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Tá Mishnach gorg da Achoáin: Oràm hÀugush

"Beá loíra òi Òemhpeàrain athlas an rí, fór áshleàng òi go ruífain aná gach huís, Cràumhòcallain-Bothain. Ta Òeimpàra go nuimain ní Thaluíra àm Tír cgí hAshleàng, nhlaòth òi Craimh, nharcíl gcòa beshír dhuàthain an chraim. Mo cráinn an bhí còa anam beshíra. Ní fhaólainn an Bothain, stoírrach àm hàugh gCraimhain, mhan go nuiman iá róuáfhoínn, í go àucallain eànd à aluín sha huís cgí escàllain. 'Craimh an Gra, cgí gCràumhòcallaigh, go faelain an od í mír? cGí mhann go dheàlgach od í gcòa?'

Craimh gcalla fhesh domhain òishach, àu Làulain an Rí, í gcalla sùr gCraimhain an gcínn, ' Chaíth an òi, ghafhorch - dta, feàcsaion da Achoánnain mo graigh, í go mheàscaòl òi lae hÀugush Gra. Go faelain í failte dta.' Craimh ghalíera beshírach, òaumh beshír na Fhaaluír agas ninaòth an bhalnoírnain à caddagh-mharran fhesh dusceàn. 'Faelain an òi, í-far Phlíagh-Àugus bheshíra an plíannagh. Ghafhorch - dta, còa Escàllain mo graigh, àm-fór òirn marg.'"

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        Before the dawning of time, there was an empty expanse in the vastness of the void, and it was there where time was an illusion. It was a mere illusion, but the answer and mystery of Ardòna could be seen on a mere gleam of the elevated sunbeam, which was suspended under the bright shekinah. The gleam came from the shekinah and it welcomed all who would come. There is no knowledge to the depth of this, but time was not recorded then, and the gleam of the elevated sunbeam contained all the answers to life. There was no beginning or end to it, but the entrance was guarded by the great shekinah. It was only known as the Ksvellav, a great empty void in time. Then, the space was occupied by many, and from among them came the Yeímparon and the great Archivon Hierarchy of gods. They cemented time, and forged it, for they were there at the beginning of time. They came and saw our world, the world of Krav and his great mountain of Kravòkalla. From thence, time came to be, and it is recorded here, the account of what happened on the gleam and that great and glorious morning of Akkoá.
        When I looked up, I heard a sound. Yes, it was a sound coming from the great Expanse of Ksvellav. The Voice controlled the gleam of the elevated sunbeam, and allowed gods to pass through it, to and fro. The Voice was the sound of rushing waters over the emptiness of time. He was not of the Yeímpara nor the great Archive, but He was distinguishing only by the sound of his voice. So, when I looked up, I could not tell you what I saw, but only what I heard. It was a great voice, and it resounded beyond the depths of Ksvellav. It called out to me in such awesome resonance. I called the great voice, Àugus, because His tone was so dominant. It was the only notable sound to the emptiness in the Ksvellav. Even at His magnificent tone, did I come forth from below me to witness that what would now take place on this created morning. Just to hear the mighty tones of Àugus, was compelling enough to be awakened from the freshness of time itself.
        I watched intently beyond the darkness of the Expanse as time rippled in the gleam. It was like the pages of a chronicle, unfolding before me. From there I witnessed the birth of new worlds beyond, and great planes of existence. Standing somewhere between time and reality, I saw the Yeímpara go forth through out time, wielding the might of Àugus. From them came the Archivon, the gods, who would lead our New World. They went down and summoned the land. Looking intently through the layers of time, I saw a bright luminous man sitting on a throne. Was he the author of this great morning? Was he the bearer of the great voice, who awakened me from below? I could not say for sure, but I was put at ease, seeing his bright array of colors.
        It was Àugus who spoke all worlds into existence. Yes, by His very voice, all things came into being. From the firmament of Krav's land and beyond the gleam of the elevated sunbeam, He spoke all wisdom to all life. It was He, who first spoke to the splendid Akkoán, the children of the morning. He guided them with his voice beyond the horizon to a place of rest and happiness.
        Soon, I found myself standing on the layer of existence, somewhere about time, and when Àugus sent forth his Akkoán, a bright shaft of light permeated the outer expanse, and a small tear opened in the Ksvellav. When the light shown downward, I looked, and behold, land began to form. The sea also came up from the depths of Ksovar, from whence I came. It was a miraculous event. Watching these things I heard Àugus speak to the light, who is called Shekìnya, the Glory of all things. I could not make it out, but it appeared that Shekìnya was given certain powers over the worlds formed by Àugus. Then, I heard Àugus speak again to Shekìnya, saying, "go forth and let your light shine upon the Erde below." I was put ease when I heard this, because the glory of Shekìnya was so pleasant to dwell therewith.
        Then, I was bold, standing upon the surface of the newly formed land, and I cried outward, allowing my voice to carry into Ksvellav, "to what is your purpose?" I wanted to know what the divine plan was.
        When I inquired, I did not get a reply, but there was a great silence. Suddenly, the ground around me began to quake, and I looked skyward again, where the strange tear over the land began to seal. Just as the tear sealed up, Àugus spoke, "it is not for you to know the times and mysteries, which will unfold before your kind." I was astonished to hear this, and then, Àugus continued, "I will come to your land, when it is time. One will come in similar matter as you have seen My Shekinah shine down on you."
        "I don't understand," I blurted out awkwardly. It was too late, though, because the seal mended, and I was left there upon the newly formed ground. Shortly, thereafter, the glory of Shekìnya refined and moved away from the tear in the Ksvellav, and right before my very eyes, the glory manifested in a form of a man. I walked closer, and when I did, the outer expanse sealed up before me, and a layer of blue and silver lining covered the outer expanse. Just then, Shekìnya, in the form of man, stretched his arm towards the east, and the glory about Shekìnya created an orb of immense light, rising over the surface of the land. As Shekìnya created this orb of immense light, it rose higher until it was directly overhead. The heat and light was brilliant, but not as brilliant as Shekìnya in the form of His Glory. Because the light was powerful and blinding, I called the web of energy Srías, the heated orb.
        Then, I heard Shekìnya speak again. "Young one, this orb of light will symbolize my greatness, and it will warm all of your kind, until I return for you."
        Just as Shekìnya said this, I became sad. I did not want the glory to leave me alone. I enjoyed being in his presence, and now, it was evident he would disappear. "Shekìnya," I shouted, "when will you return to us? When will you gather all of your Akkoán?"
        As I stated this, I looked outward, and the land that was flat in front of me, rose from the ground, forming a great pointed mountain top. As the ground arose, it raced up and peaked at the feet of Shekìnya. Finally, He was able to stand upon it, because originally Shekìnya was hovering over the land in awesome glory. "Young one, this island will be a memorial for all of your people. Let great stories be told of its greatness. For it shall also be a mystery to your brethren, because no man will reach it, but only those who are my Akkoán."
        Soon, the glory of Shekìnya rose beyond and, once again, He became a great shaft of light, arrayed in awesome colors. Making his departure, I saw Shekìnya race westward into the unknown horizon. Shortly after I saw Shekìnya leave, I crossed the great "ring" of waters surrounding the towering island, and I continued to look at the peak of the mountain. I did not want to feel selfish of His glory, so I moved onward to find the chosen ones, the Akkoán, the children of the morning. Walking to the base of the mountain, I looked intently, and to my amazement I saw a strange figure sitting on a significant pillar at the top of the mountain. When I saw this mysterious man, I decided to call the new island, Mount Kravòkalla. To the empyrean upon the pillar, I called him Krav, because he was a mystery, and this was his island I was upon -- his mysterious island. At the base of the mountain, I shouted up to Krav, who was sitting intently and looking out across the land of his realm. "Great Krav of Mount Kravòkalla, where do you come from? From whom sent you?"
        Krav looked down to me from his majestic position and responded, "I am the remnant and scion of the great Akkoán, and it was the great Voice who has commissioned me. I come from there." Krav stood up and pointed westward beyond the diminishing lining of silvery clouds. "I come from beyond the horizon of Plíagge . It is a greater realm than mine."
        I was confused when Krav said this, because every action, that just took place in my vision, came upward. "Krav," I questioned, while pointing upward, "you mean, you came from the tear, which was in the sky. I saw it myself, and I heard the greatness of your Àugus proclaim the formation of your realm. I even saw His Shekinah appear to me." I wanted to believe that Krav was the one, who Shekìnya spoke of: the one, who would gather up the missing Akkoán, scattered abroad the face of this Erde. "Are you the chosen one, Krav?" I waited.
        Krav sat back down upon his mighty pillar, and pondered once again. He raised his arm and propped his head upon it. "No, young one, I am not the one who will shine and regather the Akkoán."
        I was disheartened when I heard Krav state this, because I wanted to meet the great "children of the morning." Maybe they would be able to satisfy my yearning soul. As I began to walk once again up the side of the mountain to meet Krav, I passed a serene garden near the base. I stopped to look around and the colors of the lush garden were so magnificent. Every color was present, just as the awesome colors of Shekìnya. Continuing to walk through, there was a man tending the garden, who introduced himself to me as Dukwai.
        "Traveler," Dukwai proclaimed, "from where do you come from, and where do you go? Do you seek Krav, the Quill Bearer?"
        "Yes, I go to him to get answers. I come from the Erde, and I was formed from it, and I'm without name . However, I witnessed the miracles of Àugus and His Shekinah." As I spoke to Dukwai, I noticed a dark and cold cave in the side of the mountain. When I viewed the darkness within it, I was overcome with fear and dread, so I pointed to the entrance, and asked Dukwai, "what is inside this cave?"
        Dukwai turned around and flinched. It was almost as if he did not know what it was. "Oh this," Dukwai started, "You don't want to go in there. You'll never come out alive." Dukwai placed his trowel on the ground and cringed. "It is home to a great evil -- an evil inside this great mountain. Inside this entrance lives the dreaded Xandràxan. It is an ancient evil, and I would recommend you don't speak of his name or think of it. Xandràxan knows every evil deed, and when his name is uttered, he knows. He dwells amongst us as a black wolf. His yellow eyes are enough to pierce deep within your soul, and his dark, black fur hides his evil indwelling. Beware of the color yellow, my friend, it is a bad omen." When Dukwai mentioned this awful color, I began to walk towards the path going upward to Krav. I wanted to get away from it, as far as possible.
        When I finished meeting Dukwai, I allowed him to continue his work, tending his garden. There was a lot of work for Dukwai to tend to, seeding the realm of Krav. For Dukwai's garden flourished as far as the eye can see. There were no limits to the flourishing garden. Within Dukwai's garden grows the seed of every being and plant found in Krav's realm. His garden will be known from hereon as the "Sacred Sanctuary," and the home of the great one, Graòva. From this place, the seed of every man will prevail, and every living thing will breathe and grow by the power of Graòva. Perfection will be bestowed upon us, for Dukwai will tend to it. Let all of creation breathe freely, and let the scourge of Xandràxan shudder upon the creation of this Great Morning.
        When I finished meeting Dukwai, I allowed him to continue his work, tending his garden. There was a lot of work for Dukwai to tend to, seeding the realm of Krav. For Dukwai's garden flourished as far as the eye can see. There were no limits to the flourishing garden. Within Dukwai's garden grows the seed of every being and plant found in Krav's realm. His garden will be known from hereon as the "Sacred Sanctuary," and the home of the great one, Graòva. From this place, the seed of every man will prevail, and every living thing will breathe and grow by the power of Graòva. Perfection will be bestowed upon us, for Dukwai will tend to it. Let all of creation breathe freely, and let the scourge of Xandràxan shudder upon the creation of this Great Morning.
        When I finally reached the top of the great Mount Kravòkalla, I saw Krav sitting and pondering upon his mighty pillar. As soon as I made my arrival, I felt a magnificent breeze sweep over the top of the mountain. It was so refreshing and renewing to feel it. "Krav," I asked, "what is this great feeling of air, surrounding us? It is a good feeling."
        Krav turned lightly to me, looking up from his pondering, and stated, "this is the great wind of our realm. It is the remnant, which is left behind from the great Àugus. It is his breath, and it will symbolize his remaining and ever dwelling with us."
        When Krav mentioned this I threw my hands up into the freshness of the wind and announced, "Àugus, thank you for your breath. I will call it Síorde, for the invisible is, was, and will be ever-present with us in Spirit."
        As I stated this, I looked upward and the grey layers of our time rippled in the wind. It was an awesome sight to see the stage layers move about freely in the winds of Síorde. Then, Krav jumped down from his pillar and walked towards me. He was excited by my delight.
        "My friend, Salvork, the wind keeper and a great navigator of time will tend to the movement of our time, young one. He will see that there will always be a renewing and revival of pleasure with the wind. Seasons will come and go, but the keeper of the wind will not lose heart. With the help of Kuírbha, time will be complete and balanced, young one." When Krav stated this, he put his arm around me and pointed westward again, where the stage layers of Salvork's navigated winds diminished.
        "There is where time is full, young one: Beyond the horizon of time in a realm called Plíagge." ^

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