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? Pash, Aoráelha hargoílaith an steách frí Fhamír n-Bláibh dhá beár, í áu scríth hAóráel dta n-sreáish, táin hargíl. “Uíllogh, deách, dtícará a lílo-bpónach! O síc famír bháunnach go sash-seómh lá ha. Shaómh sash-pleáifaith áugi cGaggá d-Thrí beshíra an hOícs ní hUrain. Sreáio ghadroíggain beshírna, mhan go pleáifoín domh, na-fór fórechadh – dta. Aál sash-bhraíth loád an go heáimoín, óuig go muscail sín marg; Aódh coa áim hilufá móir da gCoírbhaóith an Dhiábló óuilla ghababhnain. Srías móir mháich agas mhoír na-frí loggeásh, mhír cgínn hOannacih aál-go-Nhuách go blancain óuig, í beár dómhain an nadíra berbhoággaith Thrías, go bhraínnain í go fairain n-Phlíaggain. Goág n-Ecsíemh Shaómh berbhoággain dhá gcoímh-bleáich, hUranaith dTarrain. Uíllogh, deách, dtícará a lílo-bpónach! Ruímhair o síc famír go sash-seómh lá dTarra gásai mo bhí!” Aoráelha n-Óuranus cósra-hargoíl-aphuáith fhamír, í pleáfaith domh gcraim gí hargul ní s’bhóiparach seád dhá nínaóth, go gmeárraicaith síc-seómhá, go bleácain hóul ní hardeách í hUrain.

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Saóimhain 31 – Sabhá Bheólnuir

        Plotting and plotting away upon the Kue Mountains at Traverrse, Kuírbha and Wuàde finally understood what King Exiv’s secret of power was. The secret laid within the king: He was embraced by the light and the power of Srías. It was his source of power, and no darkness was within him. So, the only way to break that bondage would to have him unite with one outside his realm and sphere of influence…
        In the main chamber of Glih Alkgagk, the ethereal singing of a woman, ringing in his ears allured King Exiv. Each tone of the singing pleasured him in a delightful way, and his face smiled with brilliance, when he heard the song. The Collective Thought of the akkoán did not seem to respond to this singing, for only the king heard it. From the moment the singing began, the Queen was suddenly alerted to her husband after he lost attunement with her Collective Thought. Queen Saa’skàuty looked upon her husband and was shaken with fear. Deep down inside herself, she felt empty and apart from her King-- probably for the first time. My husband has forsaken me.
        Unresponsive to the Collective Thought of his wife, Queen Saa’skàuty looked at her husband with intrigue, and she wondered what his radiant face was all about. Why are you happy, my dear? she thought to her husband.
        King Exiv continued listening to the song, which stirred passion into his being. The Queen’s Collective Thought could not tap into his conscience, because he was being reached by someone else, another woman to be desired and sought out. Trying to reach her husband in her Collective Thought, the Queen shrugged onto her husband after several attempts to contact him had failed. The King remained unmoved, for the female song drew him in, charming him from beyond. What is wrong with my husband? the Queen thought.         Aroused by the Queen’s cries for help through her Collective Thought, one of the servants of the Glih came into the main chamber, the middle of the glih. In the room, the light from the srías shown down, and it ignited a certain crystal in the center of the circular room. The gem sparkled and gleamed upon the walls and the art décor of the glih, illuminating it by bringing it to life. On one side of the carefully, placed gem, the main servant of Glih Alkgagk stood, awaiting the queen’s query. He was about four feet tall, very muscular, and bald headed. Most servants that served the King were short, because it was an advantage to the King’s Court that they could get into places they could not. Many of the glih’s which were inhabited by the akkoán had narrow corridors and tiny alcoves for chambers.
        The queen has an urgency!
        Within the cylindrical, meeting room, the Court attendant stood motionless as he saw his King. Seeing the strange bliss on his face perplexed him in way that was not known. His Collective Thought was no longer holding a connection with his subjects. As a matter of fact, no one of his kingdom had the ability to contact the King through the Collective Thought. Someone else was calling to him, and it resounded louder than his bright and glorious kingdom.
        King Exiv stood up out of his place, and began to rise above the main audience chamber. Ascending towards the sky, beyond Glih Alkgagk, all his subjects watched in agony, for the King was departing to the unknown. Queen Saa’skàuty cried to herself and her inner self was torn apart by the King’s break of contact with her soul. She felt lonesome inside and her omnivivacious light was shadowed the instance King Exiv “broke contact” with her being. The crystal column of the Glih dimmed with despair. Even all those of Uran felt incomplete now, as every eye was watching King Exiv depart the realm. Several nobles prayed that he would come back and not leave, but no one was listening. The only one’s who could stand the chance to restoring the King were the great Haggaíush, but King Exiv had already sent them away in search for the stalking Xandràxan…
        The luscious garden site of the Kue Mountains only brought more bliss to the splendor of Towldar, the sister of Wuàde. Viewing the entire garden was like the very garden had given birth to this radiant woman. Towldar stood amid the beauty and personified it. As she stood proudly, waiting for the arrival of her King, Wuàde hid behind a small bush, concealing his identity. He wanted to make sure the “ritual” was carried out perfectly. His diabolical plan would see the end to King Exiv and his rule over Uran. Even Towldar did not know her brother was nearby. It had all to do with the scheme and politics to bring the old man down.
        Towldar stood near a magnificent ysapàrah tree (s’bhóiparach seád: probably a tree much like the ‘Oak Tree’), where she waited. She wanted to please the King, but more so, she wanted to be joined to him. In her innocence, all Towldar wanted was to be loved by a man, and what better man than King Exiv himself. She would appeal to the King’s senses and create a unifying bond between their two realms--at least that is what she thought. Towldar was young and innocent. She was not gullible or naïve, but she was not trained in the fashion of politics and ethics. Most of her schooling came through her brother. She did not know any better what to discern, and she did all things without question. It became part of her nature.
        Soon, a bright array of colors fell upon the garden site, and from the sky, the clouds parted to reveal the King of Uran. Shining powerfully down upon the surface, Towldar saw the gleaming rays of the Srías reveal the great King.
        Making his arrival to the garden, Towldar’s heart flopped with desire, for immediately she loved him. Strangely enough, but King Exiv became aware of her being in an instance, and his thoughts went up and down her source like delicate fingers rubbing skin, her skin. Towldar felt her source being exposed to the King’s thought, and she allowed him to “fondle” her with his thought.
        As the two of them knew each other in their thought, King Exiv came closer to Towldar. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her. Towldar did the same, and held onto the King forcefully. It was not too soon; that the two of them began kissing each other with overwhelming lust and desire, and King Exiv or Towldar were unaware of the danger which would follow.
        Wuàde watched on from a distance and was pleased with what he saw. This was not so at one time for Wuàde. When Wuàde was a simple Archivon Warrior, pure and innocent, he would have no such evil intentions towards King Exiv and Uran, but it was not until the Xandràxan had bitten him, possessing him with the being of Vorka, that his diabolical cleverness arose. Yes, Wuàde was innocent before that time, and he wanted to see the best in the realm of Arden. As he saw his clever scheme unravel with his sister making love to the King, he would have his revenge against the King, the one who caused the awful bite from the wolf. It was Exiv’s fault Wuàde was bitten, for the King had sent him to the Dark Continent to find Kuírbha.
        Embracing each other with satiating love, King Exiv and Towldar joined together, and became ONE. This would upset the Queen, but she had no clue to her husband’s whereabouts. Her Collective Thought no longer moved in him. She was empty and apart from him. Her omnivivacious light had dimmed, and her coverings nullified the harmony, like the ever-falling tears of her sister. Towldar would complete the Queen’s emptiness by joining unto him. Satisfied and delighted was Towldar, making love to the King. She groaned with pleasure as the King exerted his prowess to her. They were both enthralled with gratification and wholeness.
        ? Soon, a falcon flew over the luscious garden site, and cried down to them. “Briars, brambles, thickets and thorns! This garden has been cursed. The King has fallen from the mighty Sun Throne in the sky! Let all those who adored him mourn for him. He has committed an unpardonable sin: He has become like the fire of the newborn Kuírbha. Now his srías will be cloaked behind dark clouds, and it will be forced to descend below Arden to set into Plíagge. The Light has gone out of Exiv, King of Uran! Briars, brambles, thickets and thorns! This garden is forever cursed by the folly of the King.” The falcon circled around the garden, and a quill from its wing fell on the ysapàrakh tree, marking the sudden doom, which would unveil on the Realm of Uran.
        Walking together, hand-in-hand, northward, Wuàde followed close behind. He wanted to see the light go out of him. Anticipating the fulfillment to his victory and take over, Wuàde looked up towards the mighty srías, still illuminating the expanse of Uran. What would now follow would render the King weak and ill: He sealed the Pact of Fire with Towldar. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning from Kuírbha, and for the first time, his lightning discharged the fire, which he always wanted. The streak blazed past Exiv and Towldar and ignited the tree on the path; the blaze streaked northward on the Kue Mountains, illuminating a terror of wraiths. Without any warning, all the elements became a conundrum. A mighty wind scowled the top of the mountains and the covering of Saa’skàuty became dark and unfriendly, for she had been in the places of the forgotten. Distant thunder could be heard, and a gusting chill befell the serene mountaintop.
        Soon, the falcon flew up into the fiery sky. Towldar was frightened as the tree went up in a blazing inferno, and seeing the awesome streak blaze by him, King Exiv protected her carefully. He had never seen lightning do this before. Then, the inevitable happened: The light started going out of Exiv. Watching sadistically from his hiding, Wuàde watch the light of his being cascade out of him into forgotten places. The King wrenched over in agony as the powerful magnitude waned. Gripping over in pain, and a strange bitter taste lingered in his mouth, a fowl flavor filled his tongue and it was sour. It was the bitter-taste of the Sword he had tasted. Wuàde looked on with delight. My work is done. Towldar bent down, attending to the King’s ailment, and she helped him sit down upon a rock. Losing strength and might, King Exiv looked beyond Plíagge and cried loudly in agony. There, he saw the worst thing that could happen to him. His srías was losing fervency and light, and moving beyond Plíagge. For the first time since the ordination of his kingdom, King Exiv saw his power descend beyond the diminishing horizon of Plíagge.
        My light is gone.
        My light will no longer flourish,
he wondered, as if someone would hear his cry for help and restore him.
        Towldar sat comforting her King, and then she realized the depth of her pleasure. She had unintentionally betrayed the King by joining to him. She slumped over the ailing king and whispered into ears, “I am sorry my King.” As innocent as she sounded, she ached horribly for her liege. She felt his agony, and she cried for his pain. I did not know it would come to this.
        The Realm of Arden silenced below its melody of peace, harmony and tranquility. The melodic tones of the gleam could not be heard over the silence of nature; the elves in the East rested under a veil of wonder; the dwarfs hid in the Mountains with fear; the remaining kingdoms of men fell quiet to darnkness and discoveries in the South; The Children of the Morning went into the dark places beyond the glassy sea;. The king was vanquished and natural order was silent with the elements. The Srías has fallen into Plíagge, beyond the gleam of an Elevated Sunbeam, leaving emptiness in the Realm of Uran. King Exiv has succumbed to a horrible fate. All inhabitants of his once, peaceful kingdom mourned the silence and the darkness of Uran.

Eáimh 14 – Aoin-bPónaingcá

        From beyond the Crystal Realm, Wuàde watched from a distance everything that was happening within Arden. Upon one of his crystal projections, he saw the people of Dunsha City, trying to institute a new warm era. He saw Arda ní Arden prophesy and bring hope to his people, and as Wuàde watched on, he was irritated with the hope Arda ní Arden was spreading. Wuàde did not endeavor to have a warm era emerge. He liked living in the darkness, and he gained power through the sadness of the Dunshites. I lost once, but I will not lose again, Wuàde thought willfully.
        When Arda ní Arden began prophesying about the forthcoming warm times, Wuàde thought of ways to thwart his plans. After thinking about ways to keep darkness, Wuàde had a plan. To keep darkness in Arden, I will send in many of my dark knights to the town of Dunsha City. So, Wuàde formed a legion of darkness, the Legion of Akkævall, and these soldiers received orders to smite all those who were hopeful in Dunsha City, including the prophet Arda ní Arden. So, with tremendous, lightning speed, the Legion of Akkævall began their journey, and they raced towards Dunsha City with orders to assail the citizens there. Now, hope will dwindle, and darkness will reign, Wuàde thought. My Legion of Akkævall will surely do the job, destroying all hope for the future.
        Arda ní Arden felt a strange influence within his conscience. Focusing on the strange influence, he allowed whoever was trying to contact him through Collective Thought to speak. The last guardian of King Exiv approaches your town. You must welcome him and his message. Sunokwatz spoke to Arda ní Arden, telling him about the arrival of Owedæghax.
        Hearing the Collective Thought from the Celeste, Arda ní Arden looked upon the aíedhá of Ràvinya and was astonished, for they drew the picture of an falcon, the messengers of heaven. It was believed that this picture was representing the last guardian of King Exiv, Owedæghax, for he was represented as an falcon, a messenger. Even during the time of Uran before the fall of King Exiv, Owedæghax was a messenger, like the falcon. After seeing the picture in the heavens, Arda ní Arden pointed upward, saying, “see look, the fire of memory which is of Ràvinya tells us to wait for a messenger. He will come soon.” All the Dunshites saw for themselves, and the mystery was revealed. However, even as everyone looked at the glorious star-fire of the falcon, something overtook the semblance of the falcon, and it used the light from the blue pheka for its illuminance. Surrounding the blue pheka was the picture of a dragon, the form of Morphæo. Fearing the message in the sky, Arda ní Arden knew what was going to happen soon. The fire of Morphæo will consume us.
        The prophet stood in front of the Shadiisha Glih in the center of town. “Friends,” Arda ní Arden warned, “everyone will need to get indoors now. Stay away from the streets. Not only will a messenger come to us, but the forces of fire will follow behind.”
        Shaken with fear from the prophet’s warning, the Dunshites knew that his information could not be false, so immediately, the Dunshites took residence within their homes. The time was imminent. Soon, the legions of darkness would overtake them. Would hope survive? Would the Dunshites shine in the wake of the new warm era? Even though sadness filled them, they were the only one’s left with hope!

        From a distance around the perimeter of Dunsha City, the dark legion of Akkævall was all ready to attack. Hiding in the brush and fallen leaves of nature, the legion lay awake for the final blow against the enemies of darkness. Their plan was instant and direct. We must destroy the future hope of warmth.
        Closing in on all sides, the Dunshites were aware of the danger waiting for them. Their leader had forewarned them about this moment. Just then, Owedæghax arrived into the town. Watching the messenger enter into Dunsha City, the legion prepared to strike. Now, all the targets are in sight, we can destroy the message with the Dunshites.
        In the town, Owedæghax stopped in the center of town, and took a deep breath. As Owedæghax opened his mouth, something extraordinary happened. He looked up into the dark sky over the barren town, and he saw a light forming in the distance. It was coming from the eastern horizon. It was rather strange to see it, but it brilliance overpowered the blue pheka above. Then, Owedæghax was filled with excitement, for the time was coming, the time of a new era, and the dark, celestial sky was filling with a bright light. Owedæghax forgot his message, seeing the brilliant light.
        Feeling confident of himself, Owedæghax spoke out knowing someone would hear him. As Owedæghax began speaking, the attack began! Beginning his proclamation, the dark legion rushed into Dunsha City, taking with them the orders given to them by Wuàde. We must smite every last Dunshite!
        Looking straight ahead, Owedæghax saw the dark legions penetrate into the town, and he became fearful. Owedæghax withdrew from the open and hid underneath a small bridge, waiting for help. He did not expect this. Anxious and awaiting for someone to come to his aid, Owedæghax wondered where everyone had gone. He was the only one in the town it appeared. Then, Owedæghax heard screams, as the legion divided into groups, and went into every house. Heeding to the dreadful screams, Owedæghax realized what was happening. The Legion of Akkævall was carrying out their instructions, and the Dunshites were in hiding.
        Owedæghax looked up, hoping someone would rescue him and help the sad Dunshites, but he could not see any hope. Right there and then, he knew that the helpless Dunshites would not get their message, so Owedæghax withdrew his sword, and held the blade against his chest. I will not allow them to take me. I would rather die at my own hand, than be captured.
        Just before driving the sword into his chest, the light beyond the east grew intense, and when Owedæghax looked around, he felt warmth from the light. Peering around the pylons of the bridge, he saw an amazing sight. The Legion of Akkævall, who were assailing the sad Dunshites, was drying up in the warmth of the new light of the east. Owedæghax saw the light consume and evaporate the dark knights into the “never places.” Then, there was peace in his heart, a peace that was like he had before King Exiv fell. As the Legion disintegrated into forgotten places, Owedæghax stood tall and proud. There is hope after all. The light of Exiv has returned!
        At the third watch, when the srías was directly overhead Owedæghax, he was filled with delight, and tossed two luminary at the river’s edge. The few, hopeful Dunshites left from the brutal attacks of darkness came out into the light. After seeing the light return and evaporate the darkness, together they celebrated the first fruits of King Exiv’s reborn light. The new srías inspired Arda ní Arden to make immediate plans and return to Glih Alkgagk. There he would restore its splendor. He wanted to restore hope and try to find others like him. He knew he was not alone. Since the downfall of Uran, Arda ní Arden and Owedæghax were the only two known Children of the Morning left whom beheld the original powers of the akkoán. However, they knew intuitively they were not the only two. There were other Children of the Morning who survived the disaster of Glih Alkgagk, the stronghold of the old realm of Uran.

        In a deep portion of land of the east under the soil of the fallen nature arose Vínuim of the morning. The brilliant rays of Exiv awakened him, and he came from the waters of the morning dew. As he stood up full of strength, he ascended the great Kue Mountains, where he would make a proclamation to the land. Tasting the fresh and warm air of Uran, he felt refreshed. Soon, he would cause nature to become fruitful again, instituting a new idea and order. He would keep everything in balance according to night and day, seasons and feasts, and he would become great over the powers of Nature. Endowed by Desikìnya, Ví raised his arms and spoke forth to nature. He was the son of Graòva, the seed god. “When I send the wind of order, they will celebrate the feast of first fruits, the time when the Light of King Exiv returned to our Realm. Let them receive their plenty in due time, for the Light of King Exiv has returned to our Realm. Peace be to it!”
        Life in Arden was refreshed by his voice, and nature yielded is fruitfulness to those of King Exiv. Standing on the Kue Mountains, Ví cried out, making his proclamation, “Let nature begin its fruitful flow once again, for the Light of King Exiv has returned to the Realm of Arden. The darkness of Mhoírlogh has been bound up. Let day come followed by the night. Let seasons come following the feasts and the winds. Let there be order again.”
        So it began, the feast of iim’panàka, the beginning of the Warm Era, for Ví awoke the deadness of nature by the Light of King Exiv. Once again, life flourished in Arden, and everyone was quickened by the new era.

» PLEASE NOTE: Because of the length of this account, the version on the website is fragmented, emphasizing important factors. The Book of the Morning combines both accounts of the Xandràxan and the accounts of Vínuim. So, to minimize the length of the accounts, the version on this website is only fragments of the whole story... ^

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