the Kings Isle of the Mirror Sea near Draccòna of the Artic Fringe.

[2] "fervent one..." Throughout various ages in Arden, this "fervent one" is made mention of. King Exiv, Owedæghax and even Mannoá the Heartfelt make mention of this passionate one coming from water. The original Kue text for "fervent one" is Treícaòain or by the Weàlsh version of Treíkayan. The later Kue name becomes Tristan. ^

[3] "forgotten realm ... Free Sea..." It is legend that the Realm of Arden links a mysterious realm that encompasses it. The Kue here is Cáternóich, Escàllain-Nloígc in the Free Sea or Sha Ímheàorchain. In Rhuíash, the Forgotten Realm is called Ghuàlladhoín-Nlíglich. ^

The Sojourners' Litany of Plíagge:
One may ask me: "Which way is it towards the Horizon?"
Or another may say: "Why do you travel from dawn into
the night?" My response would be: "It is I who am Westbound.
I travel far and wide to search the heart of existence. There,
beyond the stage layers of time lies Plíagge, the heart of secrets.
I am Westbound, and I have come from the east. Follow me on
my sacred pilgrimage. Let the secrets beyond Arden quicken
thee, you who are of the east. Let the Horizon be thy guide!"
Mannoá the Heartfelt--Chieftain of the Westbound Sojourners

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